NBA Stars Play College Knowledge

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Professional athletes take great pride in their alma maters, so we gave Jalen Rose & Glenn Robinson III from Michigan and Andre Drummond & Caron Butler from UConn the opportunity to defend their schools with their brains in #CollegeKnowledge. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #5

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NBA Stars Play College Knowledge

Lauren Harkin
😂😂 im not even american and i said virgina as a complete guess 😂
Frank The Tank
Maybe they are like "What's a nickel and $2 bill?, We make Millions of dollars we only see Benjamin Franklin"
Adrian Reghin
I'm in middle School and I know most of these
Alan Leon
They should do this with
Turki Al-Eisa
The way Jalen says “yeaaaaaaaah” is god damn annoying
They overshot writing some of these questions
Trey Lessing
Can we have a Jeremy lin, Jaylen Brown, Emeka okafor, festus ezeli episode
k- boogie
i wanna know why jalen rose was so committed to wearing that wack ass bomber
Andrew Mccain
Go Blue!
Alwondo Smillbondo
Why we frontin, only star here is Drummond and even that's a stretch
Hugh Jass
Jimmy shouldve asked "what NBA star put 81 on jalens head?"
So you can't skip ads anymore.. great
Brynn Sampson
Over everything all that can be heard is Jalen: "eeeeeyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaah"
Luc P.
Oedipus complex not Oedipul
Lucile Leroux
content episode personal serve uncle teen character melt.
Ryan Moss
Only because Glenn Robinson like just came out of college
Max Jerome
RockOfAges 11
I knew that Charleston was in West Virginia and I'm from Australia. You know how surprising that is
Hany Badawi
2 dollar bill...
They got so excited answering such simple questions.
Ryan Luca
Has to turn something fun in to political bs
Are they really this dumb?
This is high school curriculum.
Jimmy's love of game shows is that which is one of his best qualities
Anjali Donn

Benji Price
No one from UK? come one.
They went to college right? Damn Americas education system is totally broken...
Louis De Vos
nuclear canadian result fewer modify bird favor.
Crying Jordan
They where racist for the noodles tho
rosario rendon
Go to 4:43 for something funny
KillaKam Vlogs
Jonathan Fernandez
I'm educated in finance and work for a global money manager and just learned yesterday that D.C. Is it's own state. Lol I got every answer here wrong
Kimmel the best
joey faoro
Godamn, I went to high school with glen robbinson III, he went to lake central in St. John Indiana.... he was a senior when I was a softmore and now he's on kimmel.... god damn
Dalton Ross
Sad but NOT surprised UConn alum here
nabil chowdhury
Other than Andre Drummond nobody here is a star😭😭😭
Rico King
i got the same answers right as they did.
Bryan Pimenta
The title says stars but they are at most role players accept Drummond
RequixZ Z
The last question got them discussing! Man these people are to rich 😂😂
Sarah Jones
I'm 12 and I didn't miss any
Cooper Berry
Charleston used to be the capital
Jake Rowan
4:40 they're basketball players. when do you think the was last time they saw any type of currency that low lol that's peasant money for them
Elliot P
yea Glenn go blue
Misha Gelenava
Jimmy is pronouncing Oedipus so wrong, I couldn't understand it before he said the answer.
Jason Pate
Yo... John Adams in on the $2 bill. ugh.
Lol at people like "I knew all the answers" Jesus Christ I did too it's not that impressive just shut up and get your degree
Glenn low key carried the team
"NBA stars"
Great Sisyphus
How don't they know basic common knowledge? wtf?
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