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It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time!
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Mike Vause
garret was sick
Rosana Ramirez
shotgun? but what shoty is it
Rosana Ramirez
what type of gun is that
Garrett was gone to Walmart.
Austin Sullivan
he was sick
Firey_ Sparklez
they should join faze irl
Adrian P
I hope they all lose their livers.
Dallin Walker
You guys should do a video with Stephen Cury
Derrek Duden
I like it !!! I wish I could play with those sx3s some I want one
Todd Semerad
Art battle!
Jeff Sainsbury
Keiran Jones
Aint got shit on Tom Knapp.
BigBrickFiveThousand NinjaKai
he was sick or at home with owen
BrokenXzxz Broken
Garett was playing with Owen bc he was sick
Miles Monahan
This is a true American video
The Unknown 27
Or maybe LA
adokala adokala 619619
hey dude perfect play Minecraft
japra kelana
mantep bosss.. enyong seneng koh ndeleng na
Troy Richardson
maybe behind the hay stack
Smashi Gamer
DevDX 2478
Disney world
Hall of games ita
Hardcore shooting

call of duty isn't the only one
100% luck
Honey Mohamed
يا ولاد الايه... فيه بيضان شات... Testicle Shot... Lol
Hilda Labetoria
do play minecrtf
Bilal Bilal
superman 67
wow thats amazing!!
MasterChief _tv
Are the Guns real?
hamburgher with legs
they are slecial tasck forcesc soldier
The 9.9 Channel
Hang on how was their no knock back when he put two shotguns in his hands he is not the hulk their should be some knock back
long time favorite yutuber
North Korea don't fuck with us
Slightly Unusual Penguin
6:23 what kind of spas 12 voodoo magic
Huy Nguyen Duc
wow cool
Fe'epo Faletagaloa
I think Gar is at the doctors
Spoooncer S
Using buckshot for half of them
sainikhil reddy
how did he do that at 4:05
B boy and more
Maria Flor Silver
The Dark Elk
shame semi auto shotguns
Permelia Tyler
you shouldn't shoot in the water tyler
that shit redneck asf
memekid KKK666
gerrett was fucking his dead dog i front of his crying in pain kids while him and his wife was getting a divorce
Go to war see how long you last 😊
The Unknown 27
Maybe Garret is in Washington DC
C Man
You should do more gun videos. You should also do a Collaboration with Demolition Ranch. Great Video as always. God Bless :)
Mario 4485
Where Is Garrett?
Maria Matevosyan
Do a slime edition
Mortal Combat
I think Gar wasn't there because he was buying more guns
Mittens the meme



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