Giraffe Gives 'Surprise' Birth While The World Watches Another In Labor

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As the entire country was anxiously awaiting a mother giraffe going into labor, another pregnant giraffe seemed to steal the spotlight. A livestream of April in her enclosure has been closely monitored by more than 100,000 viewers since last Friday, as the zoo anticipated she would deliver her baby at any moment. But it was Kipele, a mother giraffe at the Denver Zoo, that gave birth overnight on Wednesday to newborn Dobby, a male giraffe standing at just five feet tall and weighing 73 pounds.

Lavanya Sanker
I watched a video just now called April finally gives birth
Catniss EverMeow
CraftAndGamingStudios 8104
Dobby is free!
Katie Johnosn
Mario Gillette
Dobby almost didn't make it because he wouldn't feed.
Lara Hartley
i am appalled at keeping giraffes, herd animals, in boxes.
Minerpea TMP
Pepper Petal
The world didn't know one giraffe was pregnant so.. It wasn't a battle between two giraffes. Who wrote that?
Natalie Jones
ha ha ha . . . dobby wot a name
TheGaming Celjan
katz person
Silvia R.
baby is as tall as me :)
Rayna McGinnis Photography
This is so cool. Now I need to go back to the Denver Zoo!
Kipele was "cheeking " her meds! Good for her! Welcome Dobby!!!
Jocelyn Holbrook
Emily Petro
I saw that or herd of that
Samantha L
Dobby is about half the weight for an average giraffe calf and about a foot shorter as well. makes one wonder if the birth control had any effect on these factors as well as perhaps mother not getting extra nutrition since they didn't think she could get pregnant
Tung Le
Tried to save rhino because of Asian people kill them
CatCereal :D
I am the 1,000th like
Serial killer Lover
00:24 he so tall. He so handsome. I didn't save a name. But he came up in your head?
Sprinkle Cute Pikachu's best friend forever
Mr. Fish the frog
Animal birth control?
Tyler Sienko
I live near there
Aww little Dobby. Cannot wait to visit you little man.
Nutz Tube
"Just 5 foot"
And it's new born....
Dobby? I thought he's an elf?
potterheads aye?
DOBBY!!!!😍😍😭😭😭😭...πŸ‘žπŸ‘”πŸ‘•...UR FREEπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
keemstar is a gnome
Breaking news! Harry Potter gives socks to Dobby and now is free from captivity!
Skye Cravens
At the state fair I watch animals have birth .-.
Alley Softball
I watched this in class today
Elise Castro
Dobby! Who here is a Potter head?
Danielle Regan
My god my teacher makes the class watch this on a live stream and nothing ever happens!πŸ˜‚ cute tho
Marely Neri
This made my night
Sophia Smith
Dobby? lol Harry Potter reference
Brenda Soriano
Dobby has no master lmao. He's so cute smiling.
Damn Doni is a newborn and he's 5ft and I'm 11 and I'm 5.1
Shaylee Meier
It's really cool how much attention April is getting and the zoo April is at is only 20 minutes away from
Suzie Phillips
OMG, that little grin on the babies face at 25 seconds is just precious!!!! He is adorable!!
A giraffe was also recently born at Nashville Zoo as well.
Rohan Potato Arts
⚠️ Animal Adventure Park is a for profit organization. Making money off of captive animals for their personal gain.
Lee Time
AWWW! This is adorable :3
Sasha Walker
Dobby is a free giraffe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rosa Hidalga
Que cara tan bonita la de la jirafa,me encanta, gracias por poner el vídeo,😍😘
i am nervous
:) smiley
Joan Huang
Ann Francis
OMG so cute <3
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