The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Finds Out Which Disney Princess They Are

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“Well, I hope I get Belle..."


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Luke Evans saying "let it go" as a teapot is the highlight of my day
Anna Kim
When I saw the new movie I was like hell nah Gaston, but then after seeing interviews and other movies and stuff Luke Evans became my favorite character😂
Jish the Fish
I was so happy when I saw Dan in Beauty and the Beast! I loved him so much in Downton Abbey!
Game Boss
wheres Belle
Matthew Vinson
Elsa isn't a Disney Princess
Sandra :
So.. does anyone have Luke as a ringtone or a gif? His ending is so great :D haha
Emma Gain
Well Josh Gad already has a beautiful voice and somehow makes money on it so...
Bellatrix Lestrange
Um Elsa is a Queen
Roxana Stamatoiu
Leommon Little Rollz
Leeanne Pascual
who's gonna talk about that ending with me?
Catalina Urie
"I think dumbo should be a princess" me too
Pikachu Gamer Bg
i love ariel and elsa!
Amy Mitchell
"... I'll hear my wife complain about it later." 😂
Ashley Payton
hi luke im yôur 1fan
Ashley Payton
hi im your bestest fan
I am absolutely in love with the girl who plays Plumette... not only is she gorgeous, she seems nice and smart as well (and she got Jasmine, who is one of my faves) <3
When he said he loved red heads I threw my phone. Boy I GOT YOU.
Zofu Tofu
Shadow Pixel
Shadow Pixel
Dumbo IS a princess
Tatyana Richman
I'd get a narwhal!
Hayleigh Games
When your a red head and Dan Stevens says he loves ed heads :3
EmJem Squem
am I the only one who searched Dan's wife to see if she's a red head?
Mimi Sweety
Haha luke evans answer «i want the cheetah» 😂
Rush Rish
georgie tommo
Luke at the end

Me- 'be still, my heart, I'm hardly breathing'
Love to Comment
Dan's repulsive reaction when he got Ariel 😂😂😂
MelodiousBeauty Sumi
omg the ending let it go 😂😂😂
Luke Evans really does have an interest in killing beasts now doesn't he? Some cases good, some cases bad! (You will get it if you have seen the hobbit movies!)
Lovely Things
1:40 if you saw the movie, you'll understand.
beast girl
hey it's that guys from legion
lauren B.
the village people hated Elsa, but has powers so I can see that Luke got elsa
Laura Cristina De La Espriella
is that why dan married susie cuz shes a red head
Hannah Quick
I cried in the real movie
Freya Ferguson
when dan says being in a massive mansion but never going outside and it sounds rubbish omg i died cuz he is beast....god damn it you get whit i mean pplz
Jasmin Czuczu
Where is Emma?
If Aladdin were to be made live-action, Gugu would make a great Jasmine
Ember Kate
guess what Luke, you are free, rich, and famous!
princess candycane
Mischa Hare
did anyone pick up on Dan saying she's a red head i love red heads his wife has redish hair that was so sweet!
I came for Josh Gad
ariola granola
the animal part is me
Nyaziah Lovelace
"I want a cheetah" literally me 😂😂😂😂
I did this and got Pocahontas, yay!!
Ariel Eve
I love ariel and the beast in the film
Asha Ganesan
Luke Evans singing "Let it Go" HAHAHHAA I almost died
Zeeshan Ali
ok but the ending
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