Starships size comparison (Star Trek)

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Not all the ships of Star Trek. Only the most important.

Music: Trooper - Silent Partner

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I once saw a 1000lb overgrown child dressed as Captain Kirk, the funny thing, he thought he was the Captain of the Enterprise but had more in common with the ship. The guy was big and slow at impulse but engaged to warp speed when he saw a cheeseburger.
Darth Primus rae
what about the aronax from Star Trek Voyager or the first warpdrive ship
Sean Cuff
Eric Dross
Have you noticed lately how much the Freemasons and Jesuits have been shoving this "SPACE" bullshit down the public's throats lately? They are really pushing their fake spinning ball earth, fake outer space, fake evolution, and fake big bang theory. Their goal is to make you believe that you are a tiny insignificant speck in an inconceivably large, ever-expanding universe. It's all a LIE, people. Our world is proven from logic and reason to be a flat, circular structure encompassed by an Antarctic ice wall and enclosed by a firmament (dome). DO NOT believe the Freemasons and Jesuits; they are liars, deceivers, and hoaxers.
not that true sorry
Jason Luong
William Shatner's ego is here somewhere.
The frog 769
Fantastic work :)👏👏👏
Forgot the Nova Class. ;) Ironically my favorite class of ship. :(
the red baron
when I see clips of humans standing on the saucer section of the Enterprise I wonder how 500 or more humans can actually fit into it especially if it supposedly has 24 decks
The Spark
Would have loved to see an Imperial Destroyer compared as well theoretically.
uuhh andromeda isnt not in this list
Andromeda is in Star Trek?
Josue Emmanuelle Aguillón Quezada
I love the Voth cityship for me Voth and ISC rule them all
Devin Gendron
Wait, the Kelvin was Bigger than the Enterprise?
1:16 We approve
Stephen Sims
The Sovereign class was misspelled. 2:45
Александр Санников
Зачем сфера Дайсона вокруг Марса, если она должна накапливать и в некоторой степени контролировать всю энергию звезды?
Shashank Patole
I still can't believe the Constitution class could end up destroying the behemoth of Narada.
Well No Drr Gaming
The mispelings. LOL
carlos santiso
And where´s the enterprise?
The size of the V'ger cloud depends on which cut you watch, the original cut had it at 82, while other versions cut it down to a more manageable, (but still massive as all fuck 2AU)
Andrea Bindolini
1701 and 1701-Refit all the day. Closely followed by 1701-D.
I am pretty sure their are larger Star Fleet ships.
Aljun Mill
time for dinner MOMENTS LATER wash the dishes

those freakin space plates
Montclair's Lair
V'ger cloud = 2 au's according to corrected dialog in director's edition. Cool video!
kiros youtuber
I love danube
I am surprised that the Andromeda is so "small". For me it always looked much bigger.
jakob johnson
why isn't the Enterprise in this?
No Sabre?
what about the Galileo shuttle craft?
Aaron Alvarez
2:07 xxddxxdxd no sabiaa que saldria xd
The Whale Probe was originally supposed to be Rama, it got recycled after that project fell apart.
Colin Campbell
Hi great video, nice to see these ships as a 3D set of scaled models! one thing did you know someone has stolen the full bridge and 2 decks below it on the Constitution 2 model and left a big hole there lol :P Damn those mad new age borg they nick bridges of star ships only now?
Cihan Artış
where is the New enterprise ?
( Into Darkness - Beyond )
just had my first nerdgasm watching this! thanks! just curious tho how big is a planet killer? or did I just miss it?
Andromeda <-- is a Star TreK?!
Dustin Paul
Well done.
Well it all pales into insignificance with the size of the universe..
Thomas Hill
The layout of the ships would be better in 3-D and show all angles but thanks
Hector Nelson-Smith
Where is the enterprise ?
I didn't see the NX-class. Otherwise awesome video
Wow, amazing, really amazing.
I'd take a shuttle craft. Compact, nimble and still parks in the garage.
Damien Bradley
Yu speld a wurd rong
War Gamer
Needs enterprise j
galor is facing the wrong way
Excellent presentation - should have put a Klingon ship in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
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