Can Asians Be Sexy?

ryanhigahigatvnigahigasteve harveycan asians be sexy

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Sammi Hamrick
Steve Harvey has obviously not had the honor of seeing BTS. I mean really. The third member from the left? He world wide handsome.
Why are you so offended by the "N"...When you're channel name...HAS A SHORTENED VERSION...OF THE "N" WORD
Abhee Jagani
Ryan ur a thug
I'm just so glad u excist
wait what sorry got distracted by Ryan's attractiveness what were we talking about?
I didn't know chink was a slur for asians until literally this year. I blame living in the MidWest
RCBM Mines
2:32 what about Key and Peele?
Dr Janice
Of course they are good-looking.. In Asia, particularly Singapore you see very good looking model like east asian Lucy Liu Chinese and south asian Indian Priyanka Chopra type women with what he calls 'chink' men. So I don't know how he says asian men can't get attractive girls. He wouldn't be able to get these girls, especially with that attitude... so jokes on him tbh.
Yam cruz
dear ryan can you do an episode on dragon ball z vs naruto
Jason Lee
This is how racism should be handled, Ryan just showed that piece of crap Steve Harvey who's the bigger fucking man.
I am Hiding
Yes they can. Also I would choose B for the last one as well.
CoolBros 360
WOW the end was so unfair because he got a ugly black guy and a handsome asian so obviously they would have chose the asian
I'm Asian, yet I'm not offended, because I know I'm the opposite of not-attractive. xD (That, my friend, is sarcasm.)
yui chan
I guess Army are definitely watching this Video ? XD
Karina Llanos
That´s not true at all!! Some Asians are fucking hot, and as in other racial, ethnical groups some are sexier than others, not all white guys are handsome, not all latin guys are handsome, and very few black guys are handsome, so...
Sybel Salting
He jokes about asian men, asians joke about black people in their country.
Sybel Salting
this video was made on my birthday :) teehee
Book Marker
I like how everyone pronounces Chow Mein wrong even asians
Molly Smith
Asian men are totally sexy!
Simply Suraiya
Do people realize that Indians are also Asian because they are from Asia
Sofiathefirst #1
also great video
Sofiathefirst #1
they obviously haven't heard/seen bts then. 😂
Chang Ye
I mean Ryan is better looking than I am.
A black man says Asians can't be sexy.... oh jezz..
Inesa 123
BTS and other kpop jpop etc. idols are my answer to this 👌
Deepa Rana
I would go with B on the last one😂❤️️❤️️😂
Ann Abdullah
Dude, you just made my day. XD
Leo Sumulong
Why do people keep talking about kpop idols(and yes I know that they are hawt, REALLY HAWT) there's other Asian idols
Anyone hear about the rude comments because BTS got an award
pass word
but ryan is hot :)
Johnny Jones
I can not believe I never heard of you and you got 19 million subscribers
Johnny Jones
I'm black and I totally agree with u.
Sarah Bautista
Te amo c;
cumfuck? wow. woooooooooooooow,
Dumb Gamer
Asian people does not mean like korea and chinese etc
but what happened to russia india and others
i mean just google hrithik roshan and shah ru khan
Nithin Sai
I'm upset
gamerel tv
if I have 1 dollar for every time Ryan does a jump cut I would be rich
Butter cup
i'm a asian girl DUH
Thảo Kumamon
ARMY.......... put your hand up!!!!!
Cameron Gellineau
no. fat people are the punching bags of society
you loo lol
Ryna Beena
Anyone notice the BgA hat on Greg?
nick kumatao
What he is doing right now is starting some controversy
I'm an Asian. I'm sexy, hot, good at Math, rich

Tabi Kumzy
U r hot. Let's have African Asian babies 😄😄
Leon Captor
Almost all of the people I crush on are Asian . I find them very attractive and Chinese food is 10/10 ,could eat it every day .
AyeeItsMeh Bunneh

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