The Dawkturr
Why is the D'Deridex's neck so elongated?
V'ger be kicking some ass
Borg Cube looks ridiculously too big
spherical or not, vacuum or not : anything called "dyson" is a piece of shit that only lasts a few months
spherical or not, anything called "dyson" is a piece of shit that only lasts a few months
martin psi
Music is awful
that one guy
Weres the enterprise
Wait a minute. Do we actually have any of these ships like for real?
George R
Most sizes are terribly off. lol. Specially the shuttle ones. But whatever lol.
Matt Griffiths
You show them too fast!
Nova Star
Sobereign class
Paulish Jones
The Defiant was 170 meters. Cool video, but there are a couple of mistakes here.
Abdullah Syahir
where is enterprise and franklin
the biggest for me is uranus...
qwerty kwerty
Now do a size comparison on donald trumps hands !!
When everyone knows what they are talking about while you are new to Star Trek...
Video is too slow, please cut tighter next time!
ไม่ต้องห่วงทุกคน ผมมีปืน
Sir Dave
"galor" when its clearly a Keldon
Oskar Curtiss
the Andromeda ascendant is from a different universe. though it is also the best
Avro Arrow
That has got to be the MOST fùcked-ùp D'Deridex I have EVER seen! LOL
where is enterprise ?
Jonathan Mendoza
the galaxy and enterprise are kinda like twins but not in size
I like this! I'm sure something was overlooked, but it IS very complete...right down to a Doomsday Machine and Dyson Sphere. Lol!
Francisco transformers Cecotti juarez
SI El mas bueno del mundo!!!!!!!😶😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Francisco transformers Cecotti juarez
Dank The Gamer
What do you use to animate these?
Quinn parker
The V'ger in the series was 2 Au's long (300,000,000km)
Vladimir Ussachevsky
Cool! Thanks 🙏🏻 That Dyson Sphere though... Ridiculous!
Ryan Olivier
why's the Andromeda here?
Will Carter
and I'm pretty sure the Dyson sphere and the Vger cloud aren't ships...
Will Carter
BTW it's Tholian Orb WEAVER not waves
E. Montellano
¡ Star trek has V'ger structures than Star Wars ! .
Thomas Massey
I wouldn't mind my own private Delta Flyer in my garage
Connor King
Damn, the Defiant is tiny.
Master Steel
what the heck Dyson sphere
Jack Sullivan
which do you think would win in a 1on1 battle, voth city ship or super star destroyer?
Gene Murphy
I was watching an episode of Outer Limits and William Shatner was starring he had orbited Venus and was going to be in charge of Project Vulcan
Logan Lockwood
Where's the enterprise
Shaldur prime
this is a perfect example of how star trek is more complex and nerdy than star wars. what the heck is dyson sphere isn't the point of star trek to explore why is it limited to dyson sphere of existence. id also like to point out that one of the ships was named curry, a food item
Eric Lin Hsu
The size of DS9 always bothers me. For a space station it looks pretty small compared to the ships it's supposed to host especially a Romulan Warbird. If it docks with DS9, the ship is bigger then the station!
Wahyu Nanda
why the head shape is commonly circle ?
Evan Guthrie
The Klingon Bird of Prey has taken on so many sizes throughout the franchise...
Bowser Jjumetroid
I know it's not all starships, but it would've been nice to see the Dreadnought-Class USS Vengeance in here.
jerry chiu
NCC1701 ,NCC stands for Naval Construction Contract and 1701 is the number of Gene Roddenberry's house
William Cox
Very nicely done. Thanks for posting, MetaBall Studios!.
I once saw a 1000lb overgrown child dressed as Captain Kirk, the funny thing, he thought he was the Captain of the Enterprise but had more in common with the ship. The guy was big and slow at impulse but engaged to warp speed when he saw a cheeseburger.
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