American Assassin : REACTION ft. Captain Phil

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American Assassin Teaser Trailer! Matthew Haynes is joined by his friend "Captain Phil" to react to the American Assassin Teaser Trailer !

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Lexi Howard
React to the Red Band trailer for American Assassin, it's mind blowing!
Ching Chong
React to the red band trailer of American Assassin!!!
BHAD Podcast
xXVoid RinaXx
Kitsch will play a villain.
Kevin Braziel
{ Mitch Rapp } The Company also know to us as the Culinary Institute of America ... Great picks for both characters_ Esp. w/ M. Keaton as the Puppy Trainer... Puppy Trainers in our line of work are the { End All Be All } "EABA's" if someone & Their are ~Please Beleave you me~ Make it to the end of a very short choice of jobs... The average is 7 Mission Sets or what CNN /Fox &/or BBC like to call Operations by military personial if it goes BADLY for an example. Other wise correctly done VV!= are just Gray Men. If it is ANYTHING like Vince Flynns Books. Should be a great 90 Min give or Take ride of HOLLYWOOD Fun... Just my 2 Cents Via OGA/Select K. ~Archangel~ B.
john unsworth
I was just scrolling through YouTube and searched spiderman and found the best and funiest you tuber ever
It is based off a book.
john unsworth
Best you tuber ever!!!!!
astri rahadiputri
and to think dylan filmed this just months after nearly fatal accident on The Death Cure set that made him needed facial reconstruction surgery.
The Troll Team
Great video Good Chemistry
Tom Dill
Ok so this movie is based on a book that has millions of fans worldwide. I happen to be a big reader of the Vince Flynn novels. Mitch Rapp is a holds no bars, gives no fucks CIA killer of terrorists. In the book, his parents are living, he goes to Rutgers, plays Lacrosse and takes martial arts. Then his girlfriend dies in a terrorist attack on a plane. After that, Mitch does whatever it takes to kill every terrorist on the freaking planet. He kills men who need to be killed. He does whatever it takes to win. Check out the books. If you like thrillers and terrorists vs. CIA, check it out.
Nice reaction Matthew keep up the good work and can u please say hi to your amazing friend
Colin Shaffer
This looks like a good movie even though I had not heard about it.
Patrick M
Honestly they should do one big movie with Charlize Theron from atomic blonde, Dylan from American assassin, and john wick. That would be a blockbuster film of its own
Great vid and are you gonna react to the trailer for krypton(new tv series)
Herve Jr Larose
Dylan O'Brian is our new Nightwing for the DCEU
Piper charms
Its a book series so Yeah they probably will, one of the things that stood out about Dylans character is how ruthless he can be, so hope they portray that. Small SPOILERS

(For example there is a certain dark arc where his character shoves a grenade down someones throat, sets someone on fire and ties a sucide bomb to a person and blows him up along with that persons father, they all personally "hurt" him terribly but its still pretty dark)
I was going to ask you if you've seen this yet. The trailer looks ok. not the most anticipated movie of the year.
mr dank memes
looks cool
Capt. Phil-fx
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