10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated

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Ever since the beginning of video gaming, people have been finding ways to unfairly gain the upper hand by employing various tricks. Sometimes these cheaters manage to get away unpunished, but there are situations when they are caught red handed and shamefully exposed in front of the entire gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 times that hackers, match-fixers, aimbot-users, and even screen-cheaters got caught and were publicly humiliated for their appalling actions.

Gameplay 4:54 undercoverdudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cybL6GA3GM

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

Willy Mammoth
I've been accused of cheating more than anyone, glad to see I'm not on this list ;)
omg I love hackers - I get a big, buttery, bodacious boney whenever I get instasniped from afghanistan while moving.
Tyler Micha
14k hackers hated this video (: - Losers.
pascal pert
Big cheating community on Dead by day light but nothing is done by the game developers...
This itself makes consoles superior for gaming.
fireshack zippo
Korean cheats since football world cup 2002
Alexis 946
Who hates people who ask for likes. Comment if you agree
Alexis 946
Hi guys
Poison Agario
iFlekzz is now a Mobile Legends Player
Dead Juice
This is cathartic to watch, glad it showed up on my feed.
Just got a console friend back into PC gaming to play PUBG a few months ago, He's still trying to get re-accustomed to using a keyboard/mouse. But every time we get on a roll and are having a good time, we run into a hacker.
Four out of five games we'll run into a hacker, ever since the problem with the Asian servers not favoring Chinese players, and their government bullshit that causes them to have to flood the UN server just to have a stable game. I feel bad for the Chinese players, but they've brought a ton of hackers along with them.
I've dealt with hackers in games like Dayz, and I'm used to them, but I can tell it's disheartening for my friend, who is still trying to get accustomed to using a PC.
Saif Abaza
the last one could only be accused of fraud however if the cheating programs don't actually work, if they do then he's doing nothing wrong, just selling software.
so someone gets banned for stealing money from EA...
but shouldn't EA get banned for stealing money from people?
im banned in minecraft server for not cheating i cry everuy nighet polease doanteri moneyt to my account paypatlc.com gaypal.com
Cj Barairo
What is the other fps game beside cs go?
yea , Korean and kids.... deserve.
Daniel Coy
Noone is banned permit, make new acount BAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
I'm not much of a gamer so humor me here guys but that league of legends group didn't seem like they were cheating they just chose to split the winnings. That is not really cheating.
Hm. Selling a cheat is a criminal offense? Computer-and video game console magazines were always filled with cheat-codes back then. It sounds like if Walmart managers would get arrested for Walmart selling knives, since knives can be used for hurting others. Shouldn't be the cheaters get arrested not the ones who sell cheats? It would be logical.
Its not hackers.. it just a person download cheat engine.. 12 years old kid can do dat
Boy Boy
Ea deserves to get stolen from
Blake Daddy
League of legends is retarded go play rocket league (ur welcome i got u fam)
Emersoon Gamer YT
dewhy kay
did u just say KEY QUEUE ES EL. LOL
Pranab Clasher
In mili militia a player with no guns but with something on his hand was there bcuz his hand became cylinder wheneve r a player goes though it he kills everyone with nothing
I always liked the dunce hat ( ;
Christopher Ramirez
Everyone always says I'm hacking
Please make some videos with PUBG hackers .. i`d love more bans on that
Marcus Glahder
Why didn't you mention Chibi? That was huge
Karma Gaming - mobile
Who saw linage 2 ad?
Etienne Andlau
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Joshua Clarke
policeman: where do u live
dealer: beside my neighbour
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dealer: beside me
policeman: i had enough of this do as many drugs as u want
dealer whispers to his friend: haha i didnt get in trouble for doing drugs lol
what is the game 4:40 plz
Disabled Autistic Kid
Fuck EA, those FIFA miners were heroes.
William Y
You missed Shaiiko from bGenius
Wow some people XD
leoz maxwell jilliumz
The irony of you making money off showcasing these people cheating is insane. You make money off them failing to make money cheat. GG. Maybe youtube should skip your check for this vid lol
Baron Blansit
umar bb
Never mind
yodaddy nuggems
the fist time iv ever seen a moder was halo 2 vary annoying . we report them but nothing happens. bungie would say there stats are normal and no wrong doing. yet the guy was using an aim bot and he's able to just back into a wall and disappear. iv seen another one were he was on to if that map in the air just spinning around shooting everybody even he's own teammates
Paras putsi seekord report aitas.
Nahhuj scammad mind siin vittu kohe on prize ka sul youtuberitega ei jamata.
Anyone that cheats online in any game can't play the game. Either because they are dicks and want to abuse others mercilessly, some because they want to inflict ACTUAL injury on real people settling for emotional destruction via games, others do it because it is a bit of fun, some because they are plain BAD and have no skill or talent and lack the patience and dedication or MENTAL CAPACITY to learn the game and improve.
Cheaters, hackers and aimbotters and so on deserve permanent bans from the online game they break as well as online ban across the entire platform. EXAMPLE: Cheat in multiplayer where the game requires Steam, and you're banned from ever playing any multiplayer matches in any game that uses Steam to function. PERMANENTLY. Nothing can ever be done to let you play EXCEPT you make a new account and buy every single game again, and if you're discovered to cheat again, teh same hting happens again - total ban. Except if they find out you're the same person, your entire ACCOUNT is erased along with all data, achievements, information, games and any money you had in the Steam Wallet is automatically taken as a fine for breaking the fucking law.

ADMITTEDLY - if two competing teams decide to share the prize money no matter the outcome, that is really their choice, it is just people being friendly to eachother. That is not cheating and does not deserve a disqualification.
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tripti agarwal
typical gamer
Gears 4 checkout Easter egg. there was a bug in gears 3 that you could freeze the game in if you try to do it in gears 4 this is what happens ;)

World is crazy
I'm a boo
YouTube is getting dumb
Do you think too?
I feel like the lague of legends one counts as cheating, they just made deal to split profits. how is that cheating?
nellysade lumma
loooooooooooooooooooooool :)
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