People Try Kylie Jenner's Breakfast

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It was pretty relatable.

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Guylene Louijean
The potatoes taste like......potatoes lol
"I don't like vegetables" What??? You are doing yourself a disservice, my friend.
Food Lover
" I don't like it but it's good"
Food Lover
When she said " wait she eats normal bacon" I'm like bruh she human
Goten Prohm
"Who does eggs and rice". Cambodians, Laos most Asian Countries eat eggs and rice but with soy sauce
Hello Flamingo
tbh in the thumbnail it looked like she was eating fried chicken lol
Aleena To
eggs & rice is literally my go to food... plus soy sauce..... must just be an asian thing lol
Egg & Rice is very common in Filipino breakfast!
Mariana Avila
Oh, all of you havent eat bacon, pls tell me howisit
Ms MartΓ­nez
The girl with the curly hair in the flannel, with that nasty attitude was really bms, like seriously such a snob and a spoiled brat for nothing, just eat it, MY GOSH! πŸ˜‚ That food looked pretty good tbh and she sitting there picking at it and smelling it...bruh...omg! that's one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. 😲 And it's kinda rude if you ask me..😧
Melanie Perez
😭I feel weird, rice and eggs is a norm for my household
durako boypr
Of course the gay guy is riding Kylie πŸ˜‚
mki clemons
Girl with the curly hair is so annoying and whiny πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Zoe Carter
I love eggs and rice πŸ˜‚
phantom funtime foxy
i love rice and egg
ressa hatley
This stuff is not new
A Football
0:00 to 0:05
Me,just me...
Matthew Villanueva
2:21 not trying to be racist or anything but I'm kinda triggered that he was never presented rice and egg together before... there's at least more than one dish per Asian country that presents rice and egg in that form
I love veggies, just not purple cabbage.
christian pogi
christian pogi
the gorls that have long hait is really rude
Nicole Niadas
Eggs in fried rice.Being that I'm Filipino,not saying every Filipino does this,eggs and rice aren't all that strange.I guess everybody eats differently though
Nikita Boshoff
so you people have never had egg fried rice da faque
Andre3000fan 123456
this is so random but who else has had plantain and egg sandwich? THT ISH IS BOOOOMMMMMBBB
Dianarose CariΓ±o08
I hate the girl with the long hair (curly one)
inspiritaroha 17carrots
lol rice and eggs is what i have all the time my family calls it fried rice lol. no wait it is fried rice....and its so common
hi its Miny
I know a lot of people have already commented this, but the girl with the flannel really needs to be cut from videos. She's FAR too negative.
vicky betancourt
wait! rice with eggs is weird, i'm Ecuadorian and is so common eat them in the breakfast with ketchup.
uknown uknown
idk why, the vid kinda feel negative
treasure boyd
The negative one who complained about everything 3:10 ur so negative wow
pug lover
the girl with the long curly hair is ME XD she sorta pickey and so am i and the same relationship with kylie "love u ky but not the food" xD
Meem Trash
My dad makes breakfast potatoes all the time so they're very nostalgic for me.
Lauren Nguyen
THIS IS RASIST(This is my opinion so if you hate what I say it is just a opinion so yeah this is just me fangirling over the Jenner)I'M ASIAN AND I EAT EGGS WITH RICE MIXED
jada bell
Eggs and fried rice are delicious!!! They all have terrible taste buds
Josephine Flom
Idk how shes so skinny if she eats that much
Jules P
The asian guy seriously never ate rice with eggs? lmao most asian food places put eggs in their rice
Xtian Brabo
eggs and rice are not weird!!! its an influence between asian and chinese cuisine ITS NOT WEIRD!!! yang chao fried rice for example is so yummy !!!!
Pikazard YT
"so stole my chicken fried rice?
Melinda Feliciano
How much did the pay them to say that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Malia Saez
Nobody Gives a Shit
its bravo not brava
Boggy Bunny
This pains me to watch them... Also that one girl reminds me Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine XD
I lovecake
Why is one of them so SALTYπŸ˜‘
Monetize lagahit
The girl is so mean
im so confused eggs and rice is not normal????
Imperial Emu
Is this master cheif season 5 episode 14
Fab life
nice vid
Daisy Gatsby
I hate people who are picky eaters they drive me crazy
that potato look like me
Family Olesty
I'm Guyanese and Jamaican so rice and eggs is normal breakfast
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