Star Wars Rogue One - CGI Tarkin Explained

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story CGI revealed! Rogue One featured cameos from characters in Star Wars A New Hope, including Grand Moff Tarkin (the late Peter Cushing) and another surprise character, with CGI and visual effects from George Lucas' company Industrial Light & Magic.

Spoilers below!

Rogue One ends with the reveal of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) as she appeared in the original Star Wars in 1977. How did Rogue One pull off this effect? And how did the movie feature Tarkin in several scenes after Peter Cushing died in 1994? Erik Voss explains the advanced visual effects techniques used by John Knoll of Industrial Light & Magic, combining stand-in actors, archive footage, and motion capture to re-create a character on screen. How intensive is this process exactly, and what ethical questions does it present?



Kenny Smith
Matthew Salvas
Kevin Chauhan
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Executive Producer: Jeben Berg
Producer: Ted Marsden
Host: Erik Voss (@eavoss)
Writer: Erik Voss (@eavoss)
Post Production Supervisor: Ericson Just (@justericson)
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M. Castillo
Uncanny Valley is Uncanny
bob dobbs
George Lucas has nothing to do with ILM anymore. He sold that to Disney ,too.
Tarkin CGI sucked ass. Bad. Almost ruined the movie.
howard bullock
This is one my favorites and so much better than the last one! It's as good as Empire Strikes Back and comes close to being, in my opinion the best one yet!!!
Thor Son
Yes, SW is a totally fictional universe and of course not to be taken serious. But what still puzzles me is the absurd and outright grotesque uselessness of the stormtroopers. The are by any standards depicted as absolutely useless and sickly amateurish. Why? How can Palpatine build an Empire with such imbeciles in the front?
Oblique Attack Tactics
Nicholas Dickens
Actually the Rebel pilots like Biggs were from cut footage or repurposed footage from A New Hope so no permission was needed.
Lenin is love, Lenin is life
It would have been better if Tarkin and Leia weren't in the movie. The CGI looked horrible.
J Reynolds
The "magic" was really bad, and they shouldnt have done close ups urgggggg, movie runied
Declan Marks
I didn't even realize that they were CGI.
Adam Hanly
Leia was insanely obvious. OP is blind. Confirmed.
for having seen rogue one i should say that tarkin cgi was very poorly done and would belong in a videogame . i would say that the gladiator and fast and furious CGI were more believable
Sammy Vuka
rogue one was great
The question I have is how are they gonna film Carrie Fisher in Starwars 8?
Liam Fulton
For some reason the audio clip at 3:20 sounds like it's inside my skull
Jason Collins
the CGI still looked like shit. I noticed it immediately. they are making progress though.
Luxus Häuser
Nice video, well explained. The problem with this film is that it felt like all of this is about 50 years from now in a solar system very close to Earth, not a galaxy far far away.
Chris Winter
I face palmed when Tarkin came on screen. Nice effort and all, but still looked like a puppet. I was actually surprised that the animation was so poor given the advances in motion tracking. They looked like someone had tried to manually animate them. Maybe one day we wont be able to tell the difference but we're a long way off still it seems. When we do get there, what does that mean for actors?
Carlos Slim
This movie was terrible.
I couldn't tell it was cgi lol..
Zachary Chapman
Picture household reject disorder indicate technology himself.
Zach Fates
when leia appeared my movie theater just clapped
Killer Kingo
Well i never knew he died. Fooled me. Well done
Maxi Iroh
Leia was horrible.
White Bear 84
So who can fill in to make Yoda younger? :p
Maximilian Bitter
Carrie Fisher is also dead.
DJ Gamera
No matter the negative reactions, I'd have to say its impressive... most impressive.
Realm Of The Skyl0rdz
And now we wait nine days.
A complicated process which ends up producing a weirdly detailed clay-type mask of a dead person who is deep in the uncanny valley and which shouldn't have been done. It's like watching LA Noire (Star Wars Edition).

We're at least 5 years away from doing it properly. Until then, like with hair plugs, let it go.
Texas Twister
So it is 2047 and STAR WARS 20 is released. Will this one also be about the Death Star?
Nick Herrera
Bill Nye is in this movie???????!?!!!?!!
Personally I think tarkin was done better than leia. But both suffered the weird mouth movement problem. Still, well done.
Han shot first. Period.
Playniacs - Gameplay / funny videos / vlogs (Playniacs)
I thought the cgi heads looked terrible
TBH I didn't realise Moff Tarkin was a CGI, I'm not a huge SW fan so I've only seen Episode 4 like 2 times, Leia was obvious as I know who she is and she had just passed.
Edstorrsy Youtube
5:50 RIP Carrie Fisher
yosmomas Bli
Not a Star War fan (well, not anymore). More of a Star Trek fan. Never
liked any of the Star Wars Movies. I went yesterday to the movies
because I was bored. I LOVED IT! To me, this is the best Star War that
has ever come out. Again, I Loved it. This movie made me a fan.
Zeh Zahl
Without knowing beforehand, I knew both Tarkin and Leia were CGI right off the bat once I first saw it. Very well done CGI, but still not convincing enough (at least not to me). But if the Gold and Red leaders were indeed CGI (as mentioned in this vid), then I did not recognize that at all. They're almost there with CGI, though. I'll bet in another five years or so, it'll be indistinguishable.
reDy Horsey
Jack Nicholson had his whole body and face digitally scanned many years ago in anticipation of all of this.
Too bad it still was in the uncanny valley... Let's just replace real people and just watch a video game from now on! Should have just been a subtle thing like Tarkin's reflection on looking the construction. I thought that was going to be it and it was brilliant... NOPE!
RIP Carrie Fischer
P. E. Albers
Nobody mentions that Tron Legacy did this first. :(
astroboy royale
everyone can tell it's a cartoon.
I think it sucked. It was way too obvious to me and took me out of the movie. I do understand why it was done but they should have kept his face in dimmed light or something.
TheDiamondTNT/ /TDT
Yeah so uh...
Wayfarerz Travel
I dont agree, as hard as it was, it didn't look right. Great movie in spite of that.
That Norwegian girl is beautiful
Some of the best visual effects ive ever seen
JD Harding
Best George Lucas impression ever.
Davy Ker
the hell happened at 3:20
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