Can Asians Be Sexy?

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Sesen Zerhamenet
Chink does not equal the N-word lol but it's ok I'll ignore your ignorance cuz I love your videos ❤
RandomUTfan _43
K f u c k
Cheyanna Rose
Personally i prefer asian men so yeah they're definitely sexy to me. Pissed me off Steve harvey would even say something so untrue.
Teresa fourkay
People think i look asian but im turkish....
Cristal Bermudez
WTF... haven't he see a KDrama? in every ethnical group are good looking and bad looking people... but if any of those guys in the pictures were my neighbor I would gladly throw my sugar away just to talk to them
vortex gamez14
Suraj Katyayan
Rayan Higa is simply the best, i mean it, the best, the best !!
S Miller
Best burn video ever.

Asian men are just as hot as the rest.
I'm Asian :D yay
Anoushka lopez
people keep forgetting that indians are also asians lol
인종차별 진심 없어졌으면
Biblio Master
I'm white and I feel like that double standard is true for me as a black person called me a white pig but when I then called him a black pig back he got really offended
PaX Aace
Ryan, you are actually funnier than Steve Harvey. He's just an old, played-out Southern Black racist that has hate for those that have more talent than himself. Blacks have always saw themselves as having many talents, but lately the Asians have been showing them up and he hates that. Asians have always been known to be smarter, but now they are known to be great dancers, singers, and comedians, exactly what blacks use to think they dominated in, but not anymore. The only thing they have left are sports, but how long before Asians start to dominate in that as well.
Welcome to the oppression Olympics Ryan.
Basically black people get away with making fun of Asians (and really anybody) because they pretty much have the gold medal on the oppression Olympics.

At the bottom you have white people. White people jokes are free for all...
Imma list the races of people in the oppression Olympics, starting at 1, for the most "oppressed group" this one being the group who can run their mouths about everybody but have to walk around eggshells when you're around them because they are stereotyped to have it worse than everyone.

1-black people
2-muslims and Mexicans/latinos
3- Indians, Persians and Arabs who are not Muslim
4- east Asians
5- white people (you can make fun of them all you want but if they talk back, they be racist)

Being gay and a woman can move your position up on the ladder.... Whether you experience discrimination or not doesn't matter, all you need is the stereotype of being a marginalized group and you're set.
terry -o-brain
Steve Harvey's an idiot, I'm attracted to a lot of Asian guys.
Danae Dunning
Hell yes, Asians are sexy!
Gimpis Flimpis
sees steven yeun IT'S MEEE, KEEEEITH! your- I AM YOUR PALADINNNN!
Sophia San Pedro
Dat ms universe reference tho😂
That Miss Universe joke though
Everybody Dies
From a societal perspective, it's not very smart to make an intelligent and often hardworking demographic look undesirable. Our IQ is just shy of the Jews. We're one of the few minorities in this country that's actually crawled up the social ladder on our own.
Brandy Fischer
This is fucking amazing
Marcil Orahim
You're the best and always will be the best YouTuber
Manvitha Sunkireddy
I am an Asian and I definitely didn't react like Ryan when I heard about Steve Harvey's messup
Catherine Priartso
Well I think Ryan is pretty attractive too~
Phan Leswell
I mean, I think Asians are pretty hot...
Rivash Rijal
"Are you trying to say Universe"
"Oh yeah I always mix up runner-up and universe"
Solve tha boy
Can u talk Norwegian
Brylle Nyel Mamuad
Like pag naiintinidihan niyo ako
Whatever the hell we want
Well Steve Harvey obviously hasn't seen Kpop. Or Bollywood. Or the myriad of other awesome cultures in Asia, but I'm sorry Kpop and Bollywood are the only ones I'm familiar with BUT ASIA IS SMOKIN HOT OK
im a little late but it sad he cant pronounce rice
Cupcake Menace
Aisans aren't attractive?!?! Ryan is attractive I seen Vietnamese people that are attractive I've seen Filipino people they're attractive I've seen Japanese people that are attractive I've seen Chinese people that are attractive I've seen Korean people that are attractive (cough cough every K-pop band member ever) And many more countries. People need too stop being insensitive. Ryan is right if someone said that all black people are ugly (but we do have some pretty ugly people as do all races) we would be rotting in the streets. Be fair everyone.
Safi A
6:42 B!!!! DUHHHH
clarity kouhai
I go with B to kiss Ryan!
thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE
cough Godfrey gao cough uM RYAN HIGA
Fairy Nyx
Arrh, I was hoping you would show me some hot asian men 😓
It's funny cause I actually see more attractive Asian guys these days then black guys :/
Firdaus Mashudi
If Steve Harvey thought that his racist remarks might uphold his handsomeness to other people,then go ahead!
potato 1D
Ummm, Zayn Javadd Malik?
Debra Dias
Such a chink.
Remember when he made a racist video indian peopl. Now he is acting like a big saint.
You are also a double standard hypocrite.
Nam Vo
Can asians be sexy? Yes. Cough Eugene Cough
honey please
man steve harvey must've never seen engine on buzzfeed
Clorox Bleach
Asian men make the best quality. I FART YOU <3
Gumby Swag
I think it should be okay to make fun of anyone. This is bull shit it's embarrassing. No body should be offended. Litteraly if you take offense to something then your just a fucking lil bitch I'm sick of liberals doing all this. You can't be so soft it's just childish
canadian pro
It depends, how many times have they been disaplinned
Elsbett :P
5:45 that breath/laugh
Jacquelyn Mustaffa
I used to have a huge crush on ryan and d trix when i was 13
A hahahahaha~~!! Steve is so stupid and you so fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
kookie forever
BTS Jung Ho Seok
Army's should watch this... Yeah. #InfiresMen!yeah!
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