Manda Crockett
I've watched this so many times, and it's still my favorite.
Aileen Guillen
Leighyana Johnson
Body impowerment
Jade Kearns
iev been a dancer since I was 4 and my dance teacher never liked me its honestly so hard to keep yourself together and so mentally and physically draining and others need to know that when people say do you do sports and I say that I dance they just have a weird look on their face dance is one of the hardest things you can do and people need to know that
Morgan White
Don't need that much fat
Anna Luhr
I am a dancer of 12 years. I started dancing when i was 2 years old. I dance over 20 hours a week. I love it but i know it can be so hard. You don't realize that the critique in dance is just as bad if not harder than any other sport. When young women or girls are critiqued like that from a young age they can learn to hate their body the way it is. They need to learn to accept themselves and work what they got. I love this video and i can relate to it so much. I love the boldly channel because i think they send such good messages to women and girls. People often underestimate how hard dancing actually is. When people tell me it must be so easy i ask, "Can you dance on the very tips of your toes for a long time?" I'm a pointe dancer so when i show them what my legs and feet look like they're amazed. I just want to say thank you to Boldly for always making empowering videos. They help me feel like i am supported in this crazy world.
Soline Reb
3:53, that guy behind: "Woops, wrong place !"
america espinoza
Damn slay girls
Curly Headed Cutie
I’m glad Jazzymane was able to channel her inner diva and rock the stage. Ilh ❤️❤️✨🔥
When that guy started talking I was like ahno stap do you know how long they have been dancing LIKE 3 DAYS
Kiera Louise
I've danced since I was around 5-6 years old. So I've been dancing for around 6 years. I do a lot of hip-hop, not this type. It takes a lot of effort, I lost a lot of wait even though I was already really skinny, and sometimes it messed me up emotionally. I would have ups and downs, but being a dancer brought my confidence, happiness, and just a great way to express myself. I've never cried when I've been told that I could do so much better in a routine, it can sometimes take me aback a bit, but that encourages me to get better. That's what dance is all about, really.
I wish they would just show the full uncut dance
lol, a guy walks into the room at 3:56 and immediately walks out
Joey Nieto
M Kay
I have been dancing since I was 2 and am now going to college to study dance. Dance is truly one of the hardest things to do mentally, physically, and emotionally. I struggle with my confidence every single day and it honestly puts you in a hole that takes so much time to get out of. I can give advice to just about everyone else to help them be themselves and do well,but when it comes to myself, it is a never ending battle. Seeing this video made me actually really happy. To know that others see how hard it really is and it shows the mental and emotonal component of it is amazing. Many people dont understand the hard work and dedication it takes to do this all. I hope people have a greater appreciation for this art form
Amanda Banana
This was amazing and I'm so glad I watched it, even if I'm a month late. Every. Single. Lady. Was. AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!
Derpy Emma ._.
Well i wanted to start dancing but NOPETY NOPE im outta here
vict oria
My. Favorite. Buzzfeed. Video. EVER.
can annnnnnybody tell me what lipstick michelle is wearing for the final performance??? plsss
Alice Sellier
8:27 "that energie was so contagious" yup welcome to the wonderland of dance 😊
Some of their critique wasn't really that bad...
Xiao Qiu Ye
I danced before and i was surprised of how much they trained in a month.

I liked the beginning of how they syncronized the moves
I didnt like the simple moves a 5th grade dance troupe would do and the costumes are graphic to me
Isabella Pierice
I Don't Think Jazz Knows That She's Beautiful.
Arianna Mahan
I think they should have been in technique classes twice a week, it would have given them a lot more confidence
Daniela Delacruz
Lol at 3:54 someone was coming in u can see through the mirror and they’re like haha nope
Andromeda Blue
Why does it have to be so sexual?
Knox Legion
I wasn’t even in the video but I felt insecure in the beginning. But as the video I got more comfortable, there was something that really hit me thinking
Marie Oliver
Also can I say Michelle is not only pretty but also has a bangin body? Damn
Marie Oliver
I clicked this because I thought it was Paris Goebel on the thumbnail, turns out it was Jazmine!
I Love all of them 😍
brenai' ja'kayla j
but..they slayed it tho.
Lavaqueen Of awesomeness
What about BTS they are a dance group
Nicholas Sison
Kelsey is freaking SLAYING❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Does anyone have any tips for people who want to get back into dance? I started dancing when I was 4 and stopped when I was about 11. I’m 15 now so it’s been about 4 years since I last danced. I did tap, ballet, and jazz back then but now I want to do ballet and hip hop :)
I do color guard which is a dancing sport with throwing pretend weapons and flags I hate when people say it’s not a sport tell me if you can throw a metal sword 10 ft in the air and also throwing a six foot flag. I do competition and I train for many hours a week if you look online for the definition of a sport color guard fits in that category. This one girl said color guard is not a sport and it’s a preforming art while my friend and I are tossing freaked swords UM YOU TRY TOSSING A FREAKIN PIECE OF HEAVY WOOD OR A PIECE OF METAL🙄
Mari •
"The booty got to be on point" 😂😂😂
Lucas Freire
3:54 ok bye
Chloe Duany
He is making fun of the girls
Ogmotion 9
I do dance it’s hard but I love it
Emma Jo Kissinger
Things Jordan did: 9:26
Dominique Tsinajine
Can someone link or tell me their Instagrams because I'M OBSESSED with them.
Maddie T.
I hate people who say : dancing is easy." or that "dancing isn't a sport!!!!". if some people tried on a class full of conditioning, ballet warmup, and stretching, nevermind the actual dancing, the would probably give up. since I'm a dancer for 10 whole years, I know that it's not easy and that anyone who doubts that, is wrong.

And to any of my dancers out there,
keep doing your thing
Justice Beers
They are all beautiful.

Kelsey’s hair was so pretty all curled
And everyone’s makeup was on point and I’m so happy they are confident espessially Jazz ❤️
BAT DOGE Batmandoge
Kelsey and Jordan are my favorite
This Tae Needs some Suga!
Jazz REPRESENT!!! For all them thicc girls, she show up and she showed off. YES YES YES.
I wish I could do this
Sara Lima
very nice, girls! very, very nice! congratulations to you all. xx <3
Kitty Brown
3:56 that guy tho
Juliet Q
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