Phoenix Chastaine
Nobody loves, thinks, says, walks, talks, and anything else you do, better than Trump.

He's 3 years old mentally.
diane whalen
diane whalen
Finally it’s said Thanks John Steurt
Laurence Hirst
Trump does not know he's lying! The instant he says something that is utterly ridiculous, and an obvious lie..His psychotic narcissistic mind instantly converts it to his truth!.. The "Believe me!" is just a projection urging everyone to believe the lie, because he now believes it is the truth! Egomaniacal narcissists are commonly pathological liars as a matter of course, it's part of the their self grandeur syndrome to demonstrate their superiority above others!
Annanya Johari
"Did I get us cancelled?"

anything else besides trump? This is mind numbing.
I like Donald Trump. Believe me
Mike Haxard
It's awesome they're like brothers I wonder if they hate each other in real life the enemy of my enemy is my friend you know that kind of shyt still love you guys keep doing you
Ah... I miss the fuck out of Jon Stewart...
King Yarzzle
True pure friendship
Shashank Gupta
Rachel Cuellar
This is awesome!! These two are the Best!
Wait why politico?
Akaash Chandra
wow trump said that on my b day
I.F. Stone, Glen Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Matt Taibi, Greg Pallast, Juan Gonzalez, Jeff Cohen, et al.
I have lots of heroes. Now I have some on the TV machine again.
Samantha Darling
Fuck I miss you so much sometimes John Stewart...
Sam Culp
this is why i hate trump. i am 28 ive carried rd a gun for like 12 years and im canadian, i look bad cause i follow all the rules but m y dad was cool and let me carry my own shit cause he knew i was respsiblble and just cause u carry a gun dont mean your insane. these crazy mother fuckersn makeb this shit out to be politicle, and if u do it right, my dad
Hugo Lalumiere
Us? Stephen rocks! Period.
Covert Messiah
Covert Messiah
Jon ... you have the RARE opportunity to make a difference in the cluster fuck of humanity. RUN FOR PRESIDENT AFTER TRUMP...YOU WILL WIN.
Dr. Banter
PBS is worse than CNN
Dr. Banter
Buzzfeed is Cancer though
I would totally be down for Colbert and Stewart hosting the show together. Like Conan and Andy, but more equal.
The SuperWaffle
Jon Stewart the great uniter. We need you. The greatest leaders of all time didnt want it.
Simon Polidano
Oh how I miss this guy...
Moshe Goldbergstein
Jews have been kicked out of 109 nations since 250 AD. Anti-Semitism is the norm and you're weird if you're not critical of Jews.
Akbar Akash
i miss stewart
Tax Stone
Bro is that black guy his retarded adopted son or something
so naruto is a liar?
Quinn City
jon stewart coming out of his well to shame mankind
Please come back to TV Jon Stewart. The public discourse desperately needs you.
Elise Smith
Donny your the f#^%'g president You don't get easy questions
Elise Smith
Dear Universe thank you for giving us Jon Stewart
Russel Murphy
Ah... the Master and his Former Padawan now Master in his own right combination... want more of this!
Stewart is a clown. No relevant arguments.
Total Control
Irma Jose
Stephen we will never let you get canceled love you brother
Shelley Hansen
I miss Jon Stewart soooooo much!! Thank you Stephen Colbert for having him on the show with you. Love you too!
Nathan Lerud
the dems turned on me so if anything im with trump for a new party where everyone is equal on a platform and can have differing positions and we chose who has the best views affiliation set aside. theyre cannibals like jon said and not can of bulls. the gov was responsible for 911 for terrorists to experiment with the nanos on and when i figured it out they wouldnt let me send out any more faxes supporting me being right. i got the impression they put nick on the mind reader saying he went super saiyan god because hes my brother and i was born saiyan but hes never naturally went saiyan so im the only one that can go god they keep me in the dark like it helps me but theyre going to feed my ideas to someone in the loop trying my brother to take over for me meaning all it does is protect guilty parties im positive about the nanos i dont think thats how they get vets to kill themselves they control urges to do it and screw up the head but i dont know how. if it was the nanos they wouldnt have let up the way they did both times on me because they suicide sessions only lasted about 3 weeks tops the nanos stay in play and they can reference them at just about any time as i believe theyve been doing in this stay to take credit for my ideas when in reality theyre just referencing my ideas the nanos control subjects and application but not details in that way
Aaron Williams
Holy shit Jon Stewart is savage AF
The Batman
Someone get jon stewart a job.
Jonas Bettencourt
Jon, even Hitler would like this jew
Preethi Kanya
One like wasn't enough for me.. 😣
was it a slip of the tongue when Trump says "the murder rate in our country is the HIGHEST its been in 47 years" (3:52) Stewart argues it that it is not the lowest...hmmm...
Jeremy J
Jon is an executive producer on Steve's show. Not surprising that he pops in now and then. Glad to see he is keeping his hand in the game.
I miss John Stewart lol great show.
Rondell Budd
Love how colbert looks at his watch when Jon says they do anal
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