People Try Kylie Jenner's Breakfast

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It was pretty relatable.

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Created by

Samantha Thomson
Who doesn't like veg ( such American type)
Rishindra Thevar
(2:36) She: This is disgusting

Me: So are you
diy delight
I love the girl in the flannel
XxDaniella 129xX
"Toooo... unbasic for me"

Well then buzz off and go eat ur snickers
clout doggo
I don't even fucken eat breakfast -_-
Yoselin Avila
Why is the girl is the flannel so FUCKEN PETTY ASF 😂
Ellavarsi Pillay
Girl with the curly needs to shut her big fat mouth
Secret Zexyula Teloiv
Try Kim Kardashian dildo
Jaala’s Land
Angel Que
"Who does eggs and rice, though?"

🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 I'm Asian!!!!!!!!🍜🍚
melaniex X xvang
I'm an hmong person and we eat rice with everything
Who even in she???
Sofie Kristine Andersen
“I don’t like vegetables and there’s vegetables in it” Me: America!! 😂
Kylie The Taco Cat
I love my dads breakfast potatoes
Ggdude d
I eat eggs in rice what's wrong with that?
Everybody stop hating on that poor flannel girl! She's just trying to tell you her opinion, which is the point of these videos. I'm sorry that she's not all bubbly and positive about the food, but that's how she feels. She just wants to tell you her truth and be real.
Michee Makenda
Basically 100% of the comments are ( I hate flannel girl!!) or (please don't bring back flannel girl!!) Like chill man
Lowkey Emma
The girl in the flannel seems like a b****...sorry.
Sophia Tran
That French toast looks so good
Sophia Tran
I hate Kylie
I'm Rafaela
I love the flannel girl lol
Lisa O'neil
That girl in the flannel needs to grow up. She acted kind of like a 10 year old :/
Fatima Altaee
The Car That Exploded in Fire MV
"Who does eggs and rice tho"

Like 90% of Asians lmfao that's my daily dinner over there
When they said Breakfast potatoes I screamed " THE'RE CALLED HOME FRIES" because where I'm from cough cough south . That's what I call them at least....
NutellaLover 1720
If they complain about eating eggs with rice, they are sort of picky eaters. Eggs with rice is really good. Especially with melted cheese on top😍😍
I DoNt LyKe VegEtabLeS anD TheRe'S VegEtabLeS in ThIs
Sharina Snorlax
Rice and eggs...... sounds kinda like FRIED RICE
Katie Xiong
i wanna freaking slap the girl with the flannel
Nightcore Girl
"The potatos look like potatos" 😂😂😂
vet mm
Idk what to believe with the Kardashian-Jenner breakfast consists of blueberry eggo waffles w/ maple syrup, French toast w/ powder sugar and strawberries, bacon, eggs & fried potatoes. 🍩.....I pigs out and go back to sleep LOL 😂😂😂😂
Aodaili Tan
eggs with rice is a HUGE thing in asia. the more you know.
Rachel Xo
Asian dude doesn't know about rice and eggs lol?
Julien Zhang
So flannel girl hate Kylie but she will eat vegetables for her?
Crazy Hyper Artist
Everybody's talking about Asia but in Poland lots of people do it too! So it's actually in a lot of places so it ain't weird peeps in video
Julissa Mendez
The girl in the flannel is so hipster lol with that attitude
Just Commenting
egg fried rice?????
norma gonzalez
heather ennis
Am I the only one who doesn’t like beacon 😂
Leonie Wetherall
Her : who has eggs and rice

Me : egg fried rice from chinese takeaway
Gaogee Lor
Sometimes I get lazy and just add two hard boiled eggs with some rice and add some salt and pepper . It's all good.
StEpHaNiE Xoxo
whaaattt EGGS & RiCe ! love it
salmah ahmad
I'm an Asian and I'm offended by the egg and rice
salmah ahmad
I'm an Asian and I'm offended by the egg and rice
Kayla Villacres
Rice and eggs I've never seen something like this well um if u search up ecuador or Columbia foods it will pop up👌👌
Kathryn Booth
Rice with eggs I've never been presented with his idea
Who does eggs and rice
At every Chinese restaurant (in uk) there is EGG FRIED RICE
Its Gracceee
When they said who does eggs and rice that’s weird like HAVE U NEVER HAD EGG FRIED RICE??!! Do they not have chinese food in America or is it just UK?
jessenia gonzalez
in puerto rico we eat rice and eggs andddd its great
Ajeenah law
So you've never had fried rice
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