Can Asians Be Sexy?

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Mushroom many
I'm actually kinda sad to see ppl in the comment section discussing only about sexy Korean idols... There're so many ethnic groups included in the Asian category, even China alone has 56.
Btw the joke in the restaurant is hilarious. Great job Ryan!
Wolfey Plays
Let alone any runner up"
"Do you mean universe?"
"Oh I always get universe and runner up confused"XD
wait Did he make a CHRIS Crocker reference
Catarophic Ash
Asians are so damn hot
Shiro Hope
i dont like black people either and if ur offended dont mind me i dont matter im worthless
Poiema Kim
how does Ryan look so hot in this video
Alice Shen
<3 This is amazing.
Galexis Springbreeze
Wait I didn't even know that was a thing, there are really people who consider asians generally unattractive? Are they BLIND????? I have felt attracted to asian looks probably since forever? I usually prefer asian looks over any other, and I'm not biased through origin or fangirling. I thought asians were attractive way before I discovered kpop and such. Like, I saw an asian in the newspapers or tv and little me thought 'oh pretty'
Seven Diamonds
Asians aren't sexy??? 2PM?? TAECYEON, NICKHUN, JUN.K, WOOYOUNG and JUNHO are wild af!!!!
Seven Diamonds
Asians are not attractive?

LOL I'm out!
i dont think it was racist but it was in extremely bad taste.Terrible joke from a terrible comedian
Captn. Rice
steven yeun is bae
GoodMusicMinds GMM
Vythedasher Roblox
Anyone some Ching Chong Ling Long?
Beuliana Yeun
Steven Yeun all the way though
Beuliana Yeun
If you have seen Ryan and Steven Yeun you would know that Asians are one of the most attractive cultures on earth
Beuliana Yeun
Steven Yeun Is mine no matter how many times people re - state that he's married, I know more about him then most people who say he's married, I mean I celebrate his birthday for God sake ... I'm not a stalker... Nevermind
I thought that this was comedic gold.
Christian Manansala
i didnt get offended except my sister should be mad since she likes kpop idols...
Indians are asians still so black is kinda offending urself ryan
Jackie Liao
Did anyone see the name on the front of the menu..... "CheeHee"
Ariadne Jackson
Ki Hong Lee
rocio cedeño
I think you're atracttive and it's a funny video.
Iffy Edem
I dnt care wat race you are.... your hot to me 😂! Ps. Asians are cute/attractive
miranti aprihilda
I wonder if ryan read the comments that said hes hot af
Ashley deBarros
Whatever Steve Harvey, I think Asian guys are attractive
indians are asian too! what about them?
Yannick Wolf
"I always mix universe with runner up" I'M DYINGGGGG LMFAO
"stupid girls"
you started world was VIII you fucking feminist
Alexander Lee
Nigga in armor
Ryan is amazing
It seems they don't like asians like they don't like white people and jews.
Dale David
"I always mix universe and runner up" 😂🤣
Carnac Steele
What is most shocking is not what Steve Harvey said. The most shocking is the total lack of condemnation from ASIAN FEMALES.
Carnac Steele
That.... was... one... hell... of... a... FUNNY VIDEO :D:D:D GJ bro!
Jordan S
Hahaha trust me Steve dident get in trouble because he's blaxk......not because it's an azen joke.
Annika Wehrstein
If asian men aren't attractive..... how come there are so many asians!? 😏
Spike Hammond
Why do some of you wear the same necklace
Katelyn Vu
K pop
sehuns zit
ACTUAL ASIAN HOTTIES (South koreans excluded- because they're all hot) ;
Thailand: Mario Maurer, Nickhun, Prama Imanothai
Malaysia: Nazim Othman
Japan: Ryosuke Yamada, Kento Yamazaki, Kentaro Sakaguci
Vietnam: Rocker Nguyen
Youtube: Ryan👀
Too many to list :-)))
Comedians aren't supposed to laugh at their jokes.
I am slightly creeped out by the white circles in your eyes.
I literally only find asians attractive??
Xavier Juneau
Fuck Steve Harvey
Purpinkn H
you have no fucking idea, yes of corse they can I find them very sexy
K man13
not funny
علية المتعلي
yeah Asians can be sexy I mean let's admit it Eugene is hot
Erica Papadogianni
..Min Yoongi..
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