Hannah M
I'm the guy who's "trying" to quit 😓
Ty Michael Wentzell
I’m the coffee lover. I think I love coffee but I don’t think I even like it. Oh well I like drinking it
Stephania Savercool
And then there are the people who make coffee at home and drink it by the gallon out of necessity to get through their multiple jobs.
song mae-ri
i'm totally the "coffee" lover! I love frappuccinos!
May !
Where my #icedcoffeeloyalists
Domi Kat
Omg I'm the one who's trying to quit 😂😂 That light roast bit about having more caffeine is legit what I tell people all the time too.
I don't drink coffee
I'm the "coffee" lover who needs coffee but I'm a tea person
Chibi Prussia
I add milk and tons of sugar 😂😂😂😂
Wallaclan Official
This reminded me of the show “the office”
Avery Powell
I'm the old soul decaf
Brooke Bridgland
the health nut annoys me, were not your dietician we wont have a clue how many damn calories is in your coffee, if you go to a franchise like star bucks then it'll say it on the board but omfg dont ask me cause i wont have a clue
DeluxeGamingHD X
And then there's the people who order tea at starbucks (me).
The Otp Sailor
I drink every kind of coffee I just like it more sweet with milk
The Otp Sailor
I drink decaf because I have insomnia
Emily Lick
I hate coffee.....Come at me
Gordon Anacott
Why are all men at buzzfeed gay?
Spike E Bear
0:45 ha lol
Syra Noemi
Coffee addict LOL
Holly Ann
I f*cking hate the “morning” person. -_-
I love iced coffee. Costa/Starbucks is my home.
I am the “coffee” lover
Heather Norton
Friend: thank you! sits down at table with iced latte

Friend: ... stares at my cup

Me: what?

Friend: do you want some coffee with your sugar?

Me: nope! sip
Squidward Testicles
I'm definitely the black coffee drinker one but tea is better anyway.
Tyler Channell
I drink black coffee but it makes me sleepy.... Like no matter what, I'm ready for a nap when I get to the halfway point of finishing.
Toki Doki Master12
JimJam Mochi
The Army
Sofia Soto
I am the "coffee" lover
I'm a mix of black coffee drinker and coffee addict, while my brother is a mix of the decaf drinker and the "coffee" lover.
Goccia Waterfox
Or... 9 types of Ghouls
The Mushroom of Death
I'm the "pump as much sugar and caffeine into it so I can survive the day"
Chell In a Shell
BuzzFeed loves to generalize people
Jop Westra
I'm the iced coffe loyalist
im the iced coffe loyalist. im sorry.
Pie Pierrot
I'm definitely the decaf and lover ones, lol. Don't get me wrong, I do genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee, but I hate bitter things and have a huge sweet tooth. Although I think I am starting to acquire a taste for less sweet coffees, too. As for the decaf one, it's not even a choice I can't have too much caffeine because of my anxiety. :(
Kylie Dossett
Definitely the addict. Cut off around 5 a day sounds about right. Massive migraines if I don’t get my daily dose.
Kieran Crossland
IM the iced coffee drinker
yeah i'm the iced coffee loyalist... But hey, it's Florida, i'm justified.
noobs. come to italy and try drinking three freaking good mokas a day.
Les Innocentes
A bit of coffee snob as well haha I hate when my espresso is not strong and creamy enough because the machine pressure is too high 🙄 or when my cappuccino milk is just bubbles 😐
Les Innocentes
I can totally relate to morning person and coffee drinker trying to quit 😂. Double espressos all the way. But when I'm in my quitting mood I have mint tea 🙄 but inside I'm dying for a double espresso
Texref 111
I drink tea
Sydney Waldron
name your favorite to get at starbucks, go
Nashea Rehman
Black+morning one
Mangle The fox
I'm so the "coffee lover" but I do love coffee, I just put about 30000 sugars and 493939 things of cream
i love the one who is "trying" to quit
I drank tea while watching this.
Paul Lytle
The cop

HeyItzGabby Productions
I'm the 'frappe only' person
I'm iced only!
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