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It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time!
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Paul W
baddass muhphuckers!
Phoenix Kozoris
what kind of shotgun shells do they use?
Hector Urbina
met hes with his wife and their baby being born
Hector Urbina
getting a iv
Do Nguyen
Bubble gum vs pineapple.i think the bubble gum was stong
Κάνε μου μια εγγραφή θα με βοηθήσεις πολυ👍👌😀😁
Λευτέρης Ιωάννου
nice work
These people will have a 100% accuracy if they joined the military! They will be really good in military
Kyng Ferrero
that was 11 not 12
Maybe garret was trying to find waldo
Colleen McDonald
Gar was out hunting
Game stranke
can you guys do beatbox with krnfx
brgy gtas
asshole do it live... I know u cant do it live... how many hours or days til u make a lucky shot.. this is a normal hoax in you tube...
Kamal Sisodiya
u r prove that.
every thing is possible.
nothing is impossible
Random owl
shotgun noobs
Umar Nadeem
ger was on the toilet
VyRo Plays
Caylin Ingram
I think gar Etta was at a party
Dude u guys should be in olympics
petter adelholt
i think garret was the camera man
Ivaylo Bankov
I wonder how many basketballs were used untill tjey got the shot?
angelopianist lmb
that is how call of duty seems with all the shit they put in supply drops
Jordan Wilton
U should do a video with romanatwood with rc
Alyssa Jones91
stop shouting like little teenage age dicks....looks over reacting.
Ein Quchen
Nice video
"Former YouTube star dies from shotgun blast to the face"
Galaxy Stationery & Xerox
I have an trick for u guys
Antonella Kim
WOW... I can't believe what I've just watched. INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!
Pablo Crisostomo
where s garrett tyler
Aedan Thibodeaux
Where's garret
Cookie Killer
the kidz
Is this fake or real
Noah Bitz
I thing garrett was at home.
vino dethan
send them to the military!!!
Bobo Souk
Garret was probably to scared to shoot a shotgun
Even Dude Perfect likes Demo Ranch.
FloresFifaXxKk 92
I thought they were gonna shoot that thing at the start xd
Gerardo The bad ass
Dental floss
michael hocking
Not impressed
Joseph Saliba
That was a damn good video, well done.
Fu Jian Hé Hagedoorn
Trick shots in a school. Kids are the tagets
kuljeet kaur
good guns
Mochi Tube
Ty is shooting bullets in the water which is pollution
Thanh Nguyen Tien
so cool
I would hate to play them in skeet
dr. koskela
when i see shotgun i press like
Karla Bourquenoud
Lisa Hardes
Yeah the trust shot
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