The 9 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

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Every coffee person you love to hate.

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Process of making coffee in machine
pashapixel/Getty Images
coffee machine pouring espresso in cup extremely close-up
gonin/Getty Images
Barista pouring some boiled water in a transparent cup
bizoo_n/Getty Images
Process of coffee drip with vintage equipment and hot water
greenleaf123/Getty Images
Roasted coffee beans
wyoosumran/Getty Images
Motion coffee pour
MekongAnimated/Getty Images
Espresso brewing
Ivan Cholakov/Getty Images
coffee and milk
svengine/Getty Images
water drops on the plastic glass of iced coffee
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Created by

Sushi Rolls Gaming
I am the "Honestly, I would drink any type of coffee if you give it to me" girl.

Cmon I just want my damn coffee!
Sina S.
Where's the "boring" coffee drinker? Who drinks coffee with milk and once in a while with sugar but can easily live without it because it's only the taste they like. Because that would be me.
Sam M
im the guy trying to quit but cant
Alexandra Mouroussias
wsj app on the phone lol
Ras Berry
I don't know why I'm watching this I hate coffee
I'm guy number ten the guy who has no idea what any of the words on the menu means so he picks a random drink and enjoy whatever he gets
Shteven 1
your not a real American unless you like your coffe black only.
Faith Piñon
lol I'm the "coffee" lover
Sushi Roll
I'm an Iced Coffee Loyalist, only Iced Coffee and that's all.
You are not a health nut if you count calories...
i am The "Coffee" Lover
dont touch me before coffee? thats just being rude
help me
i like coffee ... but i haven't tasted it yet ... *ONLY ME* ...
Haezrrin Koe
( •~• )

Uuummm i think this coffee don't have enough milk
Alize B
I'm the iced coffee loyalist. I need my caffeine without having to burn off all of my tastebuds
Rachel Lee
I'm a total iced coffee trash
Opalasarus Dinosaursaur
I'm the "coffee" lover
Mark Tayman
who got a coffee add before this
Ericha McGee
I'm the black coffee drinker lol literally. I have no games on my phone and I prefer my coffee black as night
Jessi Paige
I'm the "morning" person lol. I hate even opening my eyes in the morning without my coffee haha.
kaedon11 official
black coffee is gross
Colleen Rogers
drinking black coffee as im watching this and i dont have any games on my phone.
Anna Clark
I legit only drink coffee on the mornings that I have had less than 3 hours sleep or I crash through the day
Millie Burdekin
I looovvveeee iced coffee xxx
Michelle Betman
I'm number 10. No coffee at all
Eeyore Piglet
I hate coffee and I only drink it when I worked 'till 2:30 am and have a test that that
is that the "coffee" lover?
Ssurthy Sivendran
Me ice person
Marli x
I don't understand decaf coffee. I'm more of a 10 expresso's a day kinda girl.
David DeBergh
3 cream, 3 sugar, shot of mocha.
I'm not a coffee snob as much as I'm a coffee elitist. That small hipster corner store that only sells ristretto is my heaven, Starbucks is my hell. And we can talk about the definition of a long macchiato for hours.
Jin Meyer
Salted saffron drink?!
Khaleesi Dove
Hahaha! Relateable!
That awks moment when you're all 9 lol
Rowan Nordquist
You forgot the plain-jane "just milk and sugar" coffee drinker (which is me)
Earn Tr
I'm a normal person whose coffee choices depend on my mood, my conditions(like what time i woke up etc..), situation and weather.
kanye west
im loyal to iced coffee. 💖
Infamous Ace Beats
Being a Barista I can appreciate this, and have encountered nearly ALL of these people at some point lol
A Good Time
im literally the decaf drinker... i love coffee but i LOVE sleep too. catch me taking a phat nap after a nice warm cuppa joe
Kristi Schoenhaar
I'm the black coffee drinker that can't drink coffee because caffeine messes me up.
Julia Rodriguez
LpsWaki 0105
Next time do "The 9 Types Of Water Drinkers"
Skud HD
in a totally respectful way...I feel like all the males in this video except the barista are gay
Laura Mondello
I drink mine black with sugar. And I've actually never been to a Starbucks, like, ever.
I have 4 coffees a day minimum
alexvids 1121
My mom is the iced coffee drinker it gets on my nerves
Mike Eaton
I am the "Iced Coffee Loyalist"! For sure, I ALWAYS get blended or Iced only, and if it is hot, I wait like 20 minutes before drinking it.
I love coffee; hot, iced, or in a protein shake.
Kimberly T.
"...pick the beans by feet" LOL
gerica marks
i am the iced coffee loyalist
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