People Try Kylie Jenner's Breakfast

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It was pretty relatable.

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Created by

Poop ajonwon W.
Are we just going to hate on on new BuzzFeed employee?
Stephanie Aprillia
You said rice with eggs is disgusting?
So please don't come to Indonesia..
We here love rice with egg, not just put the scrambled egg, but really cook it together with the rice.
hilda corte
My mo does eggs and rice and eggs with soup ramen
J. C.
kill flannel girl
Pansy Lou
Don't like flannel girl she may sarcastic but she's definitely the buzzfeed girl. The girl with the cali shirt is great! Cheerful and funny. Flannel is just to bleh from a marketing stand point I would t use her hence the others comments 🙄
Florenz Wendi Tan
ka feeling ba anang kulot kalkag buhok oi. jesas
Long Le
Anyone knows the curly hair girl name?
i need more videos with the girl in the flannel aha she's literally me bless
Charlie H
Not a good way to start the video having a obnoxious jealous hater nag...
loner boner
what kind of Asian is he. he never had eggs and rice 😒
Deanna Cameneti
This chick is a grown adult that doesn't eat vegetables.. being all judgy about food 😂 gtfo out of here with that preteen nonsense 😂😂😂
Erin Patterson
"Who does eggs and rice?" Really? Does American Chinese take outs not have fried rice?
Meghan Friese
ARE WE SERIOUS? Chicken fried rice has eggs in it.. and everyone is losing their minds over the cheesy eggs and rice..... "Ive never been presented this idea before." or "Who does eggs and rice? That's kind of weird."
corey mcallister
The girl in the flannel seems like she'd live in a trailer in the middle of no where..trashy
Christina Vorukova
Pause at 1:05 you'll thank me later
Kimmie Turtle
it's having rice with eggs really that weird? I eat that all the time when I don't feel like cooking much
I think you should eat the rice with bacon and sausage bro.
Manel Bertrand
free Anybody understand worse this {orl
flannel girl so negative
Tianna Nguyen
"But I'm gunna eat just cause Kylie doesss"
"She's just too basic for me" SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE.
when ur like "eww, rice and eggs" to look cool but secretly you love it. (me)
ava whybrow
that curl with the curly hair is giving me series rosa from brooklyn nine nine vibes
Lol Fst
God that Asian girl annoyed me so
Daily Desiree
Thought it was strange how the azn guy didnt know about rice and eggs lol like legit anytime ive been to an asians house there mom always makes it with sausage
Caitlin Handshoe
Girl in the flannel was painful to listen to honestly
AlgeeSmith Lover
girl in the flannel ur annoying she's like I don't like veggies but I'm gonna eat it. I don't like veggies but I eat it u will be just fine eat it all god annoying asf
Alice Devaniere
With that simple eggs and rice comment you summoned every single asain.
Literally that includes me.
When the asians are the one who doesn't like the eggs with rice...
(Thats like, my diet from when i was a baby till i was 10)
twinkle twinkle little star
eggs and rice is good tho..
Sophia respicio
Basic??? Your more of a BASIC B*TCH
Roslyn Marrero
Fried egg and white rice amazing
eggs and rice yess
Michelle Herrera
I wanna try this lol
Hevany Sisters
I loved the girl with the flannel 😂😂 made me laugh
Eat Jin
Lady:Who eats eggs and rice though
Asians:........we do....
Tracee Fulton
We eat eggs n rice everyday in the hood 🙄🙄 grew up on it
megan ross
iim confused do americans not have egg fried rice
Flannel girl ruins the mood
Fatal Trix
Erm egg fried rice
Grace Smith
"I like how she puts garlic in it" Uhhhhh yeah I don't even remember the last time I DIDN'T put garlic on my potatoes
My name doesn't Matter
Kylie had 2 number 9s a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7 with extra cheese and a large soda.
Jared Bugay
plenty of hispanics eat eggs and rice
I literally eat eggs and rice every other day! lmao!! but I make it with red rice... I think its better :)
Esperanza Hernandez
Am I the only who didn't mind the girl in the flannel????
my funny calicos
ᑌᗰ ᑌᔕ ᗰE᙭Iᑕᗩᑎ'ᔕ EᗩTᔕ TᕼᗩT
Athena seang
The girl in the flannel makes this video depressing. Can someone execute her
Lola BC
Here in Colombia we eat rice and eggs at any time and is delicious af
Uyen Nguyen
asians do eggs & rice
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