Youtube Channels Will Die If This Continues, Facebook Lockout, and Much More

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Hope everyone is having a good day… Except you Greg, you know what you did. 
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Philip DeFranco
Good luck today, comment section. We may be attacked from the east and west today. I'll pray for you.
Oh, i just got assaulted, what should I do? I know! I will post this on the internet because my life matters and everyone totally cares!
Pablo Escobar
She was being a dick, he gave it back to her. So fuck em.
Pablo Escobar
YouTube as a platform is failing now.
I hope youtube goes out of business
Connor Stein
"That was some weird shit" hahahahaha
Farmer Bob
Can't believe I just watched a 7 minute video about somebody knocking someone else's phone out of their hand...
Geoff Steele
In Colorado, taking her phone and smashing it like that would be a robbery, which is a felony.
He payed her back
Roman King
gabbie is full of her self and like a typical woman who is she doesn't know boundaries and then cries after people get pissed off cause she's acting like a child.
Crystal Rain
I love your facts and rational thinking!!^^ thank you for posting these!
Never heard of either one of them and still don't care
Love George W Bush's comment on Trump!
I think they're both in the wrong. Gabbie was harassing him which is rude and he smashed her phone. Which I think was a really stupid immature thing to do. Like mate just get up and leave lol
I disagree with you Phil. Rice gum was within his right to not want someone recording him because he has social anxiety. As someone with social anxiety I'd hate it if someone recorded me without my consent and put it up on snapchat. He only tried to stop the video from going on snapchat and nails being nails do scratch. There is no need to shame Rice Gum. I empathise with him if anything.
Solyn Cassia
Sounds like ricegum is ricescum.
Jeremiah Fix
_ What happens when a stack of poo judges another person's character. But what happens with a legit character analysis, well you won't see much of that because it doesn't create as much drama.
Super Nova
You do realise it was provoked
...a side girl?
Robert Iams
Your vid, post or whatever you want to call it popped up as I scrolled through. If your goal was to do this, which most of us would consider a hobby, for monetary gain. Well I feel sorry for you, but maybe you could make something, build houses, design buildings, work up a sweat, get your hands dirty. For the most part I have no clue as to what you are rambling on about and I will admit I did not watch it until the end. If I want to this kind of he said she said I will go visit my ex-wife. No need to reply, I'm just gonna adjust the settings. Good luck getting your money situation fixed.
Slobbo Video
Man, seriously, FUCK WSJ!!!
Erin DiPiano
my oasis in a desert of crazy
Omg, you mean these talentless hacks will have to go out and get a real job
Cold Blooded Snipers
Hahahah! King sausage Fingers 😂
OK. I think he is in the wrong here. but accusation of a physical assault is a serious thing. love you franco. papa love.
Rip imAlex
Consortium Gaming
She used the word hit to sensationalize her video why are you defending that? People like Gabbie are the reason that when actually abuse and attacks on woman happen that people don't take it seriously. Please lets not diminish real issues because some annoying youtuber wanted to make money off of a video.
lucky one
"I was at the mall with my side girl"
what a fucking pig smfh
Syria Sharia
dude you youtubers need to all grow up... how much freaken drama r u people capable of?
William Fields
i think we should stop using the 250 companies that did this. in moral of free speech!
T Zero
if you approach someone & film them without there consent they should have the right to delete that content in any way possible.
destroying the phone/camera/emp/smashing no means no right?

also wouldn't it be self defense since she approached him?

and both he, she , and the 3rd guy says he never his her.
why are peple still whining about him hitting her?

people whine about girls & equality but even mentioning hitting a girl even if you didnt with proof gets the world turned on ya.
oh ut a guy turning into a girl and going to girls mma is ok?
CM animations
Good! let them fight each other! all youtoubers these days are some damsels in fucking distress and their videos are fucking boring.
Let them fight and let the new generation of youtoubers arise.
Yorkie Paradise
If I don't want you to film me, don't film me. Period.
HookahBill Sluyter
Ricegirl can't look like a bitch, so she acts like a bitch? It is a bitch.
Tennessee Native
Gabby was a dick and intrusive. She got what she deserved.
Cute Doggo
Allot of times even celebs lash out at paparazzi when they're all up in their business, why isn't Gabbie accused? because she plays the victim..
Cute Doggo
But why would Gabbie post pics of her bruises without captions to make people asume that he made those bruises, why is no one focusing on the fact that he told her not to post it, if she was in his shoes she'd be freaking out if he was filming her without her permission.
I'm going to have to disagree with you her one mess up was filming someone without their consent and making it public when she was told not to do that.
Morgoth Bauglir
All of these started because a Swedish guy paid 5 dollars to 2 Pakistani guys to hold a sigh that said " kill all Jews"
Ragnar Valhalla1
If YOU and all the YOUTUBERS had any REAL backbone , then you would star organizing a Total BOYCOTT of everyone of these Advertisers We have the Power !, Not Pepsi etc (who don't obviously give a shit about YOU or any of us)!!! Organize and Boycott everyone of these advertisers by making YT video after YT video boycotting everyone of these Globalist Company's !!..or just take it up the Arse like the bitch you demonstrating you are!! Lets see what YOU are made of !!..As far as ""extremist"" content goes!!, YOU either have free speech or you don't !!! . Its Losers and Hypocrites like YOU Defranco who have attacked others for ""their content"" and THEIR FREE SPEECH and now its has come and bitten YOU on the Arse!!!
You know how porn stars are usually brought in by their "Johns" who tends to ride their girls coat tails onward to porn stardom? Well, that's how Youtube Monetization has to go. When I come in, I'm bringing my talent, or Advertisement, With me.
YouTube should ban their vids from Facebook
Who honestly gives a shit about some tiny dick asian hitting some dumb bitch? I'm sorry, must've missed the newsflash where this became important and/or newsworthy.
Alain Carrière
I have a huge problem, with Philip taking the side of the girl and making a huge deal of the destruction of property when he would be the first to make jokes if the girl did destroy his property. so why does he says he has nothing to gain by defending any of them but makes a whole video about siding to the girl that started the whole thing. just saying, hypocritical much!
You Can Thank Pewdipie for all this shit.
Only these channels that are big will suffer. I'll still be able to watch someone fix a car or house etc. I won't care about any of these big channels leaving. Never watched more than one video from these large channels. I learned about pewdie pie from South Park
Rojer Maharjan
This channel should rename itself to DramaAlert2.
Namaka Lis
Of course he abuses women. Asks rape victims if they liked it to their face, the dumnass little cunt is a hateful, weak ass pussy, not a man!!!
Namaka Lis
Oh noo
Now youtubers need to get real jobs
So scarwy!!
Matthew Lacey
You seem to be defending Gabby even though you should be taking a neutral stand point surely? I mean she's been known to chat shit and lie about stuff that has happened yet it hasn't, okay yeah the smashing of property is abit shit of him but she did put the phone in his face after telling her no but she persists. I think its like she's in the mindframe that people will feel sorry for her when shes preaching to everyone that wasnt at the party, yet the only people that know what happened are the people at the party
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