I build a 'snowman' for half of this video and talk for the rest (not clickbait)

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Thanks for two million guys! 
I can't think of what to write in the description I just want to post this video.  Merry C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶t̶m̶a̶s̶  New Years. 
Song I used in the time lapse ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0nT8TdlEHg

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Maya mllp
Rest in peace snowman
Maya mllp
1:17 Rest in peace headphone users
Justice Bentley
Typer Steen
the way they decorated it
Gabriel meerkat
Omg, how many shirts did he wear?
Aislee Tennyson
snow isnt as exciting as people make it out to be. you didnt miss much.
Elisia Juzswik
3:40 -3:42 the dog was like "oh heck no I'm staying warm!"
Lmaoo "thanks, im glad you came along...PARTNER"
vlogging with Madelyn
I always want a white Christmas but I'm like James and have a cold Christmas not snowy because I live in Arizona too
Daniel Holbrook
The snow man is number 1
Mylaughingmagpie Do Not Laugh Chanel
After 1:18 did anyone see that he changed shirts
Trenae Taylor
The way they made a snowman is not how ur supposed to make a snowman 😂😂
I was offended with that joke
The first 1:30 He changed his shirt 3 times! xD
His shirt kept changing... XD
LilAphmau Fan
He keeps changing his shirt
Dread Lotss
He's so funny
5:24 snowman had a boner
J Murphy
Caleb Seneca
It looks like your pet moth
During the time lapse I just paused every frame to see his sister I didn't pay attention to them building the snow man
1:18 thank me later...
Jose Hernandez
Who's Watching In 2017
LAB & Zena
We are #1!
GradeAHater TV
Noice fnaf shirt
she doesn't like being picked up
Steve Harrison
Yeah, I was a little offended.
Sam Pospisil
I love your t-shirt that had the i squared it is funny
Dubstep Music
This guy makes me laugh, he is great. I respect others may have different opinions but please don't disregard mine, this is a perfect youtuber 😂1:16 really cracked me up tho😂😂😂😂
Clash Master
he changed shirts like 4 times
Sailor love
I freaked when I saw the sailor moon DVD!!
4:17 Was that the We are Number One music? Good choice. XD
Ahx1 LOL
My ears flyed to the moon when it was dum dum dum DUUUUUM!!! In the we r number 1
zack- sempai
i think im high i see differnt shirts
Life As A Gamer
this dood is an ear raper
Abigail Douglas
Died at 1:18 HILARIOUS
ThatOneGuy Gaming
i was born on 316 so.... Im officially St.first name redacted
Jacob Mcguire
I'm kind of offended but still love your vids
Praying Mantis Videos
Karen Eizenga
you did it on my birthday
Kaia Aguilera
Kaia Aguilera
WHY THE DEVILS NUMBER 66 and 1 more 6
P_ Dzib
we are number 1
Don't smoke the dislike button kids!
Jo Bo
Am I the only one wondering why he builds his snowman so strange.... like why doesn't he makes three balls??? :)
Band Addict
what tablet do you use?
Underfell Sans
Yzfr Lucy
me to
Imma stargirl
This is a

triangle with food on it
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