10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated

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Ever since the beginning of video gaming, people have been finding ways to unfairly gain the upper hand by employing various tricks. Sometimes these cheaters manage to get away unpunished, but there are situations when they are caught red handed and shamefully exposed in front of the entire gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 times that hackers, match-fixers, aimbot-users, and even screen-cheaters got caught and were publicly humiliated for their appalling actions.

Gameplay 4:54 undercoverdudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cybL6GA3GM

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

Willy Mammoth
I've been accused of cheating more than anyone, glad to see I'm not on this list ;)
That moment when you get your high lvl account taken from you for hacking and you're not even the one doing it.
Ricardo Hoyos
dónde está el cerdo de smash
eric riley
i hate chezzers and cheaters losers
fiqri putra
Dota 2 now have cheat
reaction Devils
do kids fish anymore?
There is more oversight and justice for video game cheaters than presidential candidates.

Hillary cheats Bernie and absolutely zero happens. Kids cheat other kids in a fake world, consequences... lol
>:( China Is the worst
Gamer Just
stupid cheating
Thats sad ... why would you do all that work, and then cheat to get banned? So stupid.. haha #EpicFail
The Blacked IPs
Miss Sudden Attack
God of Destruction Beerus
Fifa 18 sucks.
there's one player not cheating online, it's you !
sky k
Lui is to good at gta
Ok YouTube, I watched it, NOW STOP RECOMMENDING IT
4:43 millions of Yen? That means tens of thousands of AUD.
Bình Thanh
Csgo clip is not true
I Am Not Cheating Like My Hands Aims On Its Own Damn it
Fun fatc, flex (the CSGo player that got VAC'd mid match) is a pro Overwatch player that goes by the name babybay.
Monsieur Scriipx
YO slow down when you speak take easy Breath
you missed out Frankie on pc cheating at dayz
Cheaters never win but, cheating never dies...
Juanathan Fabio
Splitting prize money seems more noble then cheating i dont think they should have been banned
Evangeline Irene
So Korean gamer are mostly a cheater
Vanz Talisa
Narrator sounds like simon bird off of 'The Inbetweeners'
Nora Carlz
Why the hell would you cheat on League of Legends when its easy a.f
mario Q.
Cocksucking cheaters never win.
Dantsi Plays
KQLY vac ban?

That's dumb 30k fine for looking at the big screen, that's stupid they made it so easy for the players to look at it, it's like they wanted to direct them to cheat so they could fine them. If it's so terrible to look where other teams are, why do you put screens all around them.. Sick.
jesus valenzuela
Ibe cheating like a motherfuck with the gta mod nd money drops lol
Codeine Tenshi
Why do you sound like GreekGodx
Why is zyaic not on here?
Crestfallen Moonlight
The Curse vs Team Dignitas game wasn't cheating at all. Backstory is that the tournament was formatted so badly that the players had played so many hours in a row that they weren't happy about the final match. They decided to split the money as a means of protest against MLG, also another reason to why MLG didn't host any league competitions later.
Raul Diaz
Back when I used to play call of duty thwre were a lot of cheaters
Luiz Vasconcelos
Penny Jeronimo
1 rule of cheating: DON'T GET CAUGHT DUH!!!!!?!?!?!?!
I'm early. Time for a joke.

Roman Reigns
Wow shame on these guys, although some of these ideas definitely show some creativity!
Pigoo Gaming
I can aimbot on GTA V without hacking... #controllerlove
Adult Gohan
Poor people who got the fifa coins and didn't know they weren't legal, wonder if they got banned
Lol I could not imagine seeing pro players do the same ARAM shit today now that league is more serious and prize money got a lot bigger lmao
Slime Rimuru
I don't really understand does it really count as cheating I am talking about the guy in code 4
Rabid wolverine
Lmao I don't feel bad for EA greedy asses
Da rev Alexander
This is to me funny as I do not play online games or vids at all. I mean not any games made in the last 20 years. It seems that these cheats are pretty easy and the security for the most part pathetic. Most of these cheats seem to go on the basis of their are some things that if you can do them you should not do them as they are unfair as most people cannot do them. 2 me pretty lame since that was what we did in older games. Looks to me like the culture has grown to be predominantly losers in their mother's basement.
Zura Janai
goblok lu kontol anying
Evan Prawiro
KQLY isnt hacking. I hit a lot of that jumping headshot too
Doge Gomez
You sound like that wizard nigga when I sign up on wizard 101
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