THE ORVILLE Official Trailer (2017) Star Trek Spoof, Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series HD

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The Star Trek Discovery series is still a few months out before airing on CBS. But until then, we’ve got what looks like the next best thing: Seth MacFarlane’s spoof of the franchise, The Orville.

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THE ORVILLE Official Trailer (2017) Star Trek Spoof, Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series HD
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grewn d
I have more reaction to this than I did to the Star Trek Discovery preview.
Daughter of the Gull
I gave this movie a chance and it didn't stick with me if you guy's like it that's great I wish I could've enjoyed it sadly I didn't
Anthony Baldewin
this is going to be great
Jeff Smith
I watched the PILOT ... don't waste your time. Commentary is the worst I have ever heard. Think of the stupidest thing someone can say and it comes out their mouths like ignorance. Sad people actually spent money on this show... speaks volumes of the state of Hollywood.
Just watched this show and I loved it!
Michael Urvan
Hahaha... Better than Discovery for sure...
I went through the entire first episode without even cracking a smile. Amazingly unfunny.
Джинзó Аркайдия
0:38 "Probably not a lot of arguments about leaving the seat open" Seth, you're archaic. That sense-of-humor is long gone. You're a fool #SMH
Commercial Communication
This show has the idealistic nature of true Star Trek at it! The dark Star Treks are just a basterdization of the spirit of Star Trek.
comedy trailers are so overdone with the classic "the music stops before the joke is told" hardy fucking har
also love seth show looks meh, don't see it lasting a second season.
Commercial Communication
This show is awesome!
Wyn Williams
first two episodes have been pretty crap unfortunately
More star trek then star trek discovery
Radix Malorum
Bordus look more Klingon than the ones in STD.
It's a Star Trek love note, not a spoof, and some would boldly say it's kinda great and in fact perhaps amazing. It's just as heartwarming, imagination inspiring, and adventurous as Star Trek but we also get to hear references to things most adults enjoy that weren't mentioned in the previous series of space exploration and survival and love finding.

llap everyone.
This is a disaster.
Moo Moo Puppy
This just makes me miss Babylon 5.
Penny Wise
Ummmm I just feel brain when I see him
He Is Awake And You Will Worship Him
I was sooooooooooo looking forward to any new show without that stankin' pro-cunt, guys are morons, bitches serve just like the guys, SJW bullshit, but after episode 2 ... so much for THAT dream. MacFarlane has apparently drunk deeply of the cuntcentric KoolAid, and TV is poorer for his imbibing.
Teri Henri
Loving this show two episodes in..only thing is Seth's character sounds like Brian from Family Guy it's so distracting.
jason bowman
Liberal cucks and critics are already trying to pan this show. I saw the first two episodes and really liked it. Rotten Tomatoes dot com was bought out by liberal cucks. They gave the terrible "Ghost busters remake" a high rating That alone should tell you what type of "critics" we are dealing with. I've waited a long time for a t.v. show that doesn't preach to me how awful white people are or show whites as criminals in some court room drama. This is some of Seth Mcfarlane's best work and liberals hate it because it has a few light hearted moments at times. This is enough to almost shatter a liberals cold dark icy heart. God forbid a man actualy still cares about a ex wife that cheated on him. Usually a liberal woman would get wet at such a notion but instead they are pulling their chest hairs out over it.
Elle Jones
Hey can anyone tell me if this is suitable for 9+ years, any profanity / sex etc.... thanks for any help 👀
Video looks good just need to know if my young nieces can watch 🙈
this look RAD

even tho I hate star trek this would suit me!
Mike R.
I can't believe a network approved this series, I'm sure there are higher standards than this in North Korea, Seth really wanted to be on Star Trek.
Since MacFarlane's a charter member of Bloomberg's "Creative Council," I'll be skipping this farce. I boycott the work of all of the members of the Council.
Mark Kouznetsov
I have yet to see a single coherently good film by seth
Donald Baker
What? This Seth MacFarlane show is better that Star Trek Discovery? This show is so far is pretty good. As a Trekkie I like this show. It has potential. Unlike STD aka" SJW's in Space".
Bubbles Vier
Watched the first episode! Laughed so hard i almost peed myself. Cant recommend it enough! hope for 10 seasons of this :)
Nibber King
meh forget it
like is it the script or is it him
Martin Naranjo
I can see Brian is doing a marvelous work outside Family Guy!
Ryan Duvall
Lol space isnt real, stop the propaganda!
Jake Christian
Well that looked shit
Watched the pilot and thought - wow, this is NOT what I expected. I think this might be the first Seth MacFarlane show I watch on a regular basis.
Maybe I'm seeing things but I think they hid a red ring of death on the back wall of that bubble pod he arrives home in the first scene.
Scott Menser
MacFarlane's attempts at acting are horrendous...
Peter Colp
From the trailer, it looks "safe". I enjoy the raw humor of Family Guy. Hope he goes there.
I would definitely watch this show...
Discovery?..oh hell no
Anthony Campo
What's the song at the end of the trailer?
Buzz Aldreen
More Star Trek in that then in JJs Movies....
Dan Knight
Damn this looks great! My only fear is it becomes so good that FOX chooses to cancel it!
Raymond Blanchard
Trek fans have done nothing but be negative about the new discovery show even before it has aired a single episode but take this pile of shit on board from just a trailer.anyone remember "a millions ways to die in the west" ? yes it was fucking terrible wasnt it ?
Joe Welch
orville sucks
Macaroni Smiles
Needs a Game of Thrones budget and better jokes.
Damn Seth Mcfarland looks old af.
Dick Welts
Great show, the characters and special effects are awesome !!, Hope it lasts as many seasons as Family Guy, I know what I'll be watching every Sunday night for the next 10 years
Harry T
good... get all the bad and over used jokes out of the way in the trailer so we may still find a laugh during the actual movie!
Plutarch Heavensbee
This looks amazing. Can they work it into the star trek universe?
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