The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

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This is the first USS Enterprise? It has the NCC-1701 registry number, but it can't the the actual NCC-1701 from either the Prime or Kelvin timelines.

It appears in the comic series Star Trek Countdown to Darkness available at

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A model used by dangerousdac at Sketchfab.

This video is possible because of the individual work of fans around the internet. I'm basically just pulling together random articles and picture collections, then packaging them in the form of a video, so thanks to all you wacko internets out there for sharing your material.

Junkball Transmission is where I'll cover smaller topics and more impromptu stuff. I'm practicing for Star Trek Discovery.

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The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?
The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?
The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

Dale Stafford
LOL! You're hilarious man! And love the info throughout the video of course but the ending had me laughing! I didn't know about this other Enterprise though since I'm not in the comics so I'm glad you covered it! Always love your videos!
Edward Myers
As i u derstand the timeline the enterprize was a constitution class heavy cruiser that could not warp constantly until the invention of the duotronic computers allowed for speeds fast enough to allow constant warp this caused the revision of the design of the ship to such an extent that they changed the naval construction contract from 1700 constitution to an unamned prototype which robert april was given command of for shake down being a friend of george kirk yes jims daddy he recruited him to be security head ans second in command the romulans had spies on board who try to steal the ship.april is injured george takes over saves the ship and is given the honor of naming her. The name he choses enterprize. Great book by the way i would say that this is no more a lost enterprize than a variation of yhe hulk from one artist to another
Edward Myers
This guy is an idiot
Red T. Basco
Very Cool :)
Dave Carr
I hate the JJ Ahbrams timeline
dgtrh gabhfd
friday the 13th part 3 lol love that song
Dave Walsh
voyager !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odysseus Rex
I think what is important to understand is that the entire Kelvin timeline, and anything associated with it, is non canonical.
Christopher Mcnair
I think the nacelle said NCC-1703
Kevin Leib
You are supposing that the Enterprise was actually under new construction in the first movie in the new timeline and that April's Enterprise is a totally different ship. Remember in the "prime timeline" Kirk "prime" was not the first captain nor was Pike. The "Pike" ship looked different from Kirk's and Decker's Enterprise (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) was also different. Each time the ship had presumably undergone extensive refits and rebuilds. Something similar happens with Navy ships. Some of the WWII Essex class ships looked vastly different by the time they were decommissioned, having had added angled flight decks and such. I would propose that what we see in the "revised" timeline is not the construction of a totally new Enterprise but a "reconstruction" or extensive refit of what was April's ship. Been a while since I saw the movie though and can't point to any dialog on this one way or the other.
Fuck. Reboot shit. Should mention that in the title so that we don't waste our time clicking on it.
j v
srsly? using "data" from the JJ-verse to "prove" things about the prime timeline?
quit wasting our time.
SK Wills
What if the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise is older than we Think? What if the scenes in which she's being built are a refit instead of athe construction of a totally new ship?
DWH Gaming
as far as i'm aware the comics Countdown and Countdown to Darkness ARE canon and this could just be artistic licence but at some point after the 2009 movie it was retconed to a separate Quantum Universe that was parallel to the "Prime" Universe, much like the Mirror Universe seen in TOS & DS9 but followed a virtually identical history to the prime universe, so that version of the Enterprise ISN'T the same as the prime one, this also means the Kelvin from ST09 is also from this alternate universe but Nero is from the Prime

it also explains why Chekov is a different age, it's a different universe

did that make sense? i'm not that good at explaining myself in text
Joe Kerr
I'm pretty sure Kelvin timeline pre-Nero, was already a separate timeline. As NOTHING seems to line out with the prime timeline. It' may even be an alternate dimension, rather than an alternate reality.
Any crossover with Green Lantern is always canon. Truefact.
Early giant novel called Enterprise. B4 ship officially existed and was launched there was a 1st mission to rescue a crew of a colony ship stranded beyond rescue range by an ion storm. No ship fast enough to go around the storm and none strong enough to make it in time by going straight through the storm to rescue them. But this prototype was! Not complete but space frame and engines etc somewhere around 85% complete. Naturally something went terribly wrong. Sent flying off course crew knocked out! Great adventure and the man commanding the construction led the mission! Capt. Robert April. When ship later finished he turned it over to Capt.Pike.
Worth noting that while not mentioned in Countdown to Darkness itself, the IDW Kelvin Trek comics establish that the Kelvin Timeline is an outright alternate universe that's just very similar to the prime timeline but definitely different so things pre--Kelvin's destruction aren't necessarily true in both anyway. The comics have Orci as a story consultant and same writer as Countdown did Mike Johnson (who was a Bad Robot employee)

Admittedly that doesn't really explain Into Dakrness not lining up with Countdown either though.
Sarreq Teryx
alternate supposition after watching again.
Captain April's Enterprise is the Prime timeline Enterprise, which either got destroyed by other events within the Kelvin timeline, OR was just scrapped to launch the newer model. since no commision date is ever given for Pike's/Kirk's Enterprise in the Prime timeline, it's entirely possible that it was launched in 2229, and is a refit of April's ship (considering mentions of the warp drive being state of the art in TOS).
john condos
I have one of the pulp comics that shows the lower nacelle as a rocket engine
Funny how the shitstorm about JJ's films and now Discovery is starting to make people change their minds about Enteprise.
My impression when reading the comic was that they retroactively explain it as the one we see in the first film isn't being built so much as it is being rebuilt. Maybe some sort of remodel from the ground up while keeping some of the same materials over again, and the same computer core.
Robert Fitzgerald
While also a non-canon source, Robert April's origin story and his connection to George and James Kirk, was explored in the Novel "Best Destiny: 1992. One of my favorite Trek novels.
Jared Hoffman
In the prime timeline the Enterprise had just under gone a refit when kirk took command
Seemor Disillusioned
I hate temporal mechanics ... but even if an alternate timeline started in 2233 wouldn't it also have its own unique history changed to reflect that timeline ? I get it diverges from a common point but after it diverts wouldn't history change to support the changes ?
Enterprise was a good show.
In general speaking terms, I hate the JJ verse timeline. Even the comic Enterprise looks like the inside of a fu*king Apple store. Gross. If this was a forgotten Enterprise...I glad it was forgotten.
Still gave a *thumbs up*. Helps me appreciate more that which I already love. :)
Kyle Dennis
I love that you use the theme music from Friday the 13th Part 3 for your video. It is some pretty great music.
Darryl Bernard
Personally, I enjoyed Abrams vision for Star Trek. They reached a dead end with both the TOS and TNG movies and it was too late for a DS9 or Voyager movie(the actors had become too old for the roles),so it was either Abrams or nothing.
daniel francis
Is that theme music from Friday the 13th Part III?
could just explain it that this enterprise and the one from the movie are in fact the same one, but heavily refitted for some reason. After all, the original series enterprise, and the enterprise from the first 3 movies are also the same but heavy refits.
Too bad Admiral April was in the biggest turkey episode of TAS. "The Counter-clock Incident" is widely considered the "Spock's Brain" of TAS.
Marc Weavers
there's nothing wrong with the NX-01 enterprise :P
I will never understand people that don't like Enterprise, but just love Voyager... :/
Robert Kowalke
You're comparing 2 different artists impressions of a Ship, seriously there's no need to pick apart creative license so OCDishly.
My God you make Real nerds look like James Bond. It's safe to say any Ship prior to the Constitution class that Kirk used would look different.

Problem is you seem to think Enterprise is class in itself rather than just a name used on many different classes of Starships throughout the Star Trek Franchise.
Jinzo Clash
All anyone has to do to make me stop looking at something PERMANENTLY, is to simply mention Roberto Orci has a hand in it somewhere.
Eh, the only explanation that fits all the facts, as far as I can tell, is that the JJ-verse is an alternate or parallel universe, not an alternate timeline.

The timeline position is grounded entirely upon Spock's deduction being objectively true, but he doesn't and can not know what the audience knows.
Tim Walden
Since nothing from the JJ Trek films and after is canon (I don't care what you lie, CBS/Paramount), it's a waste of time to try and reconcile the two timelines. It's not a possible task.
Rick Mason
love this transmission
also love the VOYAGER retrospective.
Hmmm... Wouldn't the first USS Enterprise be the one from Enterprise? Just sayin'.
The reboots are just aweful movies. Not just awful Star Trek movies, but just plain poorly made movies all together.
David Carlin
oooh boy, you better not diss my NX-01, best looking Star Trek ship
OpTex Screens
How do you know that the Enterprise in the reboot was new? Couldn't it have been a refit? I don't think they state that it is brand new...
Lost Pony
So....what you're saying is the Titanic that sank was really her sister ship the Olympic in an insurance scam.
Jonathan Swavely
whats wrong with NX-01?
5:10....a small cut out bit showed the original 1701, TOS style, hung from Marcus' ceiling in the same office.
Chris Haywood
I hate jar jar-trek with a passion the likes of which the universe has never before encountered.....
Garrett Moffitt
That would have been USS Enterprise (XCV 330)
SirGibby's Geek Life
What if this "forgotten" Enterprise is the same one seen in the 2009 movie, and when we see it in the shipyard on Earth she's in the middle of going through an extensive refit?
I'd like to see somebody do the history of Capt. Garth.
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