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I'm really trying to do the most with my days off work, doing as much as I can.. but Sweden isn't all that interesting, will probably never gain a following.. I wont give up though, editing a new one right now! :D
Wow, you actually recieved the herbs! Your welcome Casey, huge fan. :)
Jonathan Griffin
thank you for the lesson Casey!
what is that small camera he uses?
Stan Petrov
them 3 plants and herbs things that he got actually add up to about £80
Kvng. Zi
Please sub and get me to 50k subscribers and I'll follow everyone that subed and likes this comment please
MT7 Teo
I am going to sat blogging please subscribe 😀I am so excited
Mason Boostrom
boring horse shit
Wollolong Kenta
Like : Good luck for 2 weeks
Sub : Crush likes you
Comment : Live to 97
Rico Taguibao
Casey is different.He loves monday lol
Chris Hunter
Casey you helped me not care about so many material items, like a camera. Whether it's inexpensive or expensive. As in treat it how you experience it for the first time.
Amateur Reviews
you can see their addresses
Casey, thank you so much for your advices. There are many vloggers on YouTube, but they are all not even half as interesting as yours. You are very natural and real. Respect.
Hot dog Gaming
StEvAn vLoGs
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3 comment and i will sub back
Kimberly Garcia
this was the first casey vlog i ever watched awesome love you now!
casey arent segway hoverboads illigle in new york, because im from brooklyn NY and want a hover board but heard its illgile and you can get a ticket, if you see this comment may you reply? please?
Dina Safitri
very nice..concept.....,host, everything not boring can make life audience.
is that a good hoverboard? what kind is it? i think i might make use of one to shorten my longer walks that are 2x as far as my current walk and so I don't have to take the bus.
Rihards R
To get views and subscribers try seraching in google "rapidviews"
Guys say 5 if subbed I WILL sub BACK
Magen Sanders
easy little tips to definitely implement (especially for a newb like me who is about to dive into the world of vlogging)
Eman Alsamiri
casey you think you cool
No boosted board? how many "How to vlog" videos are there in your channel? Lol
Raul Nava
This guy is epic
Rick Jay
god of vlog
Be Paradise
Id really appreciate if you check my channel out! ill be putting a lot of work into it and id love your support
Simply Lovebirds
Any new vloggers out there who want to connect? My fiancé and I vlog about living together in New England!
Justin Nathaniel
Hey! I just started my Vlog a week ago! I post quality content. Please come by and visit my channel 😬
Elijah Burke Vlogs
You helped me start my channel! Thanks
Ed Sheeran
You know that you dont talk tok much
Guillermo Morales
Great all your videos, the timelapses of New York very good. One day I will visit Time Square, my dream. Greetings from Chile. Cacey a genius.
Patrick Ware
Starting a vlog/adventure/documentary channel. A lot of quality content coming that you should check out :)
Jen Adolfo
Subscribe, like and comment on my videos i'll subscribe back 😊
Hong Tse
the one box he didn't destroy was the box that had the instruction to destroy it. xD
I have music for any vloggers
Joshua Habsburg
who likes vlogs and wants another channel watch mine :))
Yeah same I would like to vlog but I don't have enough money to buy all the equipment and I'm boring and poor also bad quality
Misfit Films
Hey! My Friends and I recently started Vlogging, check it out :)
Potato Skins 2
what people mean by behind the scenes is to show us how u set up for your vlogs
Ijake 5
What does Casey do for work
James Moeller
Why does he throw stuff down like it's cheap and useless
His vlogging skills are so good! I get so much inspiration from him. If you guys don''t mind, I would love you to check my first vlog ever! It may not be as amazing as his, but I'll improve daily to get there!
Raymond Christian's Vlogs
I started vlogging with no subscriber now i have 8 😂
Abby Fewin
i have a camcorder dc210
Sami Luo
many people always say dont have time or life boring.. but its not.. thats why i decided to daily vlog two days later...... come and check
Watching this in 2017 because I searched up vlog and I need advice on how to vlog myself without being an awkward potato like me X'D
Welcome to my VLOG CHANNELS
Angel's Adventure
I’m still vlogging with a 6s😢😪
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