Beyonce ft. Ed Sheeran - Drunk in Love (Acoustic) at Global Citizen Festival 2015

Beyoncé Knowles (Celebrity)beyoncéedsheerandrunkinlove

James McDonald
I persobally think b sounds shite
Brian Mullins
Beyoncé is the definition of talent !! Give credit when credit is due!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Cor'Darius Brown
So funny people can't acknowledge that maybe two artists can be successful together without trying to down another. This is beautiful they're both talented so stfu and enjoy it.
Nerica Johnson
Omfg Ed makes every song sound good.
Sean Spiteri
Ed's Harmonies are insane...
Cecilia Jeong
Wait I sound dumb but I realized his first name is Ed WHAT
1:12 Ed used that line to check her out. Well played.
Elira Olivas
Beyonce has such a beautiful voice, but She is able to do way better music, in my opinion.
Asap Jagger
Haha Beyoncé really loves Ed! I love her reaction when the song ends, so cute, she seems so happy to sing with him. This performance is on point.
Sara Florio
Sara Vegas
two huge legends
AK 416
holy shit. at first glace I thought 1:26 was jay z
Sabbah Iqbal
Their voices together are actually a fucking masterpiece
Bilgesu Bozkurt
Two voices as unique as each others. They're both lucky to be performing with each other damn y'all stfu.
Alif Farhan
I love when ed sheeran rap its sound so good
Every time ed covers a song I finally learn the lyrics 😆❤️❤️
אזמרה דניאל
Two legends on one stage holy shit ,i am jealous of all the people that was there
Dee J.
what an odd collaboration yet they're awesome together.
Morgan Stuart
These two constantly fighting for the top spot in my head
Latoya Wakefield
This music takes me back...
Ewan TheWelshMan
Ed's cheeky look up and down beyonce about 1:15-1:20. I mean who could balme him damn :')
Together they make Lemonaide.
Mary LaCole
Beyonce be lookin at people like that on purpose... making them feel some type of way
Roxana Motoc
The up and down stare he gives her at 1:11 😍😍
Jonathan Castelan
she lucky af
Taylor Zamora
How am I just seeing this !? 😍❤
audai shams
i want more of them together
Ukfestivals 2017
feel the magic that ed sheeran puts in every song
Shantel Love
One of my favorite parts of that performance
Life with Poodle Pants
Does this bitch ever wear pants? Ed at least brought some class to this otherwise train wreck of a "artist".
so sad...Kelly Rowland used to sing on stage with her and now she got to be in the front row singing along with the rest of the spectators. Nice for the camera man to give her a second of camera time @ 1:23.
Edmond Sale
Abby Martinez West
1:26 JayZ? lol
andrew mcdow
Ed is fearless. Who else would attempt an acoustic duet of drunk in love? 😂😂😂 respect.
Diego Rocha
jay-z don't like 😂😂
Robert parra
this duet is so good! Ed Sheeran and Beyonce are amazing and originals!!

sorry for my english!
What can he not do?
Fluffy Unicorn
The king and the queen themselves😍
simon tully
he's so out of your league.......
riri armani
Helz Kitten
I love Beyoncé... she is just amazing.. Ed is so fantastic... I do love this version
грачик хачатрян
Cool songs with performances Ed Sheehan and Beyoncé. There weren't a lots of young population music in American that's continues to makes people happen as. the times Charles, Dylan, Brown, ABBA, the Beatles, and so on.
Maher Alhaj
I just realized how strong her voice is and she's barely even trying.
clearly Ed is holding back.. anyone who has seen him live and has followed him from when he started can tell that.. the guy is raw fucking talent and beyonce has just got an amazing voice and can dance.. not much difference between her and them parrots that talk and bob there head to the music.. yes i am exaggerating but you get my point.. who am i kidding of course you don't this is YT xD
erin baily
i love him
and he can sing any song that is thrown at him
that is pure talent there no singer can do that apart from him
Ed Fan Ed Fan
If Bee was singing the original version with Jay,then yes please...scream your lungs out.But with this duo,she just needed to take it down a notch and it would have sounded amazing.Enjoyed the parts where I could actually hear Ed😞
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