grewn d
I have more reaction to this than I did to the Star Trek Discovery preview.
1:45 Holy crap . . . that's the same guy who portrayed Julian Bashir's father on DS9.
graham schmidt
I only rolled my eyes when i saw "coming to fox" this show basically gets cancelled in 2 seasons regardless of ratings....but dont piss off Seth!!
Mr. Rognli
Take my money this is awesome!
Shay Brown
OMErGAWWED some people from DS9 are in this XDDD
Seth with a normal voice is just...meh.
Troy Winter
This guy is brilliant. More talent in his pinky then most Hollywood peoples whole body.
Galaxy Quest Rippoff?
When does it come out?
Jodie Watkin
This looks so amazing need to see this so badly :-)
As a lifelong Star Trek fan I can't wait to see this show.
Neuro Weaver
Much better STAR TREK than the SJW mess CBS is cooking up.
Not sure what seems worse mcfarlands acting or the bad jokes
OK Seth, quit trying to star in your own movies.
Aric Dilbeck
I want to give this a chance, I'm not a huge Seth Mcfarlane fan, and I feel like I've heard or seen every one of the jokes elsewhere, but the production looks ok, I'll go into this with an open mind.
This looks great
Frank Blackcrow
All your species are male,, is this another gay creep in to another movie,, seems that way to me,, Seth your getting ass raped by a gay joke,, would have left that out, or could have made it that only 1 male born every 100 years,, can make for a real attitude towards women,,or something like that,, could have been better than the gay creep in joke.
William Schnabel
God help the Alpha Quadrant, God help them indeed! Still looks funny though!
if you want a good star trek parody just skip this shit and watch galaxy quest
How 'bout Ted as the Oroville Captain. That would be excellent!
Hybrid Synapse
Will get more views than Star Trek Discovery. MacFarlane is a very smart man!
This looks great! I'm way more excited for this than for Star Trek: Discovery. I'm a Trekkie, but the new "tv show" looks too cinematic for me.
Mukul Jain
this looks soooooo good
Rodney Barnes
Please oh please oh please, FOX, please put this in the same time slot as the new "star trek"
This looks far closer to the actual Star Trek Franchise than ST: Discovery.
Scott Grimes (the helmsman) is also Steve Smith from American Dad.
Gary Odle
I hope it makes it, but given what Fox did to Firefly I have my doubts.
Alina Suarez
I might like this better than discovery...i hope im wrong
Jared Cicero
Can we make this canon
Jared Cicero
So much better than the real thing
This looks better than the new Star Trek: Discovery
D Jaquith
This series must be made for real, it'd be awesome!
i really hope this turns out better than this trailer,
otherwise, stick to family guy. Because this looks like shit in a bucket
Rolue Vas Reisa
"I am the man with no name! Zap Brannigan!"
-Zap Brannigan
Stephen Parallox
Yeah, I agree, much better than Star Trek Discovery.
Austin Burcham
Wil Wheaton at 1:20?
Cough Syrup Rigamarole
Oh this looks horrendously awful
Charlie Mair
God. Yes.
Jesus Christ... They have one of the actors from the Expanse. God damn it lol
Friendly Neighborhood Meme God
Futurama in real life
Wruce Bayne
Better setting for his type of comedy than 1000 Ways. The jokes were so out of place in that one he came off like a time-traveller. Favreau directing is a good sign too.
Don Won
Star Trek is better than Star Wars.
Jerome Pinnock
hang on is this thing going to be a real tv program or just a big mess around ?? because if its real would rather be watching this then the new STD, Star trek just keep on sinking down and down in my eyes
this is so funny.....but it may be something stupidly fun or just another dud where all the good jokes were wasted in the trailers....anyways im looking forward for it
This was a bit better than expected.

I wish Alan Rickman was still around though. They were planning a Galaxy Quest sequel. Had to bring it up, it was the main thing I was thinking about, the original big Star Trek spoof.

Anyways, I hope this movie does well.
Seth McFarland makes the best comedy stories
This could have been really funny, but I don't see anything beyond really basic, shitty, low-brow humour. Haha he's drunk while flying a spaceship. Haha his first officer is his ex-wife. Haha he stepped on one of his officers. Only borderline funny part was when they were making fun of the view screen. More shit like that, and this could be great… although I'm not sure you could make a TV series out of a parody like this.
Steven Manchester
This will either be really funny, or really stupid. Personally, i think it looks funny fingers crossed
Bryan Keller
Couldn't have been better timed. Now ALL us pissed off DW fans have somewhere to go and forget what was DONE to our progam. Thanks Seth McFarland and Fox!
Hooray, finally a Star Trek comedy, make sure you do the joke where the captain is revived from a hangnail by the doctor, right beside a red-shirt bleeding out.
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