Here's What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like... in 1996

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This 1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur cost the equivalent of $300,000... in 1996. So what did that money buy you 20 years ago? I took a closer look to find out.

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I would buy a Lamborghini Huracan with the same price
Creamated Biscuit
Doug the type of guy to shout heck when he gets scared
you have long fingers, big hands, you must have a nice thick cock for those big hands to hold
Austin Geiger
He is the weirdest fucker ever but damn he can show a luxury car
Gopnik McBlyat
dwight young
BMW turn signals? no such thing
give me waffles mofo
yet $300,000 today will buy you Lamborghini Huracan with some leg room for optional features. my dream car, except Id prefer the Spyder varient...that is if I had 300k lying around, which I don't.
He's not bad in some other videos, in this one he's a bit of a dick. A Jaguar also had electric steering in 1996. And power was quoted as being 'adequate', not 'sufficient'.
But his undisguised awe shows how lovely the car must be. Worth 10 of todays' Mercs, BMWs, or Audis.
Jake Edwards
How about a Ford taurus sho
Great content, but your voice is annoying. Too high/excited/whinny. It's fucking annoying. Tone it down.
how much is that car worth??
12:37 wtf was that XD
I remember the king of Saudi had one of these
Arie Wibowo
Now its worth the.price of a fully loaded honda accord. If u can afford the maintenance, you can look like a big shot or a mafia boss for a lott less
holy shit why do you remind me of CrashCourse with John Green?
Mitu Robert
He's the most retarded youtuber..
Bruins Boy
I want one
TheGaming Boi
"Once you get used to the wood" only you Doug
Bill Tsok
youre too tall man
Doug, the type of guy with high score on Mario 2.
Andrew Olinger
Doug is a pretty weird dude
wait cuz u have mo more money ur better then a person bro go fuck your spoiled ass up u probaly had the easiest life so stfu go to the hood see how u are u spoiled bitch ur parents probably gave u money when u died and gave a family business to run 2
why would you keep this shit car rubbish
tom thompson
news flash ,,,,, your a stupid american , that car has a heritage that goes back nearly as far as your country.... tool
The man that said "Right" 12 times in 2 minutes
that car is in mint condition
Yoseob Yang
when you were with the owner the audio was terrible, if I wanted to hear him I had to break my speakers with your voice
David J
Sweet , side view looks like the 80's SEL 's
I had a little camera flicker when he started talking about the doors. (when he was being driven by someone else. I don't know what his name is)great video I love it (great video).
This shit has so much wood it looks like a fucking town car
Fun Maker
The hood is not as long as my 2006 town car
How many favorites can you have? No mention of the mileage on the odometer for context?
Matt S
This car is a dream to drive. I have about 10 years of sporadic drive time on a 1988 Silver Spur. They age incredibly well. The curb weight is pretty remarkable too (5,000 lbs)
Slavisa Karlicic
Doug DeBest
Chase Mercado
When he started rubbing his face in the floor mat, I just wanted to punch the shit out of his face and yell at him to stop being so damn strange.
Pay Way
Jay Leno come pick up your son he on one
What's it like
Yea id rather have my subie. At least i wont get a splinter when someone collides into my car.
This car deserves some respect. Your friend is right, everything is mass produced now...this was all hand made. A team at RR spent a lot of time working on this car. Hopefully it goes to a owner who will appreciate it.
What about the umbrella holder in the back door?
This rolls reminds me jaguar sovereign of last 80's
hello fellas
Илья Григорьев
That was the most touching and fantastic autoreview I've ever seen.
Now I got why rolls royce is an icon of auto production
Afghan Jesus
I really agree with what David was saying when he was "chauffeuring" you around at the end there. They just don't make cars like that anymore. For a long time I've personally felt that modern cars really lack the soul and substance that cars of previous generations have. I don't think anyone I've personally spoke to has understood that, but David echoed my sentiments there. I feel like Jaguar carried on the lineage of cars like this up until around 2009 when they went full modern. The Jaguar XJ's of the early to mid 2000's felt like a spiritual successor to the Silver Spurs. Also that part at the very end of the video was simply marvelous lol.
Peyton Cherry
So wait, can I tell everyone my 1996 GMC Sierra with the 4 speed automatic has a Rolls-Royce transmission?
Dariush داریوش Koby
Beautiful , love car's Rolls Royce , Mercedes -Benz
oh mhan the leg crossing is soo annoying..
10:22 That's nothing unusual. Had those for my 1991 M-B W124 300D.
Faris Anwari
Now THAT's a beauty!
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