R.K Rock's
let's have a moment for thanking this man for not filming vertically
the kid holding the beer looks like he could be related to the guy that uploaded the video
Bubba Blackout
I no joke saw a man who couldn't even pull himself up the first peg on a rock climbing wall in front of his girlfriend. Oddly enough on a cruise ship...
Cow Chop
Kristie Gennusa
I was on the cruise i saw it
XxNormandyxX M8
stupid bitches period never handle woman the keys to your boat
everythingwithandre clan
@anthony migilorzi are you going on the carnival miracle next march with your dad. We met your dad playing trivial pursuit and he told us about it and we booked it
Alex Mackinnon
Lets be clear the vessel (jet ski) was disabled and has right of way and the captain the cruise ship is in error.
Mason Taylor
My friend was on that ship when that happened
Jim the Painter
What a couple of ignorant bitches. First lets ride our jet ski near a cruise ship. Next we will fall off in front of the ship. Then when someone comes to rescue us we will not give any effort to climb into his boat. Lets just bob around in the water like a couple of dead whales.
WTF do they have any idea of what is going on around them.
I was expecting to hear a few oh-my-gods from these pussies, and I was right, as always.
Jet skiers have to give right of way to all boats. They are obligated to stay out of the way of all other boating traffic.
Cerg Berg
в чем прикол?
Headshot at 0:38
Freuderick Frankenstein
Correct title should be jet skiers get dangerously close to cruise ship and suffer the consequences. Get it right, submitter.
Ils étaient laaaarge.
Julia c
Besides this video, how was the cruise? Is it nice? I'm going on this boat soon
Julia c
Lmao when your going on this cruise next month
Benoit Penant
Besides that, is everything OK on board? Is the cruise going well?
You hoped for a beautiful accident, stupid tourists?
Il te l'a remonte comme une vieille truite le shérif
wow do people hate fat people this much
Samsung Tenorio
typical idiots
Why is that guy pulling the fish food out of the water? we should be looking after our Marine Life.
Joey LoBianco
Stupid Bros
Nice assss !
Joseph Godridge
maybe the fatties might get a wake up call
Big Boy
Stupid is as stupid does, the moron on the jet ski deserves what he gets if he gets killed.
Subtitle jetski riders are fucking idiots
Carolyn Gardner
Carnival didn't do shit, it was does @$#/! hole in the wrong place. Probably some !#$@ hole drunks.
Michael Edwards
that other jet ski should have helped and got the two out of channel and then deputy could have dragged them on board. Happy everyone's safe . take it easy on the water
Lars De Vos
Around emotion protection single they faint actor threat
Troy B
dat booty tho
Basil Fawlty
Everyone is bashing on the two women who were in the water but what about the other jet ski that could have easily moved the 2 women out of harms way and the the sheriff wouldn't have been so rushed and make it a close call with the cruiser
คLקHค MคLє
Useless fat women can't drive can't get in a boat. Should've run them fatties over and put them under the water with the other whales lol
Fat bitches need to MOVE THEIR ASSES!
James Parra
two dumb fat bitches flip their rented jet ski
this is why its good to have at least a little bit of upper-body strength.
Frank Kudos
Retards on jet skis, a new movie coming this fall
Callan Torney
Dave Edwards
hahahaha!! at :39 seconds he throws the girl and she lands face first on a buoy and then plops down like a bag of sand.
you're welcome!
Joe Smith
the titanic almost sunk. but the sheriff pulled her in at the last moment
Joe Smith
a carnival ad played before the video. no seriously one did. i think the video made a better carnival ad though
Marek Rokam
ofc 2 dumb female whales. women should not be allowed to operate any vehicles without passing iq test and scoring at least 95 to prove they are smarter than monkeys.
Toe Head
Give the cop a promotion
April and Davey
that was close!
Reese Rapp
Maybe those dumb pieces of shit shouldn't drive so close to the fucking thing.
Fernando Nagode
imagine seeing something that big heading towards you? intimidating to say the least
Nick D
"Get In! Get In!" Then suddenly it clicked, she realized she needed to get into the boat.
Well, Bill, we have the entire ocean to play in! Where should we play? Hmmm, how about in front of that cruise ship? You read my goddamn mind!
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