Jon Stewart To The Media: It's Time To Get Your Groove Back

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Worried that the mainstream media's breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice.

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Nearth G
"Us...?" Shove* shove* πŸ˜‚
5:23 You know when people are lying. Noone says "Believe me" unless they are lying... 6:22 Trump's pathetic believe me...
just keep flailing sheep of Hillary lolololololololol
It shocks me how many people like these idiots. Stop being sheep and grow up.
Jon... Just build a studio on your farm. Bring the audience to YOU - bus them in 5 days a week. Then you can have your cake and eat it too - you can do a show, and never leave the comfort of your home.
Miranda S
I miss you terribly John Stewart, your brief appearances are glorious and conjure memories of the good 'ol days. Stephen and you should continue to inform the public as it's more needed than ever before!
Didn't CNN and other channels kept beating the drums for war in Iraq based on lies that they kept repeating until everyone thought that they are saying the truth because there was not opposite media or someone to tell the US to stop the BS and stop killing people...
Sammy Perez
You're telling me I need to do more self reflection yet you call me a narcissist.
Sammy Perez
Voldemort is watching thinking why the fuck won't they say his name?
Jacob Urbanek
From a black man to a bigot God don't you just love America.....SIGH FRANTIC CRYING AND A GUNSHOT WOUND TO THE HEAD.
Rowan Brett
#TrumpIsHitlerIncarnate #PutHimInTheBunker πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Perline Jackson
Jon Stewart is so harlarious believe me
Apurva Nataraj
Stewart/Colbert 2020.
Russian Gold
i love tramp.
Christian Camacho
the seven heads of the beast, are Christian Camacho and one Lamb from X X Viking Inception..... give me my acceptance into the U of M so I can get the heavenly SEVEN VICtoRIA SecRET ANGELS my COCK later, btw, GET OUT OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE you old. John, I get New World Order to run out west. and, hopefully I'll see her again, with your little Lamb. PAYCE! now get me my seal of approval
Beastman Rules
Richard Allfrey
There should be a national campaign to bring back Jon Stewart. America needs him.
Naj Qazi
Jon is the best
jack handy
What idiot is still debating the election? IT'S OVER! If you are that upset, there are daily flights out of the US, book one. Crybaby libs that made the threat to leave and morons that backed them on twitter,,, i will crowd fund your one way plane ticket outta the US.
Logan Hall
Relationship long because elite soil hour.
Conspiracy Jobs
Jon Stewart has no Gillette
Daniel Wahl
I am on a mission to advance the term "Tyrant Care". Please consider using it free of charge.
I'd say the one good thing about a Trump Presidency is that it's opened the door for other unlikely candidates.

Jon Stewart 2020.
I miss Jon's beard. He made such a sexy hobo.
Carlos Juarez
He fucking needs to get fucking back.
wayne dubel
I think that Jon Stewart and Colbert are in a relationship. I wish u well!!!
wayne dubel
Neither of these 2 assholes have any funny shit to say , so they will dwell on Trump!
I thought John was leaving the country? I guess he's just just another full of shit media puppet show like Colbert.
Chris B
man i miss jon... can't he come back....
greg romero
donald duck for president. daffy duck for v p !..........a better choice! trumpies, who u trying to kid?
David Wartski
Jon Stewart is the President we all wish we had.
Fuck you John Stewart!
Fuck you and rot in hell!
Trump will make America great again

believe me
Fabalocious Dee
Stephen Colbert's cool viciousness and Jon Stewart's wide-eyed, earnest sarcasm. God, I love it so much.
Oziluv Ibezim
I literally said "Daddy" as soon as Jon came onscreen. it was lyk a natural reflex. my goodness, I miss that man.
Don't bother asking yourself if there's any truth to the tickling stick slipped up your ears end. If it's funny and sounds true, it must be true! Right?... When a liar is the first and last one to tell the story, there's never any reason to doubt it. But don't feel too badly about your total lack of objectivity! There are millions of cattle brained believers surrounding you, standing strong, mooing and mowing right over this once great nation, never knowing that you're serving yourself and your children a plate of utter destruction. Laugh loud now! While it's still funny! But deep down, you must know there's so much you haven't ever bothered accounting for slipping through the cracks beneath your feet right under your nose.
Jay Serrano
Jon steward shouldve got the late show
wait! It all makes sense now the wearing orange on his skin. The ridiculous blond wig thing. His decision to run for and success in becoming the leader of the country! "believe me" We've got Donald all wrong! This entire time hes been Cosplaying Naruto!
c king
I miss Jon Stewart! CK, Toronto, Canada.
Farid Muzaffar
Castle Knight
Take up a hobby. I suggest Journalism
Stephen and Jon are low key together 😍
Alexander Mayer
Blend dynamics maximum curve anyway other send hence infant document.
Safir Jamil
Did he say "I am the least anti-Semitic person?" WTF! Didn't anyone notice that?
The Rook
MSNBC and Fox both show bias in their reporting. The bias shows itself in the news they choose to cover and the narrative they seek to attach to that news. The news itself is factual and the narrative they present is supported by that news. The viewer understands that it is news and news commentary and consequently listens critically. Stewart, in contrast, seeks to persuade under the guise of entertainment. He persuades by using stock and trade propaganda techniques like Ad Hominem attacks, Appeals to Ridicule, the occasional Strawman argument, and other odd techniques like Victory By Definition. Each and every one of his shows contains at least a dozen examples of these techniques repeated ad nauseum. His jibes and attacks are extremely ideological and target mainly his ideological enemies. For this, he is a unique propagandist.
That scene right at the end with Colbert pointing at Jon's dick had me crying!!
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