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Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer is among us!!!
Here's everything you need to know!!

Will Luke Skywalker fight Snoke? What will Rey's true test be? What about Kylo Ren's fate? Who is the Last Jedi? What are all the scenes regarding the Knights of Ren, and so much more...Will Anakin Skywalker return? What about Yoda? Obi-Wan?

Contest Ends Oct 20 2017
Good luck!!!

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Star Wars Theory
Hey everyone!!
What did you all think of the trailer?
Excited? Let Down?

Good luck on the contest!! Be sure to hit like and comment which lightsaber you want the most. Winner revealed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Green Lightsaber.
Asianz HD
What if Rey just like Anakin is born of mediclorions which is she has the raw strength Luke talked about
Jonathan Broetz
the kylo ren light saber
Rebecca Moore
Liz Thacker
Darth Maul
I like blue! And white!
Brady Lawrence 5.0
Ives Jacob
Luke's green light sabre
Tony Barrientos
Play battlefront 2 story line or look for the story walk though crazy rays mom was a special forces for the Empire Infernal squad
Sky Bill
Luke's saber
Dazai Osamu
What if she is related to Iden Versio and Del Meeko from Star Wars Battlefront II?
The Slug
What if the title the last Jedi is really referencing the ancient light Jedi spirit awakening in Rey to combat Snoke
Jonah Olson
Kylo Ren's lightsaber
Rogue Robin Studios
RIP Carrie Fisher
Alex Ghita
I want the Green one !
Richard Lane
Luke's green lightsaber!
Prime Ministrator
lol the force FX obi wan lightsaber is out now
Frank Graham
When you see this on recommended where the arrow points is pointing at something that looks like penny wisest clothing

😊☺☺☺☺ ☺☺☺☺☺
☺ ☺
☺ ☺
☺ ☺
☺☺☺☺☺ ☺
Liam Burke
PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, Jason is gonna Annihilate his mom PEW, PEW, PEW, PEW
naz with firends and bro
how bid Darth Vader die
Kenly Figueroa
oi like kylo saver
Ay i have Kylo ren one
Matthew Coraccio
Luke's Blue Lightsaber (GOAT)
I am papaompa father
What if rey is a Palpatine and snoke talking to her about her Destiny
Ztfw Maniacal
smoke the emperor maybe because his face could be damaged from when he was thrown by darth vader
Vreugdenhil P
Awesome video! I would really, really, really love the Kylo Ren saber. Sadly I haven't been able to buy one myself because we are quite poor... And btw, to follow all those social medias took me a while but maybe it is worth it! :D
Chris Dutlinger
Uhhh, Anakin blue saber please
Good video. My thoughts about snoke is that he is really the emperor. The reason why I think this, is how can a new evil raise up. There is too many connections to the dark and light side of the force. Plus the true willingness of snoke to find Luke. That’s my opinion, there’s too much connect between Luke and snoke. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a clone army no more.

Feed back guys. Just saying that I think will be a good come back for the emperor to truly get back at Luke
pisse arsch
Very cool
FunkyProfessor 322
Fresh Flow
kyle rebs lightsaber
Phil Demetres
I want a green one
Milan Milosavljevic
Kylo sabbberrrrr
Gage Barrow
Blue sbare
Eric Ton
Joseph Crowe
"This is not going to go how you think it will"

Unless its how I think it will:
Rey turns to the dark side or at least down the path.

Finn will be a jedi before Rey.
"It does now"
The power Luke saw and didnt fear before was his, or maybe yoda. Can't rule out the emperor (respect alt. theories B)
Luke saves the day by defeating rey (and kylo en route) and is at the end the last jedi.
Skywalker leaves this chapter at the peak of his power. Powerful Jedi is he. The last Jedi.

Guess we'll see.....

Is it December yet?
koody ciezer
Colton Gauk
theres always a bigger fish... wow, so wise giny... ugh
Al Godbout
Most probable story line:
- Luke starts training Rey (similar to him and Yoda)
- Luke stops her training when he realizes her raw power (which is equivalent or better than the other time he say it - with Kylo)
- Rey wants to complete her training and seeks help from Kylo and Snoke to help "show her the way
- Luke, because of his refusal to train Rey, is the Last Jedi
- we won't know the identity of Snoke
Ch3fCraig 3
Maybe kylo and Rey team up to kill snoke....
Paul Loslo
I think we are going to find out the kylo Ren's father is actually Pauly Shore. It just always struck me as funny that kylo looks a lot like Pauly.
Angelo Nunag
Kylo for sure!
Cj Sikes
luke Skywalker rotj
Cj Sikes
luke Skywalker
Joshua Segoviano
also, I know for a fact that Kylo kills his mother buy blowing her up in a space battle
Joshua Segoviano
It was actually rey who Snoke was speaking to... trust me, its going to be amazing
fact101 kid
I liked and subscribed
fact101 kid
I want the kylo ten lightsaber
Franz Haas
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