EXTREME Cactus Attack!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote takes an extreme fall and lands right in a Cholla Cactus!

As if catching a Tarantula Hawk, which has the second most painful sting in the world, wasn’t dangerous enough leave it to Coyote to run after one in a minefield full of jumping cactus! YIKES!

Well it goes without saying that dodging all of the cacti didn’t exactly happen on this adventure…

Get ready to witness one of the WORST cactus attacks you’ve ever seen! 

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Jessica Esquivel
Man hands clapping for coyote he tries so hard not to say bad words while he gets it pulled off
Kathryn Shuman
Minus well use this for educational purposes 😂😂😂😂
Aomine Daiki
Does water help
Chuper Cabra
0:34 - 0:37 lololol like a horror movie lolololol
what hurt more getting them stuck in, or getting them pulled out?
Kevin Gomez
Coyote:gets covered by cacti, Mark: did you catch the tralantula hawk
Potter Head
coyote:yahhashhhd(making weird noise)
Potter Head
3:58 Harlem shake😂😂😁
5:11 sounds like a dolphin
Devon Gooding
over exaggerator
Nikola Stojanovic
did it get ya
Pittsburgh Penguins
8:01, We hear the mating call of Coyote.
i like marks reaction when the cactus piece just flew off he laughed lol
Foxlover86 Pounce Pounce
I'm Coyote Peterson and I am about to fight a snow tiger with only a stick
Coyote:gets torn in a thousand pieces
Mark:you alright?
Erin Lyles
That happen to me before
Daniel McCabe
OMG that looks painful OMG😱
Daniel McCabe
Kona Kutie
It's so sweet that the camera men were so worried about him.
mista gamesHD
Marks becoming a meme...
Aari Is Swag
Go mak
Aqua sparklez
thanks me l8ter m8
ZLegendairy Neighbors
Coyote: owwwwwwwww
Mark: you ok? Does it hurt?
Janna Napier
Well the chranchala video is never going to be made
Ahra Mante
I not scared and I already try that
Бля, он в как хищник кричал в один момент :D
Exo -
3:15 pulls the cactus off
Camera man: lol this is fun
nathan duncan
I would cuss so much
3:26 xD
me waxing my legs
LPS kitty kitty meow meow
You poor thing
Gavin Briones
How in the world can he withstand that pain
my tab
Cheri Murray
Are you ok
Rob Guardado
5:10 that noise came from the depths of hell
Gallxylord Bro
5:12 sound like Predator
Bai- B
Coyote: Ahh!!! *almost dead*
Cameraman: you alright man
Decker Elam
5:10 he sounds like a lizard
James Nealy
man this looked so painful normally I think he exaggerates but not here that's real deal pain
Habsgaming 97
The noise that coyote did sounded like predator
Rick EU
5:11 sounds like the grudge lol
sam Simon
I feel bad for them but i noticed that it's so easy for that to gently go in your skin so fast with it hurting😕
Daniel Santillan
honestly as much as i love that he does these things for us he should stop, he could potentially die and if he doesnt people will make him do things not for a lesson, but just to see him in pain.
I laughed the whole way through xD
Noah Marchesseault
I love your channel so much I wis I was like that
Argo YT
5:11 and now we see a wild cayote making his mating call
watch for cactus sereiosly
Godless Death
lmfao the close up on eyes bit at end too good.
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