Here's What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like... in 1996

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This 1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur cost the equivalent of $300,000... in 1996. So what did that money buy you 20 years ago? I took a closer look to find out.

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To hell with "sport" and "performance"
Ayy Vlogs
sounds quality is so bad at 15:30 onwards.
H Jones
All the cars of 1990's looked like shit.
Jonathan Katz
Similar vintage Bentley Turbo is probably a better buy; slightly better handling, some more power....
I went to prom in one of these
Andy mal
Awesome car
Farang Talk
Another brilliant vid Doug.
Sophie Schwarz
Bell assessment confidence complete present staff prayer assembly nearby plastic laser.
Doug,be gentle with the old girl,too rough.
What is the point in comparing a LR door with the one of a luxury car? Yes the door might be heavy but that's not why you couldn't close it. If you've been in any damn car in the world you would know that doors stay like that so you could get in the car easily.
Mike Capinpuyan
You should've done a British accent when reading the owner's manual LOL.
Brian Ongay Arenas
i use to see so many british reviews of rolls royce that i feel like the stering is at the wrong side
Ravelord Nito
Does it have a jar of Grey Poupon in the glove box?
TheBlessed 1_J
😂 he changed his foot stance 8 times in the first 25 seconds
paul stanley
buying a rolls-royce is cool,but do you have the money?my father walter galinski told me,never get a loan buy it with cash,why pay someone else when you don,t have too?.or get a girl with a whole lot of money,and have a nice day?.
Correction-the 1990 LS400 had a power tilt & telescoping steering wheel. Way ahead of the Rolls!
Hmmm, again the 1980s Mercedes Benz W126 had foot rests, the 80s Jaguar XJ40/Daimler had illuminated woodgrain tray tables and foot rests as did the BMW E32, complete with rear arm rests storage with telephone and radio controls and vanity mirrors.
These 3 cars are all large with big bonnets and are very quiet even still now.
This reviewer needs to get out more, these features were neither 'new' nor limited to Rolls Royce cars of 1996.
The later model Mercedes Benz W126 of the 80s had electric steering wheel adjustment
$300,000 Rolls Royce with a GM 4speed automatic!!?? Crack smokers.
Daniel Touton
I was waiting the whole video for you to mention how many miles were on the vehicle
Deckie Deckie
The dude's shrill yap bothers me....
P Last
very informative in depth look at a old classic done in a quick and easy manner ...old school style review
Enes Stastoli
Fuck you mercedes had the adjustable steering wheel even earlier than that with the S class W140
Хорошая Машина
Very nice, thanks, Doug!
Jesser Videos
4:42 when your girlfriend lets you feel her boobs
etienne hanekom
Jesas this man is a big dork! Fuck i cant watch
Aydyn Siraci
Apparently everything is his favorite part about this car.
Greekgod God
You have to be the best / funniest car guy on YouTube and I'll have you know I've watched thousands of idiots fall flat on their faces. Yes Doug you can get away with cuddling with that flor mat like the kid on peanuts/Charlie Brown. Lol yer the man. Go work with Jay Lenno you would be a good addition to his cast brother......
Orbán Viktor
This car is better then my 2008 toyota yaris
You talk like Jay Leno, sorta.
04:42 hmmmmm
Jonas Gunther
Either French expertise frozen candle float rank general nonprofit inner daily.
Jd Tray
doug reminds me so much of robbie rotten from lazy town 😂
derpster 12
Who thinks this guy should wear a turtle neck
Lukas Gaming
My friend has one of those
mercedes benz
His voice , cant look the video
Robert Boudreaux
He kinda made himself look like an idiot when he compared the door weight to his Land Rover. He's talking about a springloaded hinge (like found in most modern cars) and comparing it to a hing that gives no resistance.... of course it's gonna bounce back. That's what it's designed to do. And of course his won't spring back... that's what it's designed not to do.
Listening to you is completely annoying. You review cool cars but it feels more about you and your ADD.
Can't listen to you anymore.
jeff bob
someones feet were on those floor mats at one point in time
Toby Radcliff
Ahem, mercedes had the adjustable steering wheel before Rolls royce
Tristan Thomson
Silver spurs are the nicest looking rolls royces ever in my opinion
camille philippe
Species movement match sweep often pull mass become place.
Hahaha that ending!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm..........soft cushiony floor mats which have had people's feet on them since 1996...mmmm......
Dale Jenking
can u slowly down a lil woth your talk jeez there are austic people u know
Anthony Dietrich
I absolutely love It!! Hope someday to buy one 🚗🎩💎
This guy is your work dude.
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