Rynn Cen
I want a video where Eugene re-enacts all of Maddox's reactions or they try food together. 😂
Imen '
He is my favorite kid ever !!!!?!!
Estelle Mansour
The bestttt😍
may reid
it will be a good videos if maddox and desmond eat together yay.😍
Areg Cool
more maddox pleeeease
suga infires my soul
i love thus kid
Summer Cooper
My worst known enemy............ TEA

My new motto
Aww Maddox is so cute, I would love a child like him. I'd spoil him.
Jennise Salaysay
my worst enemy.
what is it?

hahaha me too but my parents and sister loves it I don't.
He's more like Justin chon than Eugene if we're comparing to celebs
omg hes right coffee does smell like cow poop sometimes
It's Inspires Not Infires
this kid is so cute
Clorox Bleach
If i ever have a son, i hope he gets as cute and savage like him ^w^
Ambria Nilsen
Omg i love this kiiid!!
Jennifer Permata
his hair thoooooo!!!!!!!! always slayin
I Am Your Hope
He reminds me of a younger version of Eugene from Buzzfeed.
His hair looks better than my hair
Julija Babanina
I thought I was gonna be hella original mentioning this kids similarity to Eugene, but then I scrolled down... 😅
Sad Potato
Can I guy try Cambodian food?
This kid is going places😂😂
Maddox seems to pretend and overreacts to everything.... He also seems a bit arrogant.

Am I the only one who thinks of that?
Anya Mischenko
Hi Maddox, I from Russia and i love you. You are very expressive. Oh, please say- "privet"=)
SwaggerDoesYT 22
maddox tries romanian food!!
Olivia Marie
Maddox is my favorite
This kid is a show off
Cheuk Yan Chung
sooooooo fucking cute!!
Roland Ostwald
Excessive acting of this kid isn't so attractive. He should become an actor. He'll be good doing "acting on camera", like now.
Reyna Padilla
He is the funniest kid ever
fellow skeleton
he's so asian he's literally my grandpa
Nicha P.
My favorite boy yay
Shoi Nagase
"China's where they have ninjas."

Insert John Cena
am i the only one who absolutely despises this kid out of all the other cute ones???
Jayati Agarwal
He's the funniest and coolest kid I've ever seen.. And he's intelligent too.. I hope he goes in show business when he grows up ❤️
"Hold the phone: Is this pizza?"
Kai Qi
Can you make a video of the kids trying Malaysian food?
Roxy hlw
he reminds me of Eugene from BuzzFeed so much LOLLL
ciara mclean
future guy fieri
Jeremiah Dabu
Hey Weiike
he is so cuuuuuute lol
Saif Khan
It's Maddox birthday🕊
Jacob H
duck head.... DUCK HEAD!!! Hold the phone. Ohhhh, for the love of Pete!
Maxon и лось
Maddox is so adorable little boy of this channel,i love him so much 💕
Say "Hello" to Russian subscribers 😚
1:17 when your parents say yes to what you wanted
Who thinks this kid is the cutest and funniest kid on this channel?
Brit Bong
im like 90% sure these kids are high
Nadija Foodismylife
This kid is my favourite!
Lord Shaxx
The Legend Himself
It's almost 2AM.... but I can't stop watching these lol
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