This is hands down the best prank yet hahaha
Thanks for watchinggg

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Tia Sampat
My brother has the exact same beats
Samiksha Shetty
She looks super pissed..
Pott Stars
Best YouTube ever go jake Paul
mia boo
Me lol
miamcca962 AVO
Danny Mccartan
Jake looks like donald trump
Magical Music
I’m in cleavland toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Mohammed Savage
Mary McMillen
Hi you are my cousin jk
Kacey Cooper
Cruel that literally showing you assault women
Daniel Marsden
Kaison De Leon
You would of got the tazzer
Libby Roebuck
The old team 10 🤧
Brieanna Hoon
Apollo so cute
Brieanna Hoon
Apollo so cute
Brieanna Hoon
Apollo so cute
Brieanna Hoon
Apollo so cute
Clorox Bleach's Friend
Just realized we have the same Rolex...
Juan Moras
Just a joke i like you
Hope Mitchell-Baker
animal lover#101 !
Tape anyone u can to the wall and throw custard beans and pies on them
heihalloheihallo heihalloheihallo
oh the dobre twins are there
Brendan Oborne
Love u bro
Jamian Nguyen
That's why u loss her btw I'm here after new team 10
Angel Fernandez
you so mean
Tommy And Tamieya Jefferson
Jake you are so handsome
Jocelyn Bowles
At :57 it looks like Donald trumps son
Sophia Davis
My friends sister has the same b-day as you
Sophia Davis
Super Nabbit
Super Nabbit
Lyrical Beast
Poor girl, had to suffer to every prank he's done
Lmao how many duct take did u use I want to do this to my Friend
savage maxy
Who is watching in October 2017 almost a year later well they are broke up and Jake is married to Ericka and allisa is bfn and gf whith faze banks
Curtis Fritts
You are a meanie and a bully
Barbie Lopez
That wasn't funny your messed up no wonder she broke up with you for cheating
jt wotton
Why would you want to do that. And how mad👿 was alissa🤔
Ah the old days
YumCupcake 100
When u were running u looked a bit like Donald trump
Laney Zuithoff
He never treats Erica like this
Laney Zuithoff
You are a savage jake
Steven Gan
Evolution of jake Paul cursing
Dobre twins neels visser and aylissa the squeaky chicken
Erika tessa marteeniz and ray the dolphin chirp
NOOOOOOO!!!!!! i wanted to see her reaction once she'd gotten down from the wall now im wondering🤔🤔🤔
Bryanna Contreras
I also sub and turn on your notification
Bryanna Contreras
Can I plz have a shoutout I love your vids I just can image me without u and your vids
Ben Wilson
Anybody 2017
Beverly Smith
I did this to my mo while she was sleep and I had my phone video 😌😌😌😌😌😌
Emily Saunders
Uhhhh this video is So Weird and Funny (Good Job Jake You Did Well)
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