Here's What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like... in 1996

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This 1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur cost the equivalent of $300,000... in 1996. So what did that money buy you 20 years ago? I took a closer look to find out.

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Armani Nguon
You should do old vintage cars.
$300,000 (adjusted for inflation) and no drink bar or fold-down foot rests? Seems as though all the money went into the handcrafted wood/leather and not too much else.
When I''m being chauffeured the last thing I want to hear is the blinkers!
I don’t car I have rolls Royce phantom
4:42 is the best thing about the video hahahahahahah
Fa him
This car is greater then lambo
Fa him
Wood Is good
Matt Frazier
I'll take this over the new gaudy ones.
This is the weirdest video doug has made
Akram Baig
I've got this same Rolls Royce!
Lol even my VW Passat 98' has this button for the fuel cap.. it's not that big of a deal
This Rolls-Royce looks more like it came out of the 70s. Still a very beautiful and classy car.
RoundFarhadTheBest 103
that's advanveds
Andrew Brett
Review some Subaru cars
Mark Morales
Doug your a weirdo!! but I watch all your videos
Gail Raby
so this Rolls Royce isn't at all sporty.. what a shock, you'll be saying the F40 isn't very luxurious next.. oh wait.. you did say that.

amazing your ignorance.
Ruda Felker
1:13 - 1:30 just look how he moves
Gail Raby
it's almost as if he's never been in a car before, his ignorance is unbelievable.
Absolutely beautiful car in perfect condition. Everything is spot on, a perfect rich Brittish lord daily carriage. The only thing I don't understand is why they put that ugly, big, plastic looking steering wheel in such a wonderful leather and wood castle.
Климент Алмазов
I like your style of reviewing the cars.
Clark Wilger
Is Doug Jay Leno's long lost son?
Your friend Dave is a rather hot, and I wish it were that year again. Not many computers in cars then to break. However, I recently sat in one like the one Dave pulls up beside you in at the end, and it was so small I had no headroom. I could barely get into the damned thing.
Ryan Gravenor
What a weird bloke
paul mryglod
Doug looks remarkably similar to Jay Cutler in the face.
Giovanni Soto
I wish I could meet Doug. I only live 45 minutes north of him anyway. Such an interesting character
Noel Chua
beat skit at the end
M. Wm. Morgan
This guy is HILARIOUS!
___FetchMeTheirSouls___ FetchMeTheirSouls
Idk why but Doug reminds me of that clueless quirky dad in the movies with the hot daughter who thinks his daughter is still a virgin in college.
Adam Scott
He had me at @3:10 feel like u were better than them. And u might have been.
Tucker Smith
Look how thicc
damn if i had the money id drive the car my self and not have anyone drive me
Worst Of All Time WOAT
Pac also had this car
Does he get paid for length of video? Lots of lengthy comments about really uninteresting details. Zzzzzz
Aldrich Zurcher
YES the reference at the end hahaha
Kevin B.
Ah...being filthy rich in the 90s now thats the life.
I love the boorish, incredibly fake noise Doug makes when he sinks into the rear seat or rubs his face on the floor mat
Jeffrey JeffreyFLF
4:44 Doug is a fucking gay ass carpet cleaner raper!!
Felix s
nice but you should have shown the pièces de résistance - the umbrella stashed inside a secret compartment in the rear door...

Zach Rozema
lexus ls400? way better lol and had all this
Fotis Kokkinos
For some reason camera dies somewhere in the end
Yah Dudeist
wow, never been a big fan of rollers... but they really are amazing at what they do..
I like the Doug dance at the beginning of the video...
The Hammond player
in 2017 this car is 52 years old, It went into production in 1965 as the all new silver shadow This car is the lwb version if the silver spirit both of which were just silver shadows in a modern dress
Muhammed Muhlis Göktaş
W140 would kill this, looks like an 80s car..
Idk wether its just me, or he make me feels uncomfortable listening to him when hes talking. Trying so hard to speak or over expression idk. Good job btw.
Love it millions. I have a beautiful 123 that I’m working on. Love that too. Great show.
Mercedes had more than that crap for half the price...Electric steering wheel? Mercedes had that since the early 80's Doug come on do some research
Joan Green
280,000 NOT 300,000.. fake
6:40 Bruh no bruh i iz dead after that.
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