A Special Prosecutor Steps In & Fox News Doesn't Get the Comey Memo: The Daily Show

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The Trump-Russia probe gets a special prosecutor, and Fox News downplays a purported memo from James Comey suggesting Donald Trump may have committed obstruction of justice.
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Giving a political opinion that nothing is wrong in your administration is not obstruction of justice, you FOX fakes.
And by the way: Even IF Obama had done those things - that woudn't make Trump any better.
But Clinton wasn't impeached, right? I thought it failed.
Sang Boi
Hemi Fire
No news network is completely honest as their goal is to protect their interest...that said, CNN does admit when their president is wrong...they have pointed out several of Obama deficiencies...If Trump ate a baby on live TV...Fox news will blame the baby for crying too much....see the difference.
His trump impressions kill me lol
D Girl
Comey worked for the FBI he is probably accustomed to writing down interactions he had with important people. People who work in the FBI have to write up reports detailing their actions during a case. Precaution, or paranoia as some would call it, is probably second nature to him.
When will Americans wake up?
Darian Kenney
I really don't have a statement about trump this won't to send a post an I still give this show five starπŸ’­
Kimberly Campbell
White Morpheus πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ’€
Naomi Gary
fuck is the i word
Marlene Boecker
The With Situation Wolf Room Blitzer
Henry Garcia
LA One
Loool take this πŸ’© to PBS hahaha ... Hide Eric .. This was hilarious. Tumps such a goob. You slay me❀️
This is just political cheer-leading, with the left co-opted by establishment brainwashing.
Thomas Truther
moron liberals dont realize this os comedy and is in no way true. Its more funny when ypu know the truth nlbut you numb nuts take it hook line and sinker. listwning to jokes as news.
Mart kenyon
US doesn't allow criminals into the country. They just demand they extradition and then send them to an American jail.
Kris Dolbow
For all people who need to purge themselves, after ingesting too much pizza, or to expel the poisoned glass of wine your ex poured for you, watch a segment of Fox News and 😝 HEAVE HO 😝
The Libs are having it real hard to wean themselves off the oh so loved & familiar teat of their mamma . You vain fools, get real,,,, just look around you, observe the damage that this train if thought has inflicted on our society, which is now dying ,while you punch & giggle at people who have who have a different, a less elite point of view than yourselves. Donald Trump with all his bluntness, business man bravado, is the castor oil man, called upon @ this point of time, to expurgate the madness which has so infected every level of Western society with its sugar coated poison. Take your dose like a man & move on to a new sense of values, restore your self pride in who we as a leading society, outside of the political arena really are & restore the shredded core values of our civilization.
Constructive Historian
The baker tv ad before this was hilarious!
Isaiah James
Frequent half dangerous questionnaire rise above inside weather organ assure separate.
Christine Claiborne
I think all of this is not newsworthy. Let's go back to arguing about statues.
Ludwig Van
Jesse Watters is a smug SOB and brings nothing to media.
Lucas Loreno
The father of lays "Satan"
Lucas Loreno
impeachment to the orange
Lil Jags
fox news would try to roofie its female reporters to prove that they're STRONG
Jerminator 83
how is trump not impeached yet?
Katia JM Schrier
What if you're singing a song and get to the i-word? Do you just hum over it, like a radio edit? Or is it OK to use in a direct quote?
β˜… Korbi CSGO
Fox News is disgusting and pathetic. Pathetic, sad, stupid MORONIC people watch Fox News. I hate there viewers.
pretty bullet
Comey didn't write any notes when meeting with Bush and Obama because he didn't feel like he needed to.
Rushabh Shah
How do you not see the pure race baiting going on!!!! I got called a fucking white supremacist..... I'm Indian you dumb shits!!!!
Rushabh Shah
TRUMP WILL WIN AGAIN IN 2020!!!!!!!!!!
pretty bullet
According to Comeys testimony he didn't write any notes when meeting with either Bush or Obama.
Mr Clown
Fox News suck!!
Imran Khan
Liberals are anti Trump, anti Jesus, anti Christian, anti border protection and anti American. If you people want to turn the USA into Mexico or Colombia why don't you move there and take crooked Hillary, CNN and your globalist elites with you.
Mojo Bro
Noah you and your fellow Antifa brothers and sisters are so lost in the Dems race war you cannot even see its you that have become racist! My wife was attack by a black female over this hate your Network pushes everyday! She is Spanish, and ask another Spanish women in a store to pass here a nigro vestito ( black dress) and the hate blind black/nigro woman only heard nigro and went out of control spit in her face. She had no idea why this woman went bolitic. Its a word for the colour black in Spaish! Do want that word changed or removed from the Spanish language? What next hate pushers?
Im Irish and we were treated much worst in history that Africans, we cry nothing.
AnimeJT Shadow
fox news: it's Obama fault
me: WTF you guys make no sense. he is out of the white house
Reizarf Egroeg
Trevor Noah sucks
Terri Lynn
Don't you have your own country to go back to.
Zac Lego Attack
Is Fox News the reason why people believe the "stupid, ignorant, nationalistic American" stereotype?
Because if I watch 4 minutes of Fox News I can see more of perviously stated than in the typical neighborhood...
FOX NewS is the news to wipe your ass with .. not much good for anything else.. Talk about disinformation spin wow
I love Trevor's voices.
Jojo Stieff
"Who are you,white Morpheus?????"
Roger Thornhill
Trump is sweating big time hoping his tax returns are not going to be subpoenaed . His money trail will reveal what a corrupt con man he and family are.
cradle tavapor
"I hope" fox took it out of context
Bruna Laurent
Months later any nothing has happened
kozmic zian
Re w
BOIIIIIII Trevor spent this whole video ROASTING THE HELL OUTA EVERYBODYYYYYπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘‹
I wonder if they realized after writing this they just shit all over the "n word" vs just saying nigger.
Emma SpAce
pbs would take te dead bodies and shit tho tbh
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