Two-Tailed Gecko!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote finds a Two-Tailed Gecko in Costa Rica!

Get ready to find out if two tails really are better than one! 

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Ellen Carter
two tails cool👍👍👍👍👍🐴
When I go to Florida, I always love catching small lizards. When I catch them, I press very gently on the sides of its face which makes them open their mouths and id hook them on my ears and I get lizard earrings
Brian Tagle
look for a leopardgecko
Reptile Hunter D
Do a video with a day gecko. Plz
Sophia Astatine
Another Jurassic Park fact. There was no velociraptors in it. They were based on the skeleton of the Deinonychus.
i wonder what are those holes on his head ? he never explained it : (
Shamira Qureshi
Two taild geko insurance
AgileCoast 1
Have you ever come across and Skinks. One in particular that I see everywhere around my home in Georgia is the Blue-Tailed Skink.
Tryce Walker
That is so COOL!!! isn't Gods creation awesome?
Monroe Fights
Coyote should get bitten by a Tokay gecko
Maddie Savage
I have a leopard gecko :D
Ursah Solar
Does anyone else think this gecko looks like a brass doorbell?
Lise F.
all I can think of at 0:50 is that steve irwin and alligator meme : "OMG Coyote Peterson. BEST. DAY. EVER"
Armando Garcia
catch more lizards
Claire Carlton
I wish I was as cool as a gecko.
Alex Stizzlestorff
By far my favorite Brave Wilderness video of all time, simply because of the scientific (and likely mathematically proven) sound Coyote says the Gecko makes. "Blyaugh"
Grumpy Cat
can you do a vid on getting bit by a leperd gecko because I literally just got bit by my leperd gecko it hurt and bleed alot I don't know why he did this is the first time ever biting anyone well he's been my pet by the way it might be hard to get them to bit you
Adeline Dering
Mario: Hey man!
Me: OMG he just high fived a Gecko?!
Joel Beevors
comment section 75% insurance 20% trending and 5% random useless crap
Rexy Thayer
2:20 Coyote Peterson: Now, these lizards are infurness. Gecko:Why????????????
L'herpétologue du 69
L'herpétologue du 69
dragon komodo ???
Nicholas Ciaranca
Woah why did one hand have 5 fingers and the other had 4?
Adam GamingYT
is that even possible?!?
Gets hurt by a gecko that doesnt have sharp teeth ow!
Litterally has been bitten by a snapping turtle before
wait wut?
where are his teeth
3:03 gecko doggy style ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kimmie Brown
Chezz Gaming94

Gecko slowly put hands on wall and sticks😂😂 so adorable
Mary Anne Lauriano
so long
Sarah Warnecker
You should go to New Caledonia and look for crested geckos!
LaSigna 02
My uncle foud a two tailed gecko in Ital. LOL
Aidan Reedy-Schneider
Geckos can climb on everything because they have microscope hairs growing off their pads called lamallae and hundred of smaller hairs branching off those hairs called setae and even smaller hairs branching off those called spatulae and these hairs are so tiny they can grab the tiniest grooves in any surface and and grab on in unison with all the other hairs on the pads
Iain Fisher
two tailed geckoes are rare
Gecko Random
I ❤️ geckos
Reptiles And amphibianz
Hydra gecko, whenever it loses a limb, 1 more than last time
Shadow phoenix
Sadly you don't have gekko's where i Live .
Maria Hill
omg that gekos eyes are soooo beautiful 😍😊
Cathy Murphy
I have an African African fat tailed gecko for a pet!
Sara K
It's ssssssssssoooooo cute
Sue The Crafter PL
Hey Coyote, you should try to catch a rabbit! I think a coyote could do it.
Thomas Ingram
Do you get Turnip-tailed geckos in florida?
Beatrice Pezzolo
I dare you to catch a fish scaled gecko!!!!!!!!!!!
video steve
heh. that gecko is so mad
Jax Starling
I love your lizard catches because I love lizards so much
I saw one in Florida. It came out during the day but it was as energized as ever
Stefan Cooper
the gecko mouth looks like a snake
do i smell a tokay gecko bite challenge!?
TheNightCreeper 123
I have a leopard gecko
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