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It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time!
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༺༅ LegitKillzPro ༅༻
Hutton Lubrick
do more shot gun videos
Yan Y.
Lol 10/10 montage... Good editing effects.. lol. I'd say, PERFECT editing skills
Oooh my god.It's beautiful
Shreyash Pawaskar
Superb.. 😘
Blake Murray
Gx is the best type gun
Jordan Gingery
My favorite dude perfect video
B.D. Wrubel
"Creative ammo" is just copying demolition ranch's ideas
Mahesh Reddy
You deserve 1 bil sub
Bjørn-Martin Fladvad
A norwegian called Kenneth Aspestrand did manny of those trick shots before u guy’s ;) no big deal
lt'z King ' ­؜
Brasil alguém ??
Noah Wagner
With Owen
Fauzan Gusti
Where's gar?
Vipul Pawar
Triza Ramirez
i have subscribed and the notification is on
will odrz
there coming for pewdiepie
will odrz
the intro shot was easy
Hannah Barton
is it really that hard to do that with a shotgun
Marcus Jumbe
I wish I could of saved that watermelon rip watermelon
Zach Richards
I think Garrett was the cameraman
Toxicity 2245
How many basketballs died for the basketball shot shot?
BoOnK gAnG
Rylee Boyd
Gar was scared
Ashok.A.G. Ashok
I think Garrett is shooting the whole thing you have done
Ayush singh chak
dropping it in
Rad Boom
Dino Miner10
Is that guy 50. Quote “ awwwww we did it” no u did it
Dude perfect should be in the army
Can't believe ya'll didn't get Demolition Ranch on this...
Copy demo ranch not even put his Chanel in the description really
Angel Rojas
Bro howww?!!
Efe Bozdag
maybe garrett throw up
Garrett prefers the barrett
Marcellino Ichwansjah
When was dude perfect not perfect?
Galaxy Turtle
How many basketballs did they pop in the basketball shot,shot.

1 like= 1 saved basketball

Also Garret’s at dpHQ cuz he’s afraid of shotguns
xavi5300 xavi5300
I think Gar was in the hospital when Owen was born
velmurugan m
Patrick Bennett
at the spa
jamie Watson
I wonder how many backetballs thé user
Soban Sikander
Nice dude
master Haadi gameing
Garret is in Florida
MuteSoft Gameplay
All these safety measures and you don't follow at least half of them
Pavith Nanaiah
Dats ultimately mind blowing
Joshua Geisler
Fist of all RIP 🥚. Second of all... first the egg, them the world! 😏
Ricardo Alvarez
Getting his nails done
Nikola Mirkovic
Do waterpolo trickshots plz with Tony azevedo
tim evan
At the gun store because he doesn't have any to participate in the video
mansoor ul haq
Garrett was sick
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