Two-Tailed Gecko!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote finds a Two-Tailed Gecko in Costa Rica!

Get ready to find out if two tails really are better than one! 

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Legend of Gaming
shut up
Jocabed Chavez-Ulloa
I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to face off TheLegend27
Coyote Peterson try stepping on a underground bees nest

Been there done that
Emiwolf Deviant
Down here in Florida we can find almost all of those creature
Rizvan Moe
Actually the raptors in the Jurassic Park movies were based on the Utahraptor. Velociraptors were actually much smaller in size, but their names sounded more "vicious" and "cool," so the developers chose to use their name instead of the boring sounding Utahraptor. Check out the Utahraptor if you have the time, because they are very interesting dinosaurs.
Toxic Grays
duygu Oglak
Bülbüller gülleri sever kuşlar martılatı sever. Bende seni seviyorum brave. kofoeoogorkfdk
could you find a giant cockroach?
Ashton Simon
When you learn more about animals here than school
Dick Tucker
The geko was like 'no I don't wanna go' lol
Josue Granera
Lel i live in Costa Rica
its got the eye of sauron
Rurouni Kenshin
Best videos!
Rurouni Kenshin
I love how the gecko on the wall was like "TAKE ME Officer" xD
Ronnie kay vlogs
Crested geckos tails to not grow back
Ralph Cyr
coyote I got Geico it's green but it's not brown make you turn in stuff and colors and I don't want to know what kind of but I really like her I like short videos so much I'm a big fan and and I got here there's a lot of birds
Bane Barracks
can you do a nother giveaway
James Hardie
I upland random videos
James Hardie
Could anybody please sub
Isaac Lopez
When I first went to Puerto Rico, my family and I visited the light house and saw an anole with a completely forked tail. Unlike this gecko, it's tails were the same size. It was really cool
Captain Cat
People seriously believe in this? It's all CGI, just like the globe earth
Jr's Reptiles
Nice find
Lennon long
Joseph Gaming
I have a pet two tailed lizard
Charizard X
Coyote can you make a video about a tokay gecko please I would love that they are normally found in Asia mostly in Cambodia
Bounced on my boy's lesser spotted African Gecko to this for hours!
Someone From Somewhere
after watching this, i tried to be like coyote and i did this to my gecko. coyote has a big influence on people. great job!
Catiten The first
I thought the tongue was dark purple not dark blue
Juicy Pear
4:12 Let's admit it, this was the best part out of the whole vid
Paulo Jashmyr Po
oooh don't bite don't bite lol
The Socordia
Can it save me 15% or more on my car insurance?
DB Coop
my son started jumping with excitement when i told him that there was some new peterson videos to watch! wish i could of got him on video :) We enjoy watching you adventures together! he's 4 years old.
Lowkey NYC
AnimalSTEP Official
I really love his eyes, incredible eyes
I have 3 pet geckos, 2 leopard geckos and 1 crested gecko
Random Critic
o3o so adorable
Fancy Alpacas
I'm ridiculous to say this, but he has a nice watch
Sareyna A
WOOOOOOH way informative!!!
DASG Ultraman Nexus
3:51 what is that white stuff on the glass!?
Jeff Deeznuts
You should get bit by a camodo dragon
Legolus Gaming
I live in Texas and i don't know where it came from but i found a Red Gecko under my carport and he stays around my trashcans for food.its really cool because when i wander around my house. i see multiple ones. i guess it just layed eggs cause there were like 3 or 4 now
Alex Rose
"Looks just like the eyeball of a velociraptor"

Because we totally know what that looks like.
"I'm Coyote Peterson,and I'm about to eat waffles.........WITH WASABI"
Sir Whitemeat
kill it before it lays eggs!
Avery Mitchell
Hey how's your arm
stijn jongenotter
im coyote peterson and this is my nature channel and in 23 years if learned you never know whats behind your barn
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