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10 useful life hacks with rope

Fechase Dovahkiin
just used the last one >:)
this meme gonna be famous
Mul Yadi
seru yang film 5-minute Crafts
How long is a piece of string?
Gordon Raboud
RE: Safety System (from rope without harness). First of all I'm a trained professional high-angle rescue technicion. We are required by Occupational Health and Safety, to be on-site whenever workers are above 3m (10 feet) grade.

First of all this could be good for one thing in particular; example at end.

Four really big things wrong with thinking that you can just use rope to build a safety harness. A real harness uses wide webbing that is specifically designed to spreads the loads that result from a fall over a large area. A rope setup like the person in the video:

1. Concentrate the load from the fall at the main arteries/veins in the leg - causing severe trama to the arteries and veins at the most critical point; the groin. If they don't die from internal bleeding they will die from cardiac arrest or cerebral hypoxia as a result of the rope tightened during the sudden stop after the fall, which remains tight due to body weight. This cuts circulation in the veins of both legs which prevents enough blood from getting back to the heart and consequenlty to the brain. Death almost always occurs within 12 to 20 minutes in an approved harness - probably in a 6 - 12 minutes in set up like pictured. (Which is why we have to be on-site; there is not enough time to wait for firefighters to get there, rig up for the rescue and perform the rescue before the person dies in the harness.)

2. The connection point, (carabineer), is below the person's center of gravity, (usually 2" or 5cm above the naval), therefore you would be hanging upside down.

3. "The fall doesn't hurt, it's the sudden stop that will kill ya!" This is true in a rope only harness as well. Yes, it would be better than hitting a concrete floor, if you don't mind a broken back and spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

4. False sense of security. I would rather see you be extremely cautious than thinking "you got this" because you build a rope harness. Furthermore, the person that would build this probably doesn't know about proper knots, (that won't come undone), proper anchor points, rescue plan in case he does fall, etc..

So what would this be good for? At first I was thinking that it would work, sort of okay, for a fall from a very low height where the fall distance would be less than 2 meters or 6 feet because you wouldn't gain enough speed for the stop to kill you. However, I'm going to take that back and say that you would still be better off without the ROPE harness because the stop at the end of the rope will cause your body to rotate at the waist, (see point #2 above), and you would end up smashing your head on the ground instead of landing on your feet.

Falls continue to be the #1 cause of construction deaths, and the #1 cause of serious injury at home! Spend the money and get even a cheap fall arrest system. (EX: HomeDepot sells a fall arrest harness and 6' shock absorbing lanyard for about $75 USD)
Real iCohle
Heres also a secret life hack!
1. Get A Rope
2. Make a Circle
3. Hang it somewhere that ur foot cant reach!
4. put the circle that u made in the rope in your neck!
5. now jump out in the ladder that ur standing on!
6. Wait a few minutes

(no more steps cuz ur dead...)
Mr. Hacker i love the Safety system hack :D its awesome im going to mountains today so it will be helpful
naib hossain
yo bro I like u gay
J - in w
Oh~very good!!! from korea
All i could think is BDSM
Lina De Vos
Rofl investment It's truly fmse %rhetoric ..
بدون اسم No Name
last one really funny😁. thank you really useful video!
Jasmine Jaan
cutie hacker mr hacker 😘😘
Αλ Φω Ρόμπε
does anybody know the music playing in 1:11???
Parth Chauhan
Awesome Yaar Awesome Lovely My Mobile Not Support Emoji Other vise I Will Give You A Lot's Of And Lot's Of Emoji Great Work Nice
about to get one of these ropes and hang myself
Bukola Bolaji
Federico Sano
18 регион? земляк.
last one was helpful now i can kidnap that child from down the street
Khalil Omar
Ty now i can kidnap people by dragging them with my car.
No one can see how the fack to do any of this shit
Alper Öztürk
abinin mal iyiymiş
Bender Rodríguez
Damn click bait game is strong
i bet a ton of slave owners use the last one
Rabiya Khan
You guys don't get it! The last hack has more uses than being used by kidnappers!
It can also come in handy in the bedroom with BDSM or rape role play, just saying..~
Хах! "Чукотские сны" на Репина!
How to pull car alone? Bitch please, put the car in Neutral and pull on the front bumper or push the back
Ариана Сафронова
Денис из Кухни!
Sherwin MC DO
i think he's a boy scout before 😏
0:40 it says esay not easy
what do u do if the hater being trolled get hold of a fence?
Nikhil Dihingia
car pull best
Jacob M.
2:25 faggot
cool kid
oh that last one i really needed! it's always so hard to pull my victims with my car, but now i have this cool trick with a rope, thanks! <3
Christhopher Morgan
It has nothing to do with the video, but... "Freedom in your mind", thanks for your message, i was needing read something like this i'm not by having nice days, so thanks, yours videos distract me. XO from Brazil.
david g
worst coil of rope ever
Ankit Raj
1:57 be careful bud, save your instrument.
Thank you so much for making this video! I love you <3
Kidnapping people has become sooo much easier ^^
And I tried your idea of making them run behind the car, (much fun has been had) :D
Goggles Tigerkhan
my boy scout troop taught me a lot of these, especially the faggot carrier.

faggot = bundle of sticks
I can do any of those faster and without the rope. Pointless video.
moaz kamal
Love you channel best channel in the world
1:42 I thought he was going to...ah nevermind >.>
😕❓❓.......... ?????
Igun lord
you är god
Praveena Ernati
Adina Adi
Pustak Bk
Not Liam
I got clickbaited cause i thought that he was going to teach us how to do easy bondage life hacks every night
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