Rayne 2017
No it is just pretending the sister abigail is fake but the demon king is rea
Cliffoconda Howell 卌

Even tough that will never happen.
Corey Auer
Why can't JoJo play as sister Abigal
The Insomniac Drive-In
Abigail sounds like Gollum. Precious.....
Apple Anderson
go sister Abigail
D howardster
soo she's a towel 😕...
Jason Bannon
Still epic
Liam Walsh
Sister Abergele is so fake
kurt cromwell
Awwww, Bray still has his Yak Bak toy from the 90's.
lol wtf has wwe come to
realLAUNCE ツ
orton and bray's feud is much better
Wot is this
Erick Zamora
Abel Armesin
So WWE they could not find another female wrestler to be sister Abigail? That is stupid they made Bray Wyatt Gay.. WTF WWE.. So what's next Gay Wyatt to join Women Wrestling to be the first Gay or none female competitor?..
riwdyr rowdy
I think jojo is sister abigail
Axle Esguerra
Is Finn Balor scared??
Adam La
Kane and the undertaker thay are a real demon and they will beat who get in they ways
Connor Gerein
3:12 was that Finn Balor's voice!?
deuce of spades
she stole some lines from Pamela Voorhees, jason mom
Sounds like Broken Matt with the Willow mask
Mez Hossain
so now bray wyatt is a crossdresser
That is just bray Wyatt
Shi Ting
Man vs woman?
Chris Bradley
sister abigail vs the shield in hell in a cell lmfao can just picture bray runnin around in a dress gettin powerbombed haha
Tekeisha Cadogan
That is
Peyton Polson
What on God's green earth 😂😂😂 watch NJPW guys
Pablo Vazquez
Who saw undertaker at the end
Kelisse Vesser
We could tell it is a human
Mizael Chavez
Alright I’m out....
Randy Orton
So bray is sister Abigail?
Guess Bray couldnt wait till Halloween
Sister Abigail is Bray's alter ego, a demonic drag queen
anwar pakistan
bray with face paint
My Andy
Haha. Nice joke Bray.
Muhd Alif Hakimi
Bray’s mind games can’t match with The Undertaker’s one.
Dragoon Z
Bray needs his own movie for Halloween
Bray you are great u can even change u r sound .. can u tell me what the device is. I too want it to fool people haha
Preps123 Fun station
He's creepy
Rafael Negrón,Irizarry
Sister Abigail is "L" :v
Prem kumar
voice of women face of bray😂😂😂😂😁😀😃😆😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 voice is mix also
Willy Tan
Bray wyatt is still the sister abigail.
Mr. Savage
Boi this guy is an idiot bray wayyatt is sister abagail
Steve Kuharski
That laughter at the end was completely real lol. Even Bray knows this is ridiculous
Geneva Sorto
The question is

Are you alive?
the guyokcolorado636
Secertly a homou tgirl
Braxton Chestang
Is this wwe' s way of bringing back mixed matches?
I loved every seconds of it and i think im the only one here
Kenny Garcia
Bray we know it's you with makeup
Ana Martinez
Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor been fighting for the longest like they should just move them to a different situation like come on they have been having a fued for like months and Finn Balor beat Bray Wyatt like five times n Bray only beat Finn like once or twice
ET Phone home
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