People Try Kylie Jenner's Breakfast

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It was pretty relatable.

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Created by

KawaiiCraCra Obviously
Since when did buzzfeed let annoying moody teens on there

(Da gurl in da flannel)
Abby Kassel
the girl in the flannel needs to take a chill pill and eat some vegetables jeez
That Asian is cancer
Lenny Osorio
Saksham Singhi
Every video here has a flatliners ad ,
Girl: Its Super Sad.....
Some People In The Philippines Eat Those People Cant Even Eat Because Of Money Problems Some Filipinos Love Eggs And Rice Yes It Is Weird But We Are Unique.... ❤️
Ms. Celestial
Girl in the flannel has a punchable face.
Lorna Strahan
Kylie has been to the hood because I've have had that meal all my life...
Nayeli Jaramillo
“Who does eggs and rice?” Like, every Hispanic ever when mom isn’t home.
B&S vlogs
I like egg and rice somtimes with ketchup
Angelica Stephanie
I eat eggs and rice every damn morning. Mix it with some veggies and pan fry it with japanese soy sauce. It's the best 5 minute dish ever
Alissa Lovers
I don't like but it's good
Matthew MacKay
Why do you have to hate on people....... literally like the flannel girl may have not had a good day... that doesn't mean you have to spread hate you don't know her life but she probably had a bad day and you are hating on her for no reason and it is rude...
crystal wen
Chinese people. We put eggs in our rice. And Japanese.
Leps World Lover
Buzzfeed thinks Kylie is a god or something .She is a human with lots of money that’s all
Kim Kardashian west
Who hasn't had egg fried rice 😂
Gavin Is trash
Bob Duncan
"The potatoes look like...potatoes* like no duh bish I thought they were god dayumn mini watermelons
ImDunWithU X
Every comment is "the flannel girl...." "I don't .... the flannel girl"
Angela Xxx
A lot of people eat rice and eggs like that why they acting like it's so weird and I'm Dominican
cp star
"I don't like vegetables" how do you not like any vegetables?!
who eats eggs and rice? EVERY ASIAN EVER
Karolla Galindo
Am I the only 1 that doesn't see anything bad about the flannel girl?!
Javier M.A. Boezem
Us Latinas eat rise and eggs all the time our grandmas can whip that up in their dream
May Stephan.
Am I the only one who actually didn't have a problem with the girl in the flannel?? She's really pretty and has a nice amount of sarcasm!!! Some people are saying they came to be entertained and not annoyed. They're trying FOOD. Nobody could ever possibly like EVERYTHING! Do you expect her to be all smiley when she finds the thing in front of her unappetizing?? Come on!!!
Fionne Dowd
c'mon guys, you are complaining about the flannel girl but by moaning like her you're just lowering to her standards :)
Darkness Ninja
Who eats that much for breakfast
veee yuniar
I wanna slap that flannel girl so hard
Michael jackson forever
I like that black woman she seems optimistic and sweet
Who does eggs and rice? Asians do.
katykikay ann
My mom sometimes cooks me some rice with eggs
She cooks it with some 1 pcs garlic some rice but not new coocked rice ang 1 or 2 eggs
(Next on buzzfeed) people try kylie jenners lips
Angell M
When Kylie literally eats the same food as you do but makes it popular because she's plastic and rich 😍😍😍
Lyssa X Lyssandriaa
Me and my family eats rice and eggs most of the time for dinner
And Kylie Jenner is disgusting
" who does eggs and rice tho it's kinda weird " me: B*TCH HAVE U EVER TRIED FRY RICE 🍚 god I'm so disappointed ☹️
Vanessa Toups
The girl in the flanel salty asf 💀
Donica B.
Eggs + rice = fried rice.. I've had eggs with rice at a Chinese restaurant before, what y'all talking bout??
Mercedes Jones
OMG When the Asian guy says "Ive never been presented this idea before" (rice and egg). LMAO really??
Is it just me or does this girl with frizzy hair sounds and acts a bit like marceline from adventure time.
Ddee el
Why they pretending they don't like it cuz they "hate" Kylie
curly hair's obnoxious (just my opinion)
Ajda Opara
the girl w curly hair is a bigger diva than kylie lol get ur life together
Harmony Mackenzie
Have these people ever heard of egg fried rice 😑
Harrison Neoh
Rice with eggs combination is probably the food that every Asian tasted before. It's the most basic meal, it's not weird or sad.
Maggie -
2:20 "Rice with eggs. I've never been presented this idea before." ummm Are you sure you're Asian?
BσυʝєєAѕѕFяєуα •
The parents of the flannel girl probably feed her McDonalds when she was 3. No hate mkay chill😂
Isaiah Anthony
"The potatoes look like potatoes" what was the whole point of that comment
Angela R.
flannel girl, no one likes you, go away.
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