Simone Biles Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Lip Sync Battle Live w/ Olivia Munn & Michael Phelps

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US Olympians Aly Raisman and Simone Biles put on quite a show during a special edition of Lip Sync Battle, and alongside Lip Sync All-Star Olivia Munn, the three delivered a ‘thrilling’ performance.
They’ve proven to the entire world that they can dominate a floor routine or land across a 4-inch beam, but these Olympians may’ve also just revealed a new talent…

The only way to even stand a chance against one US Olympian, is to enlist TWO US Olympians, and that’s exactly what Olivia Munn had up her sleeve, or leotard for that matter, during a live All-Star-edition of Lip Sync Battle. 

Olivia went head-to-head against John Legend, Terry Crews and gold medal swimming champ Michael Phelps, when even HE was surprised to see the double dosage of gold medal gymnasts that would shortly appear onstage during Olivia’s performance of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia. Even hype-woman Chrissy Teigen, along with Aly’s parents were in for quite the surprise, but don’t worry, they were not quite as nervous this time around. Take a look:

Together, the trio managed to slip in quite a few wardrobe changes throughout the performance, ultimately ending up in skin-colored leotard, inspired by the looks worn by the dancers in many of Sia’s music videos. However, Simone suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction when her tutu wasn’t quite ready to reveal what was underneath…
But to nobody’s surprise, NOTHING stopped her from flaunting that gold medal talent, as her and Aly took turns flipping and bending and doing things one never knew the human body could do all over the stage. The girls put on quite the show, however, they weren’t able to call themselves lip sync champs after Michael took on Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’…
Once a champ, always a champ apparently! But don’t worry, there were no hard feelings between the gold medalists, however the girls did take to social media to joke about their experience, Aly tweeting a photo of the group, saying QUOTE, “pretty salty we didn’t win” and Simone expressing her gratitude for being on the show, and Olivia raving about all that star-studded girl power, writing, “Brought out the ultimate Girl Power tonight on @SpikeLSB All Stars Live! @Aly_Raisman @simone_biles”

So they didn’t take home the gold this time around, but it was one epic performance at that, so right now I want to hear all your thoughts on Olivia and her surprise guest performances, so get to talking right down here in the comments and then after that, click right over here to brush up on all the latest pop culture topics with our new weekly show, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hangin with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Sarah Whittle and I’ll see you next time. 

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Steven Nie
Nobody lip syncs better than Coco Montrese or Alyssa Edwards...
I love how mostly mistakes happen with anything sia related things
Vamanos Ninja
It was the opposite of a wardrobe malfunction: her clothes stayed ON.
Sara ali
I'm so sick of people asking for likes

What? You thought I would say like if you agree didn't you? Fuck that
noor ali
I didn't see any wardrobe malfunction
Rozina Mison
I love ❤️ Eminem
Leah Garrett
love simone
monk key
who's watching this in 2017???
Everybody Hates Judy
Why is everybody attacking Simone on her appearance? Like Aly Raisman is ripped too! Have you seen her back muscles? Shes more ripped than Simone! Like damn people... if you don't like the female muscle bod look you might as well attack the both of them or even better... SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Omg. Olivia Munn so funny trying to flip and cartwheel around the stage
No Reservations Podcast
The fix might have been in on this one
The Figure Skating Gymnast
isn't it kind of racist that they made Simon where a brown leo?
Chi tran
Chris pratt compared him to Eminem winning the batle of rap in 8 miles. He was right
The Critical Hit
Brisaydah Silliero
They called her for fame
Amanda Phillips
That's great that Simone and Aly could show off their gymnastics skills here. Olympic gold medalists!
Crusty The Wank Sock
Kill yourself
Alana.mia. pink
dancers? it's just Maddie Ziegler
De Day
whats/where the wardrobe malfunction ?? didnt notice
dayneen1 ShaneenArries
well EMINEM did it again.....ish😂😂
that weird ninja
simones hole butt was showing
maria mour
1 month abd 6 days late♥
Micheal Phelps looks exactly like my PE teacher lol
Sam McLatchie
Olivia should of won. Either her or John. Terry was great as per usual. The only reason Michael won was because of the song. His lip syncing was awful as he missed the majority of the opening. And the "performance" was him bouncing up and down with a bunch of other folk. Seriously he must have not even practiced that cause it was so simple. Olivia was robbed.
Danielle Judith
i didn't see the malfunction
The-Wanted Pot
I feel like everyone's doing whatever they can to make people like phelps again. He's a criminal and an abuser of white american male priviledge.
Barbara Harris
Tim stick to looking and don't comment. Idle minds brings people like you to the fore front of ignorance. Bye
Barbara Harris
Tim Tebow Who the hell are you? So Simone is only 4'9 she is compact and Awsome. You sit on your Stupid butt sounds stupid. You probably don't have a woman let alone looks either so to make Tim feel better he goes in on a Champanion. Simone could care less about you. The girl is Fine and got money. STFU.
Carina Dellaquila
I'm commenting because there is a 30 second no skip ad
Joanna Edwards
simone Bile is a dude point blank you can tell just by how his body looks like he was in a illuminati puppet manufacturer company of something
Elissa Colon Pan
IMG i love them so much.
Tim Tebow
Good lord. Pretty face no doubt. But her body is "no bueno".
Wait... Sarah Whittle? Damn. That reminds me of jumanji.
Richard Fukuda
John Legend was the best tho.
Toni McLean
At 1:22 Where were there. PANTS
Fara Marie Justin
LMAO @LIP SYNC BATTLES. Wtf this shit. People complain if artists lip sync to their own song, and they have shit like this.
just nothing
omg chrissy is so ugly
Jeje Smhhh
She has lots of muscules
Paige Miller
It's no secret that Michael Phelps fans had been curious about what music he was listening to as far back as the 2008 Olympics. Hands down Michael Phelps said "Lil Wayne!" Phelps has also stated that right before every meet he listens to "I''m Me and Right Above It-by Lil Wayne "That song made me want to finish strong and look forward to life after swimming". So why would your show not give props to the African American - Lil Wayne when it should have instead of Eminem!?!?!?
abigail soler
lol simone biles #yougogirl
Rachel R.
On a slightly random note...why is Chrissy Teigan even on that show? She's got to be the most annoying feature of Lip Sync Battle.
Olamiposi Adabale
pingouin dédé
Hitler II - Benjamin Netanyahu
Well, Olivia Munn is hot as hell.
Pixie Spade
did her dick show
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