Pregnant Giraffe Trains for Sonogram

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Everyone's favorite friendly giraffe, Punk, gave birth to her first calf in September 2016. At 16 years old, she was an older mom for her species, and gestation is a whopping 15 months!
With that in mind, the animal and vet staff kept a careful eye on her -- and trained her to voluntarily allow sonograms.

Check out the Abilene Zoo’s Live Giraffe Cam:

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susan trudeau
I was not expecting to see the Sonogram today, but then found out her skin was to thick. Hoping we would get more update on April and the baby. So I guess will just have to wait again for the morning vet's report. Hopefully, we won't have to wait that long. Love April and baby! xoxoxo Hope to see you tomorrow! Susan
Marie Harrison
What subspecies is she? She has such big beautiful patches.
Shopkins Galore
I thought this was April the giraffe
Stephanie Simon
Jordan at the Animal Adventure Park in New York said ultrasounds/sonograms weren't possible with giraffes- skin was too thick?
Mrz.Fit-n-Faith Lima
amazing like how words and calming tone relaxes them..AMAZING!
Zoraina Nunn
She is thick! Her belly so big! So cool😄😄
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