Trying Snacks from Mexico! (MattyBRaps & Sierra Haschak)

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Lately, a lot of you have been requesting for Matt to try foods from other countries.  So this week, MattyB and Sierra decided to sit down and taste popular snacks from Mexico! Do you want to see more videos like this? What other countries should they taste food from? Comment down below and let us know!  

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Keep following your dreams!


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Kimberly Nanco
you said it wrong
Emanuel Gonzalez
a quien no le gusta takis
Ivette Zaragoza
you did
pinky lishes
it's pernonsed gansito not ganisto
pinky lishes
I love number 1 2and3
Anushka Patra
Let's split one
Let's split one
let's split one
let's split one
Malia Johnson
i like them could you try snacks from china pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee
like if you agree
Kmyira I love your videos Dennis
Love them
Marcela Maltos
MΓ©xico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
Georgia Wright-Lane
Kayla Rogers
Lucy Sanhez what did you say
Gaming With Kevin
Natalia Abrego
you said it rong
Alessandra Torres
Mexico is the better
Ariel Lazaro
all of those are really good
Carmen Olvera
Matt you said Gancito rong
Christopher Tornez
que viva Mexico
Allison Rivera
you did
Norma Brown
Wrong not how U say it
Gabby Prenzel
I love churritos my friends and I when we were little ate them with bread
Yussuf Mahdi
Yussuf Mahdi
try it is good
Yussuf Mahdi
try it is good
Yussuf Mahdi
try it is good
Regina Nunez
you said it right for pulporindo
Stephanie Robinson
Hi MattyB is it okay if have a concert in McKinney and don't ask cuz I need VIP tickets coma i Love you
Stephanie Robinson
Hi MattyB is it okay if have a concert in McKinney and don't ask cuz I need VIP tickets coma
teresa morgan
Are they together as in ❀️
Esther Cortez
HD Ahh Jwajua
Viva Mexico i
loooooooove Mexico that's probably not what Americans are supposed to say because of the President
HD Ahh Jwajua
siara is ugly
Chicka Girls
i am part mexico.
Autumn Crowder
try the rainbow bagel
Adriana Ramos
Not to hate but you said them all wrong
Normarie Muller
Yes and hi Matt 😜😎😱fan
Freddy Luna
Freddy Luna
I'm Mexican
Wanda Cofresi Ruiz
Matt was telling Sierra to split one of the first candys with her matt likes Sierra to proof he does a lot of videos with her like this video.
The Kids
you shaould get mared and have kids
Sophia Denman
The Churritos look just like Talkes you known the small skinny hot red chips children like a lot.πŸ’‘
Ariana Duncan
as you were doing the mexco changlle i was eating the same dela rosa candy
Karli Romero
Carla Romero Mendez I like them all I am from Mexico City and here
andreia maria da cruz cruz
legal,e emgraçado
Thara Foley
Nayeli Sanchez
you did sierra.
Roland Ovalle
Matt's face at 1:21😭
Meredith Montano
I am Mexico all of those that you tried are really good
Brittany L. Clements
yes you did you did wrong
Diego Alday
May be Matt πŸ’œ sierra 😍😍😍😍but i am beter than her
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