Star Wars Rogue One - CGI Tarkin Explained

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story CGI revealed! Rogue One featured cameos from characters in Star Wars A New Hope, including Grand Moff Tarkin (the late Peter Cushing) and another surprise character, with CGI and visual effects from George Lucas' company Industrial Light & Magic.

Spoilers below!

Rogue One ends with the reveal of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) as she appeared in the original Star Wars in 1977. How did Rogue One pull off this effect? And how did the movie feature Tarkin in several scenes after Peter Cushing died in 1994? Erik Voss explains the advanced visual effects techniques used by John Knoll of Industrial Light & Magic, combining stand-in actors, archive footage, and motion capture to re-create a character on screen. How intensive is this process exactly, and what ethical questions does it present?



Kenny Smith
Matthew Salvas
Kevin Chauhan
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Executive Producer: Jeben Berg
Producer: Ted Marsden
Host: Erik Voss (@eavoss)
Writer: Erik Voss (@eavoss)
Post Production Supervisor: Ericson Just (@justericson)
Editor: Ericson Just (@justericson), Ted Marsden
Creative Director: Filup Molina (@fimo)

Tido Schmidt
The animated Tarkin is by far the worst CGI work I've ever seen. I could tell after 2 seconds he is animated. Unrealistic mime art. Looks like from a current computer game.
Brilliant Or Shit
I watched Rogue One yesterday. My review is on my channel!
Sebastian Contreras
This CGI takes a modern GPU minutes to render, in the future, GPUs will be able to render those seeral times a second

I'm already excited for future games
Body of Truth
The CGI was incredibly distracting to anyone with 20-20 vision.
I honestly thought the cgi of Carrie was pretty bad, and some of the Tarkin stuff. But I did see it on the biggest imax screen in the country so ..
Darth Vader
they should have hired robin van persie he looks like tarkin
This movie was the shit !@
jonathan leslie
I thought peter cushing's recreated scenes were acceptable and believeable, leia's was ok as a profile, but when she turned to face the camera and worse, when she spoke, it looked like a puppet.
an amazing video
Dianne Marie Rivera
Tarkin and Leia has been recreated astoundingly great. kudos to the team that did it. not sure why other people make a fuss out of this CGI thing. what are they expecting anyway?
Tony Martin
Was Peter Cushing's estate paid? I would expect so.
Curtis Newton
that movie whas the worst of all
the cgi wasn't ready for this standin stuff.... not, one, bit
Manny V
id watch a hole movie with every like that i was trippin
Martin Anthonyo
so glad they past the uncanny valley
CGI Tarkin is far better done than CGI Leia. Sure CGI Tarkin looks kind of like a wax figure, but his facial expressions are nuanced and life-like, as opposed to Leia, who looks like a dead-eyed character from a poorly animated video game cut scene. Hell, even recent video games like Uncharted 4 have better facial animation than Leia. Maybe they ran out of budget.
I still feel that we are not quite there when attempting to model a face via cgi. Something always seems off in terms of the movement of the face or gloss of the skin which makes it look like it belongs more in a video game than a film in my opinion.
Survivor of Alderaan
Another annoying narrator. This one reminds me of Russel Crowe.
Taika 92
Ioi Leilani
I had a serious uncanny valley moment when I saw CGI Leia. Very eerie.
Sir Monkeys
I honestly didn't know tarkin was cgi
Thomas Cox
I dont think the tarkin in revenge of the sith is horrible I think its brilliant.
Little Bro Troy Production
I subscribed
Andrew Chapman
4:24 LMAO!
Don't make fun of Jar-Jar! He originally supposed to be a Sith Lord
Lisa Adler
I really hope GTA VI characters look this good
Arzamas -16
Sorry, but the CG Leia looked absolutely terrible. And the xwing pilots were not CG. Those were unused clips from ANH.
I personally was unimpressed with the Facial CGI for Tarkin and Leia.
6:21 grandma tarkin
Craig Stanley
I enjoyed the cgi,the limits are endless.
Blake Hunter
Honestly when I first saw rogue one I didn't even notice at first that Tarkin was CGI I thought it was maybe an actor with makeup or something. Props to the cgi people who pulled that one off.
And Breathe..
Michael Marshall
A lot of work and money went into recreating these characters, but unfortunately the final effect wasn't convincing enough. For it to work, it needs to be flawless - and it wasn't. I liked the film, but would have preferred it without this.
ill Eez
Watched this in 4DX and it was awesome - Pure action start to finish!

...Vaders saber scene was the cherry on top of the icing on the cake!
KAMEK pictures
I don't understand that some people hated the CGI tarkin... I thought he looked great. Legolas in the Hobbit looked like a CGI character!
Terrible movie... good CGI!?!? Tarkin is the main reason I walked out.. too many cut scenes. No characters to get emotionally attached to.
Katharine Wade
Thing is tho, Tarking didn't look 100% real, but a lot of Star Wars don't look 100% real, but its such a great story, that it really didn't matter to me,
Kal-El Kent
Sorry but CGI for me is like watching a cartoon, I like it but it's Roger Rabbit, humans mixed with cartoons on film, till that day comes when I cannot tell the difference which I don't think will ever come, I am not a fan of resurrecting actors using CGI
Surprisingly good? Someone has low standards...
I can't believe that this is really the best CGI can do at the moment. I was really deeply disappointed watching this in the cinema.
crazy Chicken1
Tarkin looks like a character from a video game with really good graphics
Tom Dotson
i thought the cgi was horrible
CGI wasn't good actually. It was average.
Jacob Nelson
No... it was not impressive. it was bad... bad, bad,bad. His body was fidgety and awkward and I was uncomfortable not impressed.
Jeff Wulf
I thought the CGI was horrific.
Leia wasn't CGI she was played by an actress who looked like her. I looked in the credits.
Hans Wurst
the computer tarkin looks like crap .... :/
Martin Jamieson
I get why they made Leia CGI (though it didn't look fantastic), and honestly didn't even notice the pilots were CGi... but they re-cast Mon Mothma, why not just get someone else to play Tarkin? The film wouldn't have lost anything, but the weird Tin Tin looking puppet effect just made the Tarkin scenes completely glaring examples of 'suspension of disbelief'. He was too major a role in the movie for going with CGI.
Louis Smets
Pregnancy jacket wing normally stock juice pilot hard metaphor initiate
Archimedes 515
Why did the have to edit in Carrie fisher when the film released on the tenth of December and she died on the 27th
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