Trying Snacks from Mexico! (MattyBRaps & Sierra Haschak)

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Lately, a lot of you have been requesting for Matt to try foods from other countries.  So this week, MattyB and Sierra decided to sit down and taste popular snacks from Mexico! Do you want to see more videos like this? What other countries should they taste food from? Comment down below and let us know!  

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Chad Henson
that tastes yummy
Ana Milicevic
mattb do more wet head with Madison
Alex Martinez
said it wrong
Judith Lima
I tried all of them i tried the churritos i love those
Sandra Cuevas
I'm maxican
Ciana Jones
gansito is my favourite Mexico snack
Ciana Jones
Sierra you and mattyb would make a cute couple
Ciana Jones
mattybraps why is gracie the love interest from the music video friend zone and Sierra the love interest from the music video live for today??????
beat master 99
and ive taste all of those snacks
beat master 99
I am a spaneash girl
Maya Akkus
sierra is beatiful.
Larissa Ortiz
I spic spsnush
Odalis Nuñez
Matt how do you not like that I'm Mexican and I love our Mexican snacks
Asd Asd
We have sponch in England
The Annie and Cami show Show
They said almost all of them wrong😂
Linda Mae Seifert

I like your shirt mattyb and your song's.
Amaya Rodriguez
I went to cobo
Lizzy Avila
I go to Mexico
Maria Cazares
you guys stupied I'm mexican and those things are bomb
Jenni Ponce
Gabriel Aguilar
I am a Mexican and I love some of them
Mari :3
Viva mexico zrras :v
Mayte Mendez Reyes
I like el gansinto
Yoselin Caldera
you said it wrong
Nataly's Gaming
You said Gansito wrong😂 it's GAAN-See-toe
Blady Enriquez
i am mexecan so i don't care if it has spice
cause its in are blood to like spicie stuf
Montserrat Estrada
como cuando dices ou
Blady Enriquez
Myrssa Gholson
gansitos are my fave. I was in California one time, and I ate them 24/7
Lisa Fredrick
it was made in same place as talkies are
Mike Lee
awesome video
Avery Jackson
that is cool
TAM-a-rin, not rine
Karen Galarza
all the snack are good
Tamara G
Ganisto 😂👌
Martha Meza Torres
hola me llamo sofia tengo 13 años
Ravi khanna
try Indian snacks
Tove Ranveg
Kan you test swedes snacks?
Channel dogs
I like Ganisto too
Kalynn Green
You should do the Oreo challange
Gerardo Ledesma
Keilany4 Lazo-Zenteno
I try them all I am going to visit Mexico and stay there forever forever I'm still gonna watch your videos mattyb
Jemma15lovely - Roblox & Fun
I eat all of that bcause i'm mexican
Analice Camargo
I Love you!!!!!
Merli Rico
i am only 7 yers old and they are not spice
baby love
it is not spice
Brissa Estrada
I, v tried all of them I am mexican
Lili Art/Gaming
im mexican! im happy they liked most of them! ^-^
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