THE ORVILLE Official Trailer (2017) Star Trek Spoof, Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series HD

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grewn d
I have more reaction to this than I did to the Star Trek Discovery preview.
Another shitty kids joke comedy for dumb americans....whats new
I was surprised this show got renewed, though I had it picked as the new drama in the 2017-2018 season to most likely get canceled.
Kenneth Connors
you have to give Seth MacFarland a hand for taking on a project like this and its entertaining ,sometimes to campy ,but 3 cheers for the consept.look forward to much more
Brian Wigglesabit
The Orville official trailer has 3.3 million views
Discovery official trailer has 1.8 million views
The Orville wins!
Colleen Harris
I like it Trekkie and funnyI like it Trekkie and funny
Khan Industries
For any other ST:TNG fans out there like me that are maybe still on the fence; I thought this show was going to be just a mindless spoof so I didn't start watching until recently when I heard rumors this is a little like TNG. Check out the episode "Majority Rule" (so far my personal favorite). The spirit of TNG is here, like a lighter more comedic version of TNG but the spirit is definitely there. Really impressive considering this is just the first season. I LOVE TNG but in all fairness that took 2 seasons to really grow on me. As the others wrote, check it out you won't regret it.
I love it already.
J Gale
Spaceballs anyone?
Kill Me
Yes please
Night Hawk
ST:DSC sucks ass.
I love this show, better than STD aka lens flares show
Rob Reid
This is a terrible ripoff of star trek
So the main character is a beta male cuck and a member of the crew is from a race which practices some fucked up ritual child abuse?
Алексей Сажин
this is the most magnificent series that overshadows the discovery, great humor, staging, and after the 9th series, I'm just in love with you
damm thats cringy and the aliens bad animated
Utter garbage.
dj stumpy
I can see some similarities with Red Dwarf in this ...
Linda McFadden
I have time for this!
travis cann
This show looked like it was gonna suck from the commercials I saw before it came out but since it was Seth McFarland I gave it a shot and this show is so freaking good
Why the fuck would Seth M write a script about having his slut of an ex-wife as his 1st officer? What a fucking idiot. Ruined the show with that element alone. Should have left it out altogether.
I wish I could fly right up to the sky but I can't.
The goat rodgers
I don't consider spoof ice always hated star trek but love this
Mark C
yay great you got clips but the link that brought me here was full episode, then in the description full episode multiple times, click bate at its worst, delete your channel you attention seeking waste of oxygen, even when other people shrink vid to a quarter size or reverse the image or slightly speed up the video to overcome copyright at least they have the episode
This turned out a lot better than I thought. Trailer doesn't do it justice.
Roger Levy
Holy shit this looks charming af
This looks pretty good, just a shame it's a comedy though.
Mau Stieffel
So... Marvel's most wanted is not happening? 😣
Denmar Stark
bobby from agents of shield?
I like the Orville like the old Star Trek... Its funny but I love the dramas in it also ..its Great.. and oh yea ' HAPPY ARBOR DAY"!!!
James Still
Was a good show, until Seth MacFarlane contaminated episode 7 with his communist, sjw unpatriotic left wing political garbage. The left wing writers did have enough impulse control though to make it to episode seven though before ruining the show.
Kirana Putri
watch for full
Dejan Kober
Show is actually waaaayyy better then trailer suggests! It's more Star Trek then actual Star Trek :)
Molon Labe
Hey its Cassidy Yates from DS9.
Giraffe Man
This is hilarious!
Wot Wotson
it kinda sucks that this is better than discovery. if seth mcnotfunny. played this serious it could be way better than discovery. Much better characters, set,
plot line etc. Even better no overtly homosexual themes. Just because a man and a man or woman and woman can doesnt mean we have to shove it into science fiction
My Favorite show now.
well its not a remake, sequal, prequal or rehash. Even though it parodies star trek I might give it a watch.
Death By Ostrich
Rodenberry rolling in his grave.
Night Hawk
I've sat through all of the first season shows, and so far it's not blowing my skirt up. It's sad too because I really like Seth's comedic genius. But this show is destined to be a flop. The special effects are great, but the social justice warrior stuff is a complete turn off and the toilet humor is just too much. Toilet humor is what killed Adam Sandler's career. And far too many 20th Century and 21st Century vernacular being used. I predict cancellation under two seasons if not the first one.
Dash Outrider
How Manu times do I have to tell you Guys! This is Not star trek!!!
Andrew Villanueva
This show sucks to much stupid comedy stuff!!! Writers should be fired!!!
Cheyenne Takitimu
Awesome! The comedic side to Discovery. I'm so loving ST: Discovery as it's a more realistic version of future space exploration, with swearing and adult themes instead of the watered down stuff we've seen so far. All Star Trek has had good stories, but not in a realistic environment (with the exception of the Klingon being spoken in clipped single syllables). And now I have this show too! I began with it, so will also sign off with, awesome!
Donn Godfather
I can't believe he's so pathetic he wrote in a storyline to have himself in bed with Charlie Theron (who's looks in imo were always just okay, too many nose jobs and body like a man, but geez are they now faded to nothing)...but it's like the equivalent of a virgin Trekkie nerd fantasy coming thru if he has lots of money...lmao. The biggest joke is this show being on the air.
A richtig B flsch
Were they trying to be funny....?
Metal Blue
I was considering suicide as a viable opportunity. TWD and it's presequel -Fear The Walking Dead? WTF being alone and surrounded by zombies all the time for 8 fkn years I was thinking death is the best choice. But along comes Seth MacFarlane.Who made me realise the only tiny amount of time that is enjoyable on Earth is when some jerk gets his leg chopped off in his sleep by a jewbot as a practical joke.
Metal Blue
Watched all first 6 episodes now of The Orville. I haven't seen a single episode yet of STD and why the fuck would I? I certainly won't be trying to pirate a single STD nor shall my boyfriend who is stationed in Yemen near the horny of Africa. BTW Yemen is home to 10Million users of Chewbat who would rather kiss my balls than grow potatos.
When I first saw these trailers, I thought to myself that this show was going to be a big steaming dump.
Well, maybe it was not hot enough to be steaming...
Patrick Owens
Also a hot bodied life like Leila type character from futurama would be good you could get Pamela Anderson to play her and give her a cgi eye!
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