Trying Snacks from Mexico! (MattyBRaps & Sierra Haschak)

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Lately, a lot of you have been requesting for Matt to try foods from other countries.  So this week, MattyB and Sierra decided to sit down and taste popular snacks from Mexico! Do you want to see more videos like this? What other countries should they taste food from? Comment down below and let us know!  

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Are you Merry
Maria Fernanda Velazquez Morales
me gustaría conocer los
Maria Fernanda Velazquez Morales
soy de México
Payton Hull
how do you get tham
Alicia Perez
you said it rogh
Zulema Duran
i love all of them
Carter Watson
Luis Campos 44
todos dulces are good
Rebecca Mc328
Yup I like these chalenjes
Orla Perez
Matty b i fill sad😐 because you Dont like it
Unique Berry
Unique Berry
Isla Murphy
Abigail Stoltz
What is a funnel cake??
Awesome Sauce Time
they like each other like if you agree
Lisa Lothian
I want you and grace to go out please prity please with a cherry on top
Margarita lopez
Matty you are a little bicth
Adriana Cardiel
i'm Mexican and the spicy snacks are my favorite,like if you like them too
atu10 rosa
no Sierra you said right and I'm surprise because it's hard word in Spanish for people like u because u don't talk Spanish but you were right that us how u say it
try Spain snacks
Daishiona Hicks
there so close
Claudia Palma
I'm a Mexican so I love all of them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Princess Diana
Do more
they are so close together
jose portillo
I 1000th
jose portillo
I like it sponch
Amanda Sintek
get Asia candy its lit
Tenzin Yonten
try eating Barbados food
I like the chips the really small thin ones
Stephanie Gutierrez
Matty you said Gansito wrong 😂
Hola me no bc
Ariel Cardozo
is rong 😂😂
Ariel Cardozo
is de la rosa
Tamoor Raja
Akong Kir
I taste sponch before
Dyilia Lewis
I liked alot
Gianni Rossi
You should not eat takis
Alexa Juarez
I do love them
Star girl Triman
I think you should try snacks from India
Silvana Delgadi
there food Critics
Griselga Ramirez Ramirez
that was wrong
John Westheimer
the Rosa cookies I love
brennan weaver
i am from the uk
Kristyn Sproul
were did you get the food
Carmen Crossing
Me gustó la parte:"gansito" Me encanta xD
Lucero Sanchez
Ja ja jajaja ja😂😂😂
Lucero Sanchez
si suon winow🍰👌
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