$4 Cheesecake Vs. $70 Cheesecake

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"Did it cut the cheese? Or did it take the cake?"

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Julian Micault
Renato Rengifo
Soy Chiever
Harry Hustus
Eileen Avezzano

Pastel Does Youtube
I understand that you are saying that the food is worth it but for me i also agree and disagree at the same time.

Qn: Why did you Disagree?

Ans: it is because is damn smoll
gamer mark
adam should say what he thinks is worth it
Halima Rahman
More than half the commercials are about Adam
Christian Ragusa
Ur in NYC and u don't go to Juniors Cheesecake wtf is wrong with u
The Sweet Shop
The Sweet Shop
0:06 this is true, babies can be huge perverts
The Paige Account
Cheese cake is actually a pie tho, I mean but whatever😂 don't even try to argue with me on this one
Fnaf Lover
you guys should do a fidget spinner video
What is the name of the song when they are eating the $70 dollar cheesecake?

I love it.
$4 Meme Vs. $360 Meme
Stephanie Guajardo
when he said wonder girls I thought of the kpop group and I was like
"What?!?! I have never seen cheesecake in one of their videos." then he said the golden girls then I said
"oooooooooooooooh yeah definitely more than 100 times. close to 200. possibly more "
the quietness when adam eats
i hope theyre not faking those reactions
"resident party maker" ugh....god i hate new york.
My favorite part about these videos is Adam idk why it's just funny when he eats
Jeremiah Barton
Adam's the goat
Jeremiah Barton
These guys have the best job in the world.
Rubianne Maquiling
ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪᒪY ᗩᑎᗪᖇEᗯ, IT ᗯᗩᔕ ᗩ 6000 ᖴOOT ᑭIᘔᘔᗩ, ᑎOT 5000 ᖴOOT ᑭIᘔᘔᗩ
Sharon Montano
6:38 I love sticking a fork in my cereal lol jk
Jon Ramsey
Cheese cake is good I just don't like the thought of cheese in my cake
Shinedown Rocks
Stop treating Adam so bad((#teamadam
The Majestic Swede
I always feel bad that Adam eats last..
Aeon Khen Delos Santos
why do I feel so sad about Adam ? he always eats the leftovers hahahaha
CH makes you look like BS so just stop.
Wajiha S. Khan
These guys look hungover in this video!
Mikaylah Johnson
poor Adam like their little follower/slave good he got to taste some cake though
Mikaylah Johnson
she just told her grandma's special recipe to all of YouTube
Violita Febriana
they make a good bestfriend forever role model
Anxiously awaiting the new video! 😁 lol
a wreck
adam is so pure
Natalie M.
Adam the real MVP he eats the leftovers poor guy!!! 😂😂
no caviar/gold leaf/truffle in the most expensive food??? GASP
Emma Berke-Williams
"it always feels good to put the fork in"
TheGoodGourmand TT
Baked cheesecakes are custards, not cakes.
Ashxchole Slime
$ Wine vs $$$ wine or $ Candy shop vs $$$ Candy Shop or $ Clothing store vs $$$ clothing store or $ fondue restaurant vs $$$ fondue restaurant. Comment more. We can do this. Make em notice this
Ashxchole Slime
$ chocolate V.s $$$ Chocolate
Sara Dickson
the "you're awkwardly placed, are you?" cracked me up!
Cheesecake is literally a custard pie. I have no idea why people call it a cake.
69 dollar noose vs 420 dollar noose
Kat Anderson
what's the music with the choir when they go into the last place?
Choco Mint
You really need to get the green tea crape cake. My mom would always get it for my birthday or for random reasons
Veronika Liddle
Alyssa IshBae
Why am I watching this when I don't eat cheesecake? 😂
Danyai Christopher
my fave part is where Adam took the whole plate savage level is amazing
Nina Fouques
Adam: "That's so sweet."
" Alcohol hits you harder at 12:04 PM" LOL!
damn for $3.50 they could have bought 3 slices of cake
The video should be called $4 cheesecake vs $7 cheesecake. That last place is $7 a slice and $70 for the whole thing....click bait omg
Gaia B. Pažitka
Ya'll eatin good these days. 😂😎😎
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