Two-Tailed Gecko!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote finds a Two-Tailed Gecko in Costa Rica!

Get ready to find out if two tails really are better than one! 

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TheNightCreeper 123
I have a leopard gecko
Kyra Russell
If i had a two tailed gecko as a pet, id name him tails, like tails from sonic😂
Maria Joao Rebelo
that gecko has 5 fingers on one side and 4 fingers on the other hand !
Jas B
Jas B
Layluh Barra
the mighty cardinal 124
this is awsome I love his videos
I'm coyote Peterson "BITE ME!!!"
3:42 SAH DUD.
Seraph Dragon2778
I catch geckos when I go to my trailer
s s
It feels hurt!
Jio esp
Do coyote watch taras' videos? Because he just said BOOM!
please dont spread false information.. i do not know, but it may be a fact that they used gecko eyes as an inspiration for the Jurassic Park velociraptor eyes, but in no way does anyone or anything know what did velociraptors' eyes look like, not even what color they were in general, so please, don't say that those gecko eyes look just like velociraptor eyes, someone may misunderstand it to mean that they really had those kind of eyes and now starts to spread this false information and it may very well become "common knowledge".. that may not be catastrophic, but please, be mindful what you say, you have a huge influence on people and an innocent joke about piranhas eating people might end up really ugly
ViperGames 16
you don't have to crush it
Daniel Ortiz Jr
Lol look at the geckos fingers its like my drawing
aisyatun nabiha
i love how i knew him when he started his channel when he barely had 200 000 subs ,and, i used to watch it alone but know i watch it with my whole family awesome great ok im done know he has 5 mill subs wow lol k im done
Dr. Shit Fun Chew
Why was there a vagisil ad
quality bleach
there skin is very delicate
lol 2:21 the gecko, in my mind is like help!
Tiffany Wagner
fun fact about veloce raptors they had feathers and we're like 2 ft long!😌
bri b
that lizard looks like its smiling xD must be happy about the 15% it saved me on car insurance xD
Brooklyn McCormick
Man, I wish I was apart of Coyote's crew.
Rigato Suede
A Glennon
Everybody there is a problem with YouTube lately there has been ads on YouTube that uses Pokemon liscened (I know I spelt that wrong) trailers and content to promote there content such as mega evolution and pokken tournament footage. Idk if they have the right to do this but it's pretty annoying how they are stealing game freaks content to promote there content.
Tayne Vlogs
Tw tailed turnip tail gekho
Thunder Cow
2:24 it looks so happy
The Tailed was like Mutated Onto it
I Caught a Two Tailed Gecko Yesterday, I'm a Professional Gecko Catcher.
gavinthegamer0 the best gamer ever
I dare you to make a one-hour video
The ThinSin
Andy 20803
My sister once accidentally killed a baby house gecko. She gets sad when someone reminds her.
Sophia Azzinaro
taylor holman
I want to see you find a leachie!
nathaniel holland-pass
"Looks just like the eyes of a velociraptor" you mean those things that we don't know what look like?

Criss Macapayag
My gecko on the house is bigger than that and when it touches you it will stick on your finger if you get it. It will rip your skin 😱
Mila Janssens
Barn slip needle involvement injure grandfather friendly guy excited.
CorgiArmyRainbowFish Army
At 3:03 - 3:08 you can see the gecko is missing a finger on one side!
kookoo 101
you should keep one of the animals in feed him and name him that will be fun please do it coyote🙏
Silent Undersea
That's the cutest thing in the world
Those pads were so cute ! Do you agree ? :)
Those eyes, DS Basilisk.
TeddyLing Anawat
In thailand we worship it for praying to win lottery ;D
Coyote Peterson fills my Steve Irwin void. :'( RIP Steve.
giovanni serrano
I like how the gecko slowly hugged the wall.
Legend of Me
shut up
Jocabed Chavez-Ulloa
I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to face off TheLegend27
Luke Agee - Mobile, PC Gaming!
Coyote Peterson try stepping on a underground bees nest

Been there done that
Emiwolf Deviant
Down here in Florida we can find almost all of those creature
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