Two-Tailed Gecko!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote finds a Two-Tailed Gecko in Costa Rica!

Get ready to find out if two tails really are better than one! 

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Ryan thelion14
Why does the name of this animal sound like everybody would love one
Unbelievable Gaming
Good part of the video here 5:28
I've caught skinks that have broken the skin when they bite
Scalie Iguana
So adorable.
Javi Chua
The first time I watched this video,Coyote is right about to catch the gecko...........
....the video starts to buffer 😤😤😤😤😡😡😡
Valentina Bunny
hehe hold hands wit a gecko
EXEGals Forever
Hey Coyote my mantis laid eggs what do I do because I don't have the money to take care of all of the hatchling Is there any way you could take a few off my hands
quality bleach
Out of all reptiles gecko's have to be my favourite
Bertie Hollie
I love lizards and geckos
Gerythion Argarys
Why would they use geckos for inspiration for bird eyes?
Educated mrdown
Umm dinosaur eyes are cricle like ours
Can't take how cute it is.
I think what happened was that the gecko’s tail got damaged, but not completely detached, and a new tail started to grow out of the wound
I freaking love geckos; they're so cute
Channel Recommender
3:42 Mario: S'up dude.
zombie slayer
0:49 its smiling!
Partywolf gamin
3:45 well hello sir :)
Raghad Jamal
2:22 The ol' razzle dazzle
Mr Rice
Go to indonesia and find a toke
GamerXGirl GTA
This looks like a reptile version of Jeff the killer xD
Jared Tintle
you are so cool coyote. I would love to go on an adventure with you. I love animals and my favorite is a parrot.
izzy Yurtz
You should do a video about a prey mantis
Pls Explain Life 3
Felix Of Corgis
i love the adventure videos!
Allyson neves
Allyson neves
Who feels bad
Julyan Armamento
Coyote you sould Catch a brown alone and green alone
Evelyn Vang
I love how he stops at "dont bite dont bite" then we all skip to the end to find out if he bites😂😂😂
laya Mc geko
I have a leopard gecko it can detach it's tail too but leopard gecko's don't climb that much because they only have claws
Ryan thelion14
I would keep it but it's not the Peterson way
Ryan thelion14
I would do a live coyote Peterson feed on YouTube 24/7 so then you guys and us can watch it anytime when where sad
Jurassic world fallen kingdom coming out in 2018 June 22nd
Earl Andrei Luis Luis
Hi im Coyote Peterson and im about to fight 3 Ninjas with a spoon
parkeraleckxia borromeo
lol i love Geckos and Salamanders :3
John Worrell
i have a gecko
Adrianne Phillips
or at lest small
Adrianne Phillips
are there venomous tipes of lizards
Justin Jeff
It's very similar to the leopard gecko
Princess Unikitty
The gecko is probably trying to negotiate. "Hey person if you let me go I'll save you 15% on car insurance."
I wish I could live by my fat reserves too
Baby Watermelon
Can you try to find a created gecko?
Ryan Lopez
bleahhoop coyote 2017
Ryan Lopez
coyotes great and all but i hate that he gets all his info about dinosaurs from jurassic park because most things in jurassic park are outdated and incorrect
The Scottish Cowboy
Boy he can catch the dankest of pokemanz
Layla Riojas
David Evans
i have too house geckos and how big can they get
Pulls the gecko as it holds on to the wall while it screams "I don't wanna go to school"
/Nick Stick\
I wanna rub its neck with my finger
i eat gekos
Rosa Hernandez
error rossbernandez
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