SpongeBob: Live Read of Help Wanted, Sept 7, 2013 FULL EVENT

spongebobspongebob squarepantshelp wanted

There are three versions of the Help Wanted live reading on YouTube, with each of them missing a different part of it, as well as having varying audio/visual quality. One has good audio but a terrible angle, another has a good angle but terrible audio, and so on. I have compiled each recording into one video, showcasing this event in it's entirety, and with the best possible quality.

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i would love a live read of Reef blower
Enzo C
I love how Plankton's actor just cues a video of an amoeba "having sex".
Enzo C
Zach Callison is the perfect successor to Tom Kenny's voice acting.
This made my dayyyyy! :]
Ultra Gamer
this was on my bday
Joseph Goldiss
Watching this gave me the biggest smile on my face, crazy how they were spot on in pitch and sound to the original pilot!
Jewel Hayslett
You can hear the person next to the camera faintly singing tiny Tim in a really offkey voice
Aaden Lora
I can't believe Tom Kenny is the narrator
robyn bokhari
I want a squidward t-shirt just like that
Emma Cox
spongbob is the best!
They never show the voice actor of Sandy anymore.
Joyce Benjamin
Bridge Lake Play Park Came Sock O Man Soda Road Lake Walk Road Omg Goofy Anchoar Cars Food I Boys Sing O Y Crayons Doctor Mr Doctor Touch I Am Fucker Face Sea Yep Doors Burgers Chums White Pirates Help I Am Fucker Face Sea Yep Crayons Doctor Mr Doors
Autumn Vorase
Omg this is so fun to watch, im such a big fan.
Arizona man
what an awesome video
Kitty Kat Chan
I come for mister crabs voice of Reinhart e_e
Levi Ackerman
Part of this is ear rape..
Nevaeh Ethridge
my bday September 7th
cheatah chester
what if some kid watch this and reaize the real people are adults
Philip Schuyler
Everyone goes bizerk for plankton
Mugamoomoo the Cow
the voice actors for squidward and Mr. krabs actually look like what you would expect
Fun Xerio
That certain smelly smell that smells smelly
12:26 it sounds like someone is being tortured with explosions
Agent of Chaos
Plankton's voice actor looks nothing like I would have imagined.
TF2 Charmander
Wait... HW was a pilot? So that's why it wasn't on netflix. Yes sponge bob was once on netflix.
Izzy Rivera
I want all of their shirts.
Stephen Inness
tiny Tim such a great song
The Jukebox
If you subs to my channel I sub back.
Spongebob LIVE
Obey Led Chicken
Seems like mr krabs hates his jobs
Flamecrew9 At roblox
I love u Squidward and Patrick
Danielle Balanga
johnny adams
i watch good bye krappy paty
Bootleg Genie
someone was recording with a 3DS
Masked Chaos
14:45 somebody took a pic with there 3DS 😂
Didjdhddhdhdhdb Bdndbfjfhfhfhhfjrj
I Love spongebob
Take me back to my childhood ):
who's watching this in 2017
Dad Son
At 9:41, he doesn't even sound like SpongeBob. He sounds like Elmo! 🤔
julian coogan
I've got a YouTube channel on YouTube
12:25 you can hear somebody went full retard, never go full retard
Charles Powell
Charles Powell
Spongebob Squarepants: May 1999-February 2017 (18 YEARS OF SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!!
CuteGirl Msp
May the memes be in your favor
Demonic Krabs
Pink Butterfly kisses
I still watch SpongeBob I'm 23
Ava Jayne
I wanna go here😫
Chance The Rapper Trash
Dang their really old now😂
Louis Bowls
Plankton comes in like a real nigga
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