10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You Must See

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10 Cool Gadgets On Amazon You MUST See

Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the top 10 cool gadgets you can find and buy on amazon.

Gadgets List:

Amazon Echo Dot http://a.co/8QD0KM7
NETATMO Presence http://a.co/h3uy1sM
Neato Botvac http://a.co/6gaj4Vr
H2O Ninja http://a.co/57jM2fU
Logitech MX Master 2S http://a.co/dQEx1bp
Netatmo Weather Station http://a.co/4iiO9tg
Airblock http://a.co/c9otDfu
Reeljuice 5X http://a.co/jdeVSqt
AdapDesk http://a.co/1P3KAAa
LaMetric Time Wi Fi http://a.co/3LcBrPL

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Youssef Elnoweam
How much Netan knows
Youssef Elnoweam
How much Netanyahu knows
Mike Franks
Netatmo is not on Amazon
what a load of rubbish
Alexander S
remember if it sucks and you like it, you suck too
oi oi
skip to 4:26 for the water mask
Tony Aitkenhead
Internet Helper
looking forward for the Chinese version
whats so special about a snorkle?
lol They put ads on a video consisting entirely of commercials?
early morning
nothing new here. What's the big deal about any of these bullshit money wasting products. Expensive junk!!!
Walter Calle
the last one sucks
Do the girls come with those masks?
Juliusz Bakota
@FaroukHarvey why are we the only people who noticed n commented that girl? Xd
Juliusz Bakota
I love that the girl who is "Heavily gaming" plays with touchpad,pretty heavy gaming if you ask me xdd
nuckinfuts s
So the bikini girls come with the swimming mask? Errr I'm asking for a friend.
Robert de Boer
Reeljuice: say goodbye to messy cables! Shows product working with a damn cable. Smh.
Melone 448
2:54 Wait a Minute... He knows where you Live?
Star Dust Lps
at 5:30 are those things breath able underwater, meaning, can you breath underwater with it?
You star_io
Sub to me
Alexa is the most retarded of them all
The GeNeSiS
1:28 , *Looks At His Daughter* , *Selects Animal Seen*
Michael Ezekiel
If it's a vacuum does it suck 🤔
Dr. Leldon Koothrapolowitz
When you said Alexa at the start mine turned on
Erik Govea
Oh. You just need to get better music.
Erik Govea
At least edit the annoying ass music. Fuck my ears.
yes no
10 Shit Gadgets On Amazon You DONT Need To See
Snorkel Masks suck, u cant plug ur nose when u dive and im told its hard to get ur breath back
There are even some products in that bloody ad compilation I'd want, but I'll have to downvote you anyways on account of that atrocious music
the bloody musik suck(and high)irrite every body.
bryson philemon
Oliver Jansen
18th comment
Farouk Harvey
Heavy Gaming: Girl sitting on a bed playing skyrim without a mouse and just using the mousepad.

Now that's some heavy gaming
Despoina Xalari
Sorry guys but I want this underwater mask😍😍😍
Random Guy
Why doesn't anyone comment here 🤔
Dan Past
sans the dunker .Lucas.
Fifth comment
Mr. Octopus
keep up the good work! pin this pls
i am adlih
U make people lazy! Not good!
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