Youtube Channels Will Die If This Continues, Facebook Lockout, and Much More

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Hope everyone is having a good day… Except you Greg, you know what you did. 
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Philip DeFranco
Good luck today, comment section. We may be attacked from the east and west today. I'll pray for you.
Alexandria Ryan
I make beauty videos and in the past two days two of my beauty unboxing videos have been demonetized for literally no reason. I honestly cant figure it out. I appealed and only one has been fixed but the other is still demonetized. I am a very small channel and it honestly is really frustrating.
The Imaginary Gallery
This video had an ad btw. These claims of numerous pages of our videos all of a sudden being considered as not being advertising friendly is a scam. These same advertisers pay BIG BUCKS to put ads on television of which the news alone viloates many of the supposed 'advertiser guidelines' on YouTube by featuring violence, sex, controversial topics etc. So why will these companies pay for advertising for television but hold YouTubers to different standards? On TV, it is common for the ads to be sponsers of the content of the show. On YT that is not the case. If anything the content creators should be the ones who are objecting to specific ads.
Reece YO
All your fucking fans are obviously 12 year old if they believe in this fucking shite. I hope your channel dies and you die along with it. Cunt!
I really don't think ricegum or gabby are even remotely reliable people. Two drama-generating youtubers who probably orchestrated all this together for attention.
Tshepo Molokwane
winter is here
Russell Bree
the SJWs will kill off youtube i am leaving for VID ME
norman Pasewicz
I was expecting to see a shit ton of Ls in the comments.... pleasantly supprised
Jayde Montoya
Also someone may have only watched the first snap and not seen the rest where she re phrases herself - making the world have a harsher perception of him. Sorry must be the student lawyer in me.
Jayde Montoya
Isn't Gabby a little on the wrong side of the law for filming him without permission and posting on snapchat which was the catalyst of the situation anyway ?
Bob Fishdick
Remember when YouTube had a #imwithher logo on the top left yeah I think we all know where YouTube falls into in the political spectrum fuck YouTube its completely fucking bullshit
crazy.funny,dumb, jerk
but what can he do actually , how is he suppose to complain to the police, even if he take there video and go to the police to report will the police entertain, if he ask for the name they will no give it to him, so how can he report and force them to remove the video.
Op-Ed Daily
They aren't just de-monetizing, Phillip. They're deleting whole channels. I had 3 videos get flagged for CG strikes in a 5 day period and because I received 3 CG strikes within 3 months, my channel (4k subs over 4m views) was deleted.

I can't even watch YouTube on my Android because my Google account was attached to that YouTube channel (and it was my main).

The videos were all 2 years old. One was of a boil on my leg that drained (was also educational as I talked about prevention and care), and the other 2 were commentary about Vester Flanagan. I did NOT show the video of him shooting those people - I simply talked about it.

Once you have a YT channel deleted, you're banned from YT for life. I can never use my Adsense account on any other YT channel and if YT finds out about a new channel, they'll immediately delete it.

What's odd about the situation? The strikes came less than 24 hours after I posted a video talking badly about Donald Trump.

Maybe they have bots that go around flagging all videos from any channel with 'anti-Trump' videos? Who knows.

What I do know is that this is NOT just monetization.
Chris Oakland
The real question is why do people follow these faggot youtubers.
Phil I LOVE your show but I have to disagree with the point at 2:55. This gentleman objected to the word "HIT" because that is a completely different thing than jerking the phone away from a woman's hand. You are acting like the woman completely corrected this situation but as most people in media know - THAT INITIAL STORY is what people see. So the word is already out and to prove the point - see how many times the original message vs the updated message is retweeted/viewed, etc.f

Phil you also talked about the man's actions but you totally left out the woman's phone. I feel the woman provoked him by continuingly badgered the man over and over. How is that not an issue?
Harley Rider
Yellow Bear
kim jon un doesnt have anything on ultimate leader ouma kokichi
Bobby L
Who gives a f@&$(ck?
Bisexual Witch Ahni
I don't really like YouTube drama, but this one entertaining because it's so hilarious how childlike Ricegum is acting and how obviously wrong he is here. He just continues grasping for straws and back pedalling. This is why I hate Ricegum.
Elijah the Elephant
don't be a step-skipper
Swift H
"Youtube Channels Will Die If This Continues!"
You promise?
papa trump
both rice gum and gabby suck, viners should've died with vine
Obakeng Africa
Hi Phil please do more international stories on asia, middle east and africa.
Mark Duvall
Great episode
lenard ggor
is anyone paying attention to the fact that he said he doesnt want a vid or pic of him uploaded and she still did that????
You can't record someone on private property where there is an expectation of privacy without their consent. If any of you would have gone to a proper school for the job that you think you are doing you would know that.
You are all just wannabe's nonprofessionals that deserve no money for your grabassing.
Hiroshi Mishima
I know it's old news, but really.. if you go online and harass or make fun of someone, and they actually confront you in real life, do not expect them to be perfectly civil. That being said, I don't think she did anything wrong - she was under no obligation to stop filming and because an altercation occurred we now have video evidence of what caused it. The guy is a scummy douchenozzle who gets off on ridiculing people (which he doesn't even come up with himself, apparently?) and frankly looks stoned or drunk in all the pictures/footage I've seen on him.

As Phil said the guy kind of has a history of losing his shit. You don't have to be friendly towards someone, and if he'd just brushed her off it probably would've ended there.

Anyways, as for the Reps.. I kind of WANT to see something happen to the Freedom Caucus cause these are basically a group of people who seem to just get away with anything they want and not be affected politically? I certainly don't like the sound of that, but I suppose the larger issue is the gerrymandering itself. Still, this is actually the first I heard of it, so I'm guessing it didn't raise any waves in the left side cause for once it didn't involve them. I'm guess that since this is about 2 months old that very little has come out of this; haven't even heard it on the news shows my grandmother constantly listens to.
crazycute girl
you go Phil tell the truth. I'm TEAM GABBIE!!!!!!!!!!
Baba Amin
She was video taping him in public I would break her phone aswell
lmao that shit about Kim Jong Un had me weak
Omar Gonzales
please talk about the reporter who tried to play the victim card against Lonzo Ball.
Platinum Gamer
After the creators freak out, their pets start freaking out because they are no longer fed!!! The cycle continues!
MC Pitcher
i love you philly d you allways give each story justice, and a bias point of view
common folder
Hi Philipl,

is it OK to use brands or logos (if not their names) on a comparison or product test video
example ( using dell, HP,Toshiba,Apple compared in one Video)
do i have to seek for their permission from the brands to use their product or showcase their brand, because few brands might be receiving negative reviews .

does it violate you tube ad policy ( the channel is not paid for brand positioning)?

Please advice thanks
max trance
Would be good if yours die too
Chloé Stuhlemmer
Rice's fan base is a bunch of boys who will believe anything they hear their daddy ricegum say, and gabbies fan base is probably a bunch of annoying feminists who will try to turn this into a sexist situation
Chloé Stuhlemmer
He was probably drunk or high, and he was angry, so I can see why he did what he did. It's kinda weird tho that he couldn't just apologize like an adult and he had to make this into to something more than it is. Gabbie should have showed him respect and just deleted the video tho. I'm not saying rice was lying, but he did spread a lot of rumors that were not true. Overall, Gabbie is the one who is handling the situation like a mature adult. She clarified everything and cleared up anything that sounded like she was exaggerating the situation.
Maniacal Offroad
So many fights and shootings over 'disrespect'. No one OWES anyone else respect. Civility is what should be expected, respect should be earned.
Sergiu Gabriel
WSJ - "Discriminating YouTuber calls viewers <<bastards>>"
just please don't delete my free lifetime movies. I save so much money on cable.
cinema_ horse
Gabby is one of those people that think when they do something to you your supposed to sit their and take it, like they're a main character or something
Keep Swimming
"Side girl"? This guy is trash, first the girl who was sexually assaulted that he "apologized" to for his own ego, and then Gabbie. Clearly has 0 respect or thought.
Lying son of buck worried about upcoming YouTubers he worried about his own ass as I would
Umm , who cares? Some of the biggest YouTube channels made MILLIONS or over 6 figures for many years. You guys had a dream that NO one in the history of the world has ever had. You guys got PAID tons of cash for just making videos!

You should have diversified your assets. You should have invested your money. You're gonna beg for Patrons now? How long do you think that's gonna last?

Oh so you guys are mad now that you may actually have to get a real job instead of making a "response " video or a "reaction video? You guys are mad now that you can't plaster an almost naked chic on your thumbnail for click bait? Get a life.

Phillip De Franco, SSwolf, the amazing atheist, H3H3 productions, all of you guys made over 6 figures for years. Don't cry now .
Maurice Phillips
if I see this nigga again I will beat his ass. First he being gay saying boys are butiful then he said I don't have a dad yes the fuck I do bitch
Nathan Roberts
There was an ad on this video :)
Marco Ruiz
AfterPrisonShow is my favorite Youtuber it sucks that YouTube is messing with his videos
Tim Lucas
What the heck is a "side girl"?
The Podolski Crew
When will YouTube be fixed? They constantly make bug fixes, but this, is something that can't be fixed by some simple code. YouTube needs to get their morals, and common sense correct
Schnake Eyes
Man handling? Eugh. Thought the video was about YouTube
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