The 9 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

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Every coffee person you love to hate.

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Process of making coffee in machine
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coffee machine pouring espresso in cup extremely close-up
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Barista pouring some boiled water in a transparent cup
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Process of coffee drip with vintage equipment and hot water
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Roasted coffee beans
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Motion coffee pour
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Espresso brewing
Ivan Cholakov/Getty Images
coffee and milk
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water drops on the plastic glass of iced coffee
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Created by

I'm the "coffee" lover. I really love the creamer but I have a normal amount of coffee in my cup
MiiMii's Musical Gaming Channel
I like frappes but I'm more of a tea person. hot tea, iced ,any!
shay kinz
Bade Akkol
Alexander Long
you forgot those like myself "only drink espresso, or espresso based drinks"

and then there are people who only drink French press
and then those only drink Pour overs
Ice coffee for life
Skylar Stone
don't touch me period.
I'm the black coffee drinker.
Harriet Roger
And then there's me, who's never had coffee before
Jade Cooper
It's gotten to the point where 8+ shots of espresso is normal in a day for me. My coffee is always free so it's a problem because I'm so dependent on coffee now. I need to stop. 😵🙃
I just had an ad for coffee XD
Idk I'll drink Starbucks (hot or cold) I'll drink Dunkin' Donuts , homemade. I just drink coffee. I also drink decaf because I can't fall asleep at all.
Bi the Way
Some of this was funny but most of it was not
Dani Rogers
I'm a simple person
In the summer, I love iced coffee.
Winter, I love normal coffee, but with a lot of sugar because plain coffee isn't enough.
iced lattes

partay in my mouth
Michael Bacalzo
Drinking decaf is like masturbating with no hands. It serves no purpose.
What about the "person who secretly drinks coffee with a tea spoon"? Or am I just weird.. There's got to be someone else who does that... Right...?..
Gerald Huanetl
why did they put a BLACK person love black coffe
Iced coffee loyalist as well as black coffee drinker. I am an all-or-nothing kinda person. Aka all the sugar and syrups or nothing.
Winter the wolf
But I like black coffee...and I don't think I'm boring. I hope.
Pretty Baby Tricia
Iced vanilla coffee please.😋☕
Trina Allyson
definitely the iced coffee loyalist 😅
Black! No shugar no milk just coffee and as strong as posible, non of that diluted stuff (edited: And no i dont read news with it, i prefer music and dont bother me sign)
Shiann Tolliver
lol I'm the "coffee" lover. lol I just want a slight hint of coffee in my drink.
Mia Rankin
I'm the frappecinno (idk how to spell it 😂) baby who only gets frappes cause they're like milk shakes
adair ela
They should have had one that was the "I only go to Starbucks because my friend like it" person
Eliza Zaib
0:41-0:54 well,that's a big bummer 😕
bubblegum kitty
They forgot lorelai Gilmore
"Coffee" sounds weird in my mouth now
Princessa1621 1621
my friend and I or exams we study until 9 wake up at 12 have 2 cups of coffee, go back to sleep at 3 wake back up at 5 another cup of coffee and finish the last one if you didn't and on the way to school a cup if iced coffee
tree Stump
Coffe addicts were you guys
Bella Peralta
The "coffee" lover is every middle schooler ever. I'm a middle schooler who actually likes coffee...
Audra Daugherty
Iced coffeee❤️this video makes me want coffee so bad
Youtube By Ian
You forgot the 12 year old frappucino addict claiming a milkshake is coffee.
Rockin Robyn
I'm more of a Mocha person if I do say so myself
Episode LOST
I'm the iced coffee princess
My mom is the black coffee queen
And my dad is the coffee addict king
Alexis McCormick
Coffee "lover": "Can it just be more like a milkshake? Like, just a little coffee in there, like a drop? Whoa, that is NOT enough milk! Let's pour a little more in there!"


What the heck, props department??
Salome Wismer
The coffee "lover" one annoyed me so much. People like that just try and drink coffee to be cool.
Do tea next :-)
Tara P. i Dunja M.
They forgot the: Cappuchino person. Vanilla capp,chocolate capp,banana capp... ANY CAPPUCHINO WORKS.
Mikhela Kurzhal
They forgot number ten: coffee is disgusting so I'll just have a hot chocolate, please.
Lightning sky
im definitely the ice coffee one
James Anderson
iced coffee is for assholes
Mychi Tran
When I'm feeling cheap, I drink black coffee.
Andrea ˊᗜˋ
the "coffee" lover is just about every annoying teenage girl these days.
Bobby Wang
Adrian Ochoa
I'm an iced coffee loyalist ❄️☕️
Tabatha Cisneros_GG
1:50- 1-54 LMAO 😂😂😂
Megan Hill
I think i'm a cross between a Black Coffee Drinker and a Coffee Addict.
"The BLACK Coffee Lover"

And she is black. How ironic is that..
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