The Try Guys Get Photoshopped With Men's Ideal Body Types

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The Try Guys recreate famous photos of male celebrities and are photoshopped with their ideal body types.

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Big Bad Wolf
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Krystal's World
"I look like a surprised baby"
"Its not our job to look that good" WOORRDD
War Place
Thanks BuzzFeed! Now I know that it's okay to be out of shape and obese! I was self-conscious for so long and at risk for heart disease but you've given me a great boost to my self-esteem with your very informative videos starring the most insecure men on the planet.
ell bee
Lazy guys😅
Mya 24
Nikki Nixon
Keith is actually really attractive. Plus funny b
Austin Chandler
Ronaldo is not 0.01% of the population. There are a ton of men who have his physique. You can look like that, and keep your job, and spend time with your family. Stop making excuses, fix your diet and get in the gym.
Hollow Birds
Repent of your sins.
mediocre parent
why am i crying in the club rn
Jessa Lehman
As I watched this, I realized that in my opinion, the only thing "unattractive" about an out of shape guy is them talking about lying around and being lazy and never doing anything outdoorsy or adventurous... At the end of the day, we'll all be at least a little attracted to the fit and toned bodies, but I genuinely didn't think there was anything wrong with their bodies before.
jess myzelf
Jeeeezzz if you want to have muscels work out do you think those men got them by doing nothing
Makenna Helms
Oh Eugene 😓
Sharon Jacob
Eugene you are so handsome ❤️
Chloe Good
Zack is so hariy
Missy Abella
Y'alls talking about Eugine while I'm over here dying over Ned
Alejandra Salima
The try guys train like Victoria’s Secret models /models/athletes for a month please do this like if you agree
anime quirks
Eugene is the cutest!
Amy McAvoy
I have never thirsted for for Keith as much as in the moment pre-photoshop what is this what--
if you need it, you can reach the national eating disorders association at (800) 931-2237 or chat with a professional at
That's E D G Y AF
Y'all this is kinda sad, but it's enlightening. They're all cute in their own way.
czarinaylacherrie roque
Pro Nerd
Dude Eugene is breaking my heart. 😢 he's so self conscious when he shouldn't be. He's beautiful.
Cuddly Kitten
Eugene shush yo butt up, ya sexy boi
"If I had to do all these things to have this body, idk would I be healthy." Face fuckin palm.
Madi McLaren
This made me cry😰
Sammy Plays Roblox
Golden Feather
Zach looks way better before the photoshop 😁
Yousif Abu Khamseen
1:14 RICEGUM ?
Sagnik Banerjee
I owe you guys big time for this video. This helped me alot, cause I guess I can relate to this issue alot.
The try guys should do 100 push ups a day for a month to achieve these bodies
Justin Bieber is not hot
It's Mimi
8:11 he looks like he’s about to cry 😭 that makes me feel so sad 😞
Nevaeh Tua
Eugne is hot tho ❤😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
I love the guys comments throughout this
killer queen
I loved them all before!after was not good at all.i only date the one before the photoshoped one.
Lion Serpent
Girl: hes also a natural thruster giggling and blushing

Gangly noodle man
Kate Chen
Leslie Grimaldo
“my shadow can beat me up” 😂😂
Nerdy Cat
Wtf is Eugene talking about? He's beautiful.
Lovely Mina
Hearing Eugene almost made me cry! He's one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen and it hurts how much insecurity he, and all the try guys, have. They are all so perfect to me!
Thefat Vegan
I love this
Kathryn Petty
Please explain to me why they thought that Zach and Keith needed to removed their glasses for the photos. As someone with glasses, I know glare can be a problem, but they don’t look as much like themselves without their glasses. Why do people think that having glasses make you less attractive?
I genuinely think Eugene is one of the most gorgeous people alive. My boyfriend has that very lean body type and I think is is gorgeous but that is his personality couple with how attractive he is. Personality can often speak louder than a body type.He worries that is not muscular but men come in all shapes, heights and sizes and just like women; need to be told that they are gorgeous.

Attractiveness is subjective and these guys have so much more than just looks.
This was so sad :’(
Dani Woodruff
"That I have a big f AAA a.cccC. Eeee
Charles Lavoie
They act like working out is the hardest thing anyone can ever do. Improvement is possible if they have a problem with their body go out and change it.
Lincoln Driver
This video shows that you should get healthy earlier, it gets harder when you get older. I started working out when I was 11.
unicorn gaming 101
All of you are amazing inside and out
Caro Quintana
Ned and kieth 😘😘
Zach and Eugene 😙😙
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