The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

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This is the first USS Enterprise? It has the NCC-1701 registry number, but it can't the the actual NCC-1701 from either the Prime or Kelvin timelines.

It appears in the comic series Star Trek Countdown to Darkness available at

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A model used by dangerousdac at Sketchfab.

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The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?
The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?
The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701?

Bob Orci needs to be banned from Star Trek
Forgive me for being a bit picky...but....One of my life projects is building a model of every ship named Enterprise. A rather long term project. There are many.
But, to just clarify....

The first Enterprise was a wind driven sailing war ship of the United States Navy
April's Enterprise kinda resembles the TWOK Enterprise.
Scott Ferguson
Giang Huynh
No, you're just dumb.
Michael F
Fight me I loved the NX-01 enterprise
Since no one else seems to have mentioned it, can you do Voyager please?
I hope you keep making videos
John Kantor
So Orci should die along with Abrams. Thx!
Thom Osburn
Your premise relies on an assumption you made.
You think that Kirk saw the Enterprise being built on Earth.

IF that was either
(1) another ship of the same class or
(2) it was on Enterprise on Earth for a refit,
then you whole story falls apart.
The 1st NCC-1701?
Jon Kern
What if the Enterprise was under refit at the Riverside Shipyard when Kelvin Kirk signs up for Starfleet. Same ship just being updated. The prime Enterprise was in spacedock for 18 months before The Motion Picture. Plenty of time for the comic timeline to take place.
Denny 37
As for every video I have to reiterate, eff JJ and his timeline
Tony Blair
It's not forgotten, it's the original! The JJ-prise is a totally new ship! Now it makes sense!
jason cichetti
doesnt the star trek encyclopedia (which i believe was prime canon) cover this? i thought the constitution ship line was older than we thought. i believe robert april was first captain of the enterprise, pike 2nd, kirk 3rd, bit the SAME ship, just updated between commands. while the novel, Best Destiny isnt canon, i thought it dealt a little with this as well
Wrong, you forgot to incorporate the fact that first contact and the xindi conflict were changed because of an alternate future reacting with the class.
Excellent reasoning, why comics are not considered canon. :-)
Greg Hyatt
Simon Pegg (I think, may have been Orci) claimed that Nero's temporal incursion caused ripples backwards in time as well, affecting the past of the Kelvin timeline. It doesn't make sense, but it could be a word of God scenario?
Greg Hyatt
Simon Peggy (I think, may have been Orci) claimed that Nero's temporal incursion caused ripples backwards in time as well, affecting the past of the Kelvin timeline. It doesn't make sense, but it could be a word of God scenario?
Geno Stellar
Just gonna throw this out there. What if the 2258 Enterprise isn't being newly built, but rather... RE-built from the 2229 Enterprise, making the two different ships actually one and the same? Is there maybe a case for that?
How many are Star Trek Enterprises there?
Richard Thomas
The kelvin timeline is pure garbage bullshit, not at all cannon or a real part of star trek, all trek fans should reject it wit extreme prejudice because it's a total fraud trash and shouldn't exist on the big screen and shouldn't at all be perceived as official in any way
I think your over anylizing this, Every artist will do a slightly different representation dependant on that artists own style. This is this artists redition of the design, not a redesign.
would it really be from the prime timeline? if it has the nx-01 model that means it's from a future where the xindi attacked Earth. Not the prime timeline where they joined the federation.
Dorian Lang
You forgot to mention that April was a designer of the original Constitutional class, so it was implied that this was the OG Enterprise.
Good review!! Basically that Capt.Robert April is from the new timeline after the events of Star Trek: First Contact movie, where everything change thanks to Capt.Picard & Crew that revealed and share tech with I personally think was the deadbeat drunk dad & confused him with his son & creator of Earth's 1st warp ship Zefram Cochrane II. sealing the original series, TNG, DS9 & Voyager's timeline's fate. creating a all new timeline the Star Trek: Enterprise Universe where the NX was born. and was follow up by the Dreadful Star Trek/Wars mashup movies.
SuperSaiyanFour Kronos
correct me if i am wrong but if the animated series is unofficially season 4 of the original series, isnt captain christopher pike the first captain of the enterprise
Torace Dunlap
Oh for fuck sake, the the NX-01 is a good Ship!

Also do something about Voyager!
Salamander Tom teehee! 😆
Don't forget Voyager.
Vamroc Sylar
Yu Wish
Robert April was the first captain of the Enterprise, NCC-1701, which was the one we all know as having been subsequently captained by Captains Pike and Kirk. Chalk this up to comic writer laziness.
Not trying to justify the comic, since I didn't even know it existed, but is it possible the Enterprise wasn't being built from scratch in the first Kelvin Move, but undergoing the same kind of massive refit the original did, right before the Motion Picture?
Greg Heilers
re: "Comics and canon don't really mix."

Big deal. It has frequently been shown, over the decades, that "Star Trek and canon don't really mix."

Yo, can you do a vid on Voyager? ... :)
John Castle
Just more evidence that the '09 Star Trek reboot franchise was put together by people who just couldn't be bothered to play within the rules of a prequel.

"The '09 Enterprise looks different because Nero!"
"Okay. Why does the Kelvin look 'alternate'?"
"Because Nero!"
"Nero didn't screw with the timeline until Kelvin was already long since designed and built."
the new 2009 is to me not even trek. it's garbage & should be sent to the scrapheap of history along with the new star wars. both crap.
Jonsin 1459
Do one on Voyager please :D
This video is what happens when someone takes imperfect air work and the disputable canon of a sci-fi series with some discontinuities WAY too seriously.

Discussing conflicting dates--fine. it's part of the story.
Discussing odd drawing in a comic book--do the Shatner thing and, "Get a life!"
there is a theory that the "prime" timeline stop existing as soon as Kirk & Spock went back into earths past back in the 60's in ToS from there the timeline split and kept splitting each time they time traveled. so to say it's in the prime timeline is kinda meh since that timeline does not exist in star trek any more.
Don Key
Philo Wintercoat
I still think it makes far more sense that the so-called "Kelvin timeline" was actually the original prime timeline, and that the "Prime timeline" branched off of the time travel in Star Trek: Enterprise.

This would explain ALL of the discrepancies in the continuity, including but not limited to…
Characters born before the Narada's arrival having different genetics.
The Kelvin's drastically different engineering from "Prime" 23rd century starships.
The NX-Class ship in Beyond being identical to the "Prime" version.
References to a "Xindi war" which never happened in the "Prime timeline".
Warp drive functioning differently, and much more efficiently. (Trip lived!)
Also, get a Patreon
The constitution class was actually in a deleted scene from Into Darkness:
Most ST comics seem to be crap. They used have these so so covers, and on the inside, bad artwork and even worse stories.
First of all, I think that the writers of the Kelvin timeline movies, especially Star Trek (2009): 1.) are not really fans of Star Trek, at least not as much as they claim; and 2.) took too many liberties that deviate too much from the prime universe, as if the Kelvin timeline started well before Nero's temporal incursion (possibly, but not likely, as far back as when "First Contact" mostly takes place), and it also looks like "Countdown To Darkness" supports that theory. Otherwise they would have written an alternate timeline that is more closely matched to the prime timeline. Second of all, although I haven't yet read "Countdown To Darkness", possible explanations for the comic Enterprise being the same as the Kelvin timeline Enterprise, specifically the construction scene from the 2009 movie, are either: it is not actually the Enterprise herself that is being constructed; or it is the Enterprise, but instead she isn't being constructed, she is actually being refitted. In the prime universe, the Enterprise was refitted during the time between Robert April's command and Christopher Pike command, so the refit theory would make more sense toward tying the comic to the Kelvin timeline movies.
My theory is that the wormhole that brung both Nero and prime spock wasn't actually time travel, it simply took them to a parallel universe where things are similar.

But the Canonicity of the comics isn't really confirmed so I tend to usually consider them non canon side stories (although I can except the original countdown comic with the enterprise-e helping spock fight Nero as canon)
Robert Brown
inconsistent story line. star trek deserved to be left alone. Not to be taken over by a star wars wash out.
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