Giant Hail and and Apocalyptic Hail Storms around the Globe.

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A look at the bizarre world of freak Giant Hail Storms that have hail that is insane heading into the Apocalyptic Hail Storm and category. Are Hail Storm Apocalypse scenarios  on the increase, are the Hail Storms with Massive Hail and Hailstones getting bigger or is it business as usual around the world with nothing out of the ordinary going on? Can these ice bullets kill you and what damage can they do to cars and property? All is revealed in shocking clarity!

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Hail storm pummels Texas


A sudden hail storm in Russia (Novosibirsk) 12.07.2014 _ Внезапный ураган в Новосибирске 12.07.2014-idjyusDUGSc

H.E.B vs Hail Storm

Footage- Hailstones as big as eggs hit southwest China

Huge Hail the size of Baseballs - Cardston, Alberta, July 26, 2012

Insane Baseball Size Hail Storm in Texas - 04 11 2016


Massive Hailstorm in PA Destroys Cars at Best Buy

World's Largest Hail Stone vs World's First Automobile Hail Protection System


Coldnoise Good Night Album Title Good Night

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Ljiljana Kolompar
Muhammad Babul
allah is the greats allah can make anithing
Graciela Reitz
Mole you acts
Graciela Reitz
Hell's getting quicker trying to suck everything in the is here we just don't know if it's done yet
John barfneck
Phoenix Down Gaming
God said he will not Destory the planet with water was or is god lying
for people who "don't know" That the weather changes By Allah which u call it god But better to call it Allah so don't think that he can't do these stuff all these stuff are made from him even he made you no one ever knows how would the earth end like in the dead end so don't be stupid and say It's "weather " jeez don't you guys know that -_-
M. Golden
How many years of accurate weather records do we have? How old is our planet? There have been thousands of cyclic weather changes and none of the creatures on this planet will be able to do a dam thing about it ever. We are new age dinosaurs.
Keshawn Pennymon
6:03 girl: this is the bigest snow i seen

Me: girl that hail ur stupid 😑😑😑
Joe Don
Savannah Nunley
Hey kids, this is called gravity XD it's where things fall on your head and destroy stuff as well as break your house, as well as break you skull open. Rip
Jh T
Looks like a lot of car dealerships and businesses will be closing up due to the damages..$$🚗🚗🚗I can just imagine the cost of all those windows😶
Steven Ross
It's called weather modification.
Farik Kiraf
Don't worry, if gods from religions exist, then peter pan exists too....
he will save all o us...
christians have been predicting the apocalypse for 20 centuries, don't think too highly of your own guesses
Anita Hartmann
This is where clear plastic shields should be intead of glass window's when these thing's start to happen.They should start making them
Nicholas Karr
The grades on your test and report card look apocalyptic.
Rose White
Sign of the end times: Revelation 16:21 21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.
onassis norris
Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 5
2 And HAILSTONES full of wrath shall be cast as out of a stone bow, and the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the floods shall cruelly drown them.
Fred P
It's called "weather". No Gods necessary.
Sara Klassen
build cement houses with no windows Jesus is coming
I live in texas
fernan el crak
Jajajaja es editado
Stoic Observer
Uh... this is noting new.. I believe there is a high mountain lake where an entire group of of men where pummeled to death by a freak hailstorm in the 1200's or something. This happens.... such is life. Build a stronger roof and move on.
Lee Kalary
GOD punishment for killing millions around the WIRLD and are still killing,
Marwin Talens
0:27 i live there but i dont know anything about it
The Geekazoid
Mother Nature MOFO
3:25 everyone laughing is too dirt poor to own a car and had to walk or take a bus to and from work. Those not laughing have cars in the parking lot getting wasted.
Freddy The Shopkeeper
3:08 that gave me a heart attack
Stephen Smith
disaster porn and non-original content...
Robert Stewart
America getting hammered by an angry god
Mr John
DemsR Dhimmis
The cesspool of Houston Tx is getting flushed just like New Orleans.
Mr Solace
That was chilling!
nik uk
Who forgets God so he pays, and that's just the beginning!
Mr. Sotack
They say everything's bigger in Texas...
LJR Limited
Talk about a bunch of pussies
Alex Bautizta

Emery Rudolph
How in the world are you so oblivious to your surroundings to get caught on the beach in a hail storm? Storms of that magnitude do not simply sneak up on you. They announce themselves pretty well.
Giacomo Ferrario
Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!Alllah showed who is he...
Mario Zulfito
Ujian dari Allah... Allahuakbar!!!
To je komaj uvod - zahvalite se pa Trumpu in njemu podobnim pogoltnim psihopatom!
Karen Touw
Kenneth God is never wrong!
John Skogman
Get backto work Wal-mart employees, or they will fire you.
civilengineer Danar
wrath of God.
Unarcadia Arcadia
Why this nidicolous music? I rather listen to what they say
Apocalyptic bleeding vagina due to period!
Only gonna get worse as time goes on...GG climate deniers.
Nate0706 Person
Why the flamingos😰
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