Here's What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like... in 1996

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This 1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur cost the equivalent of $300,000... in 1996. So what did that money buy you 20 years ago? I took a closer look to find out.

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This car is a nice as a modern RR, just without the infortainment system. Pretty impressive
Per Ardua ad Astra
A fairly easy presenter to listen to.... Some are irritatingly OTT full on. The Best Presenter is Jay Leno.
Next review with a well dressed man without ADHD please.
You would think he would dress up a little.
Lmv Lmv
Key Perception
This is insanely similar to my 1989 Cadillac brougham
Jimmie Adams
Is this Matt Farah's million mile Lexus?
Don Johnson
The only reason this hunk of crap is expensive is because of the designs.
I swear if they were no designs and it had no luxury at all, it'll cost nothing more than a GT500 Mustang.
Fer Pareja
My 1996 BMW 528i also had an electrically adjustable steering column, and i did feel better than everyone else. LOL
Stefan Rosu
The Mercedes Benz W140 S-Class is better than this Rolls Royce Mercedes W140 had leather,wood,electric and heating seats ,electric steering wheel etc and is a lot cheeper ,half of price of this!
The steering wheel adjust button? Mercedes-Benz had this in the 80s and I feel like Lexus did in the 90s?
Alex Habr
I'll take her.
João Silva
The car has 20 years but looks absolutely looks new. Either was very little used or the quality is superb. Well, maybe both.
Andrew Maksymowicz
I'd love to smoke cigarettes in that car
We're not worthy!
I. Want. It.......... Lol. :).
Codi Bluezony
British cars are amazing
Codi Bluezony
That moment you realize 1996 was 20 years ago...
Classy design
Chance Cutler
what a fuckin weirdo.he looks like hes jerking off, that fag
Droqanar The Khajiit
Should have compared a budget car from 1996 to this
Bradley Greenwood
Who else is discomforted by Doug's tendency to get down and dirty with things such as lamb's wool carpeting?
Even the inflatable mattress in the back of a Pontiac Aztek seemed to elicit a chubby from Mr. DeMuro.
The moaning is VERY disturbing,
Harley Robertson
england still had leaded fuel in the 90s
Harley Robertson
lol, looks like a 70s Ford Granada uk
Oh, I can only imagine the beautiful pattern you could see just running an ultraviolet light across the elegant seats of this vehicle. And not only seats.
Steve Kralik
Grey Poupon? Did he forget about the mini-fridge that came standard 21 years ago?
blac ptown ptown
I would buy it and only drive it on special occasions,I don't care the sticker price is slow,this is a beautiful car and I believe it is longer then the new one .classic
Xavier Gwyn
The RR Sweptail is worth $13 million though🤔 the phantom isn't too m top of the line anymore.
Type 2
also why are you leaning against the car goddamn
Type 2
for fucks sakes get your dirty finger tips off the trunklid
Der Philosoph
0:58 Oh look, he´s repeating the same idle animation over and over again, like in those old videogames that didnt feature animation blending.
this video didn't impress me about rolls royce back at 96, it impressed me about how lexus was back at 96 ,my father has a 96 lexus LS400 and when i saw this video i compared with the rolls royce and now appreciated the LS400 more then any car back then , doug was amazed how 96 rolls royce has a electric adjustable steering but he didn't know that lexus had electric adjustable steering and front heated seats ,power sunroof,memory seats , 6 cd changer , 6 premium sound speakers with sub and 2 tweeters , v8 4 liter 261 hp 270 lb.ft, ABS, traction control, wood everywhere, im amazed how lexus was and how it's now
Verrel 00
Old but gold
its called a mirror not a meer.
MobileGaming Gameplay
compared to now, that shit is ugly 😂
Clobi Rml
U are the American version on shmee150. Weird, cringeworthy, annoying voice and body movements wow.
Darren Davis
It's just as ugly today as it was in 1996
Lord G-man
Doug is the type of guy to pullout and cum in the toilet
tobuscus fan
This nigga weird as a mf
sg muĸнτarr
Still I Rise ... like if u know what I mean
Where can I read more about your thoughts?
The luxury jokes are hilarious 😂
Cody Cee
That letter holder is hard as fuck
Authentic Aesthetic
Maybe I will be able to afford 2017 Rolls Royce Ghost in 2037 lol
Judson Bonneville
This thing is $30-40k. I need one.
wave runner
Best Playlist
The presenter is as passion about cars as Tarrantino is about movies😁😁👍
So, let me guess.... your "favourite" word is "favourite"...? Oh, and the seat belt colour doesn't match the interior.
Soulful Soul
this guy loves saying buttons
Soulful Soul
dorkiest white guy ever.
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