Jon Stewart To The Media: It's Time To Get Your Groove Back

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Worried that the mainstream media's breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice.

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Luke Lauchle
jon: did i just get us cancelled?
stephen : us?

they're so perfect
chuck the canuk
both always were jerks ... always will be jerks.. jon please stay "retired" and go live in north korea and start a show insulting the dear leader... see how many rights u have there.
What FreakingEver
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bassem Youssef !!! best trio
Yep. It's time to double up on the fake news and suck harder on the SJW, BLM and democrap party dicks.
if they had a show together they'd rULE THE UNIVERSE
Jonathan Defrates
awesome! he's the man
The Ultimate Reductionist
Trump is an antiAmerican terrorist piece of scum, who should be tortured & executed for treason, for destroying our nation's progress by defunding the war against Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and fossil fuel addiction.
(FUCK any conservative PUSSIES who lecture me with this NONVIOLENCE BULLSHIT. If you're so nonviolent,
then you would advocate freeing ALL PRISONERS from PRISON and DEFUND all police & military. I support freeing all
prisoners, until we decide on the right ones to put in. You FUCKING conservative pussy shits SMUGLY ADVOCATED
imprisoning & arresting anyone in the 1960s just for being a Communist, or a hippy, or gay - WHICH THEY HAD THE LEGAL
RIGHT TO BE - and Trump & Obozo & ALL Democraps & Republicunts to this day advocate IMPRISONING Julian Assange & Edward Snowden for HEROICALLY fighting back against the NSA.)

Nevertheless, I AGREE with Trump for banning the rightwing corporate-welfare-sucking lamestream media.
RT News has much more credibility (and they are no paragon of objectivity, either).
Alex Shi
For some reason i find this guy super annoying and dislikable. How did he even get a show LMFAO.
God, I miss him so much.
how was this only a month ago

it feels like years
There must be a trap door behind that desk somewhere.
..and I bet Jon's pocket change and some crumbs from a snack machine bagel are in there.
Hal 9000
Trump should call the lying deceptive pigs out every chance he can. Make noise while you can pigs,,,, it's over. Get honest or go back to the desert.
donald trumph constantly says phrase "believe me" nobody says believe me unless they are lie
Collin McLean
Think we could convince them to run for president in 2020?
good ! fuck buzzfeed! they are all triggered feminists!
is it possible to die from too much daddy
Hannah Rovente
We love you Jon!!!!!
Hannah Rovente
Jon Stewart.....PLEASE come back to us!!!! We need you so desperately!!!!!!
Damn Jon, you still got it. Get another show! Please. There's enough crap in politics for everybody. You are missing the best time for satire because it's the worst time in politics. And get on cable or the internet where you can say whatever you want without getting bleeped. Your millions of followers await your return, we are not worthy.
Karin Castro Studio
lou c
I really like this show, better news coverage than the news. But why bleep out hole and leave in ass ?
Melissa Combs
I miss Jon Stewart. :)
y'all will really miss Jon when we send him to the gulog #believeme
Goondock Saints
Trump refusing to take questions from certain publications/news outlets doesn't even come close to restricting free speech. Choosing not to speak to someone is still, (and always will be) a fundamental right for all. Not allowing certain outlets access to press conferences is absolutely a dick move, but it's not an infringement on free speech.
Abd Gah
jon Stewart best
Kaashif Ahmed
" I recommend journalism" his next best punchline after "If we amplify everything, we hear nothing"
J.P. Lamb
Watching colbert hand Jon the pen immediately reminded me of the scene in Return of the King where Elrond presents Anduril to Aragorn.
Dude Ster
Was Jon massaging Stephen's thigh -- wth was he doing below the table? Why didn't he just walk on the set instead of lying about the farm tunnel?

Trump may have been wrong on his stat at the national level, but pretty spot on about Chicago -- if you believe CNN, the Commie News Network: "There were 762 murders in Chicago in 2016. It was the deadliest year in nearly two decades."

I guess Jon "more-socialism-is-good-as-we-already-have-Social-Security" Stuart voted for the Hildabeast who is also a liar, but
-- in following his biased leftist narrative -- failed to point out any of hers. The Hildabeast may be more than just a liar as she could well have been part of Vince F0sters alleged and quite mysterious suicide during the White Water investigation. Go back to your farm, Jon; you have simply revealed yourself to be another butthurt leftist loser.
Stephen & Jon Might be the most adorable friends ever. :D
Katie Dunlap
I can't believe this man is president.
Fuzz Pop
Jon baptiste should speak less.
Garet Claborn
oh how far you two have fallen. i remember when your scripts had so much more.
Cranky old man getting nicer and less racist after being visited by spirits? I'm pretty sure he's referring to Bernie Sanders
Why would Spicer be upset if her were a Lorelei? She is clearly the best Gilmore
Mike Fournier
its really not fair that colbert and stewart cant hear what millions of americans and others who hate them would say about them if they had a hack two libtards would cry out for a safe space and a comfort dog...or just blow each other???
Jerebere Heracio
" I spend all day yelling about Trump to the animals! "
Well, you're more than welcome to come back and yell at us about him Jon
Daniel Zhou
Do they have nothing to trash besides an expression or a word someone used to use?
Pink Wings
Jon's left-handed! Literally!
Don Penbridge
Donald Trump is the biggest liar, cheat and thief I've ever heard off
Liza Lezzard
Jon Stewart -mentally ill libtard. Give him a one way ticket to Sweden
Reese Sabido
This is what I wanna know, how did Comedy Central went from this guy ( John Stewart) to that douche bag Trevor? For the record Comedy Central, I stop watching CC since JS left. Js. Also, John Oliver is wayyy funnier!
Go and research the "Russian" revolution of 1917 to find out the truth. There was nothing Russian about it. All of the Bolshevik scum that murdered and tortured ethnic Russians were inbred, evil JEW kikes hell bent on the destruction of Russia, it's culture, and it's social cohesion, the destruction and communistic imperialism of Europe, and the complete communist brainwashing of children through controlled "academia" and media (as we can see today) and the total Jewish domination of the world. Go and look up every single name of those in key positions of power today, and in the Soviet past, and you will see.
All "western" colonisation was a product of JEWISH international finance resource exploitation. England was the first major Western country to subverted by JEWS and used to exploit the rest of the world. America was second. Wake up you brainwashed useful idiots and stop watching the TALMUDVISION fake news.
All so called "white" people in power today and for the last 70 years are JEWS. JEWS are the parasite to the human race, the cry out in pain as the strike their enemy (white Europeans and soon to be Asians). COMMUNISM is JUDAISM, and is the most anti-social, anti-human, evil doctrine the human race has ever seen. If you brainwashed anti-white minority cunts think all will be good once the JEWS destroy us, you really are naive cucks and as a useful as idiots come :)
Keep it going Hollywood. Americans love you silver spoon asshol#% telling us what we should do. ---4 YOU
Salvador por.una.reforma.para.madres.indocumentadas
The President made the Media great again!! What's to complain about, unless Brown people, LGTBQ, Muslims, and some liberals cancel their cable company. The media wont do it's job!!! At least cancel Fox.
No Originality
Jon, we need you to have another show. Come on Jon. I'd actually pay.....I usually don't....
Erick X. Varen
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