Beyonce ft. Ed Sheeran - Drunk in Love (Acoustic) at Global Citizen Festival 2015

Beyoncé Knowles (Celebrity)beyoncéedsheerandrunkinlove

Felix Frost
poor Ed probably feels intimidated by that gaze..

don't stare her in the eyes dammit
luciana lopes
Chelsea Sugar
Did anyone notice the way he looked at her when he sang 'beautiful body'? 😂 I CANT BREATHE
Ania Baraniak
Miguel Himschoot
i been drinkin too :) :)
The whitest boy in the world has such understanding for black music! They just killed the color lines. My heart is healed. It is like their voices got married.
Stacey Young
he said "wash rags I wear it out." go on boy
Marcelo Benatto Ferreira
0:35...that look, man, that's a look that can make a man go crazy.
Sarah Lindsay Mccain
I'm thinking he wrote this song for her because I remember he was talking about his music credits
aimee uwishare
Holly Mary mother of Christ I just died their voices are the shit
JuicedUp Genie
the girl at 1:26 is so me 😭
The look she gives Ed at the end when she sings "ride him with my surfboard" has gotta count as cheating on Jay #SeductiveComeHitherEyes
Beyonce a une voix tellement puissante on entend ed mdr
Mariam Amr
i lovveeee itt
Dean Ventura
Ed looks like he just rolled out of bed but I guess thats OK because he's Ed Sheeran.
Eddy checkin out her junk can't blame him
where has this been????? my life has not been complete until now!!!! 😂
Onix Kra
Jay z is a lucky man fuck
fourgon stéphane
When she looks at you like at 0:35''s impossible to be concentrate ! :))
Michael Rodriguez
i love how she sings the word club
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AMD joy!
Flawless...back again for more Ed & Queen Beyonce!
Danielle Ingrisch
Beyonce is like a proud mom😂
Kari Boersheim
Music royalty both of them <3
Karen Burton
Usher JT. Ed. love when she hook up with them.
Jonas Krog
They should've switched outfit
AMD joy!
Beyonce is too much Woman for anyone to handle...ooozing with Sex Appeal, and Talent beyond belief...not that Ed Sheeran isn't downright Fabulous, but that's a whole lot of Woman!!! Just saying. His knees must have been shaking!
Λεον Ζυγος
BEYONCE is THE WOMAN of the century
Pretty Flacko 11
1:26 - I thought that girl was Jay Z i swear to God . I felt so scared wth.
Lentilka 1888
I really started to thing, there is some mystical attraction between Black and red haired people.. at least here in Europe it's most common "mixed" couple. I think Beyonce really likes Ed, through her behavior I so feel her 😂
Reed Holden
Ed Sheeran gets invited to the barbecue
Nicole Mason
I'm absolutely in love with this 💙 you don't have to be at all the same to make beautiful music!
Габриела Хаджиева
They should make a song together !
Tomas Macevičius
kai nuveini šikt, įspėk
Giannadancer 5678
Luiz Arruda
it's a little bit funny how they don't have been invited for the same party, when we see their clothes lol
Drayton Clark
2:19 face 😂😂
nicholas lane
no white man can hit bars with her like that that u mad
the group of girls at 0:56 hahahahaha
Beyonce wants Ed all up inside her
Vito Candita
Jaat Punk
so many ratches bitches
drea Roses
Ed Sheeran held his own on that one...I love to see him and Beyonce perform together
Perry Cooke
Ed Sheehan rapping those lyrics made me laugh so hard XD
Alicia Dinar
this is good.. but borderline comedy
Kelsey C
my two music crushes singing together and i've ONLY NOW FOUND THIS VIDEO?!?!?!
this is perfection
Potato Head
God did a good job
muriel jacqueson
i pauly
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