Galaxy S8 Launch with Casey Neistat!

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Samsung and Casey sent us to New York for a Do What You Can’t S8 Event. 
Watch the entire AskGaryVee interview here: (language warning for children)

Youtubers in this video you need to check out!
Gary Vaynerchuk:
Sam Sheffer:
Casey Neistat:
Eh Bee Family:

Incredible experience! The S8 is an amazing new piece of technology. Gary Vaynerchuk is THE TOP marketing guru in our digital age. Casey Neistat’s event with Samsung, UNREAL!! Thank you to Samsung for paying for our trip! 
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Eh Bee Family
It was great being able to hang out with you guys! Can't wait to see you again soon!
Abbas O.o
Lincoln should be studying
Squirtle 101
turn it into slow motion and go to 3:35
Oliver Skeean
What's in side a Samsung galaxy S8
DiamondWolf PlaysGames
1 sub is a happy wife
DiamondWolf PlaysGames
Sorry if this hurts your feeling or what ever but I have a question where's your wife or mom
Max Browning
i knew that was you there i saw king of randoms video
Jared Fernandez
bro does this kid even go to school
cj gaming
you should drop the iPhone 8 when it comes out
Tyler Gooden
Drop a building! Nobody will die!
awesome B
do you know that eh bee family​ went on carnival Cruise line Vista you and your family should go there it's very nice and fun.
David Torrance
When does linchon go to school
David Torrance
When does linking go to school
Ryan Walters
Apple is better
Damn that s8 looks sexy
Sagar Singh
they made a new Samsung phone so it won't explode
Trick shots kid
Cut open a 12 sided fidget cube
Blaž Bohinc
I swear this kid is so brain dead.. no hate. Just sayin
Steve Desmarais
7:57 is that justine
You know there was 2 all steel buildings in New York until 2001 can you guess what they were
Cindy Lau
I see all those things in China Town because I visit every Saturday
crazed gamer
do whats inside a Tesla engine.
Aliyar Moravej
Pls do an whats in side an iPhone 7 plus
Brandon Chan
dut open a Nintendo switch pls
Emoji Plays
I've finished the legend of zelda breathe of the wild game
bloody good video guys
I love iJustine
3:20 if you did a collaboration it should be a Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Zhang Eric
Anther BOMB Launched...
English subtitles are wrong shortly after 9:31.
Jason Ferguson
Really cool vid guys. Looks like a really cool day/experience that everyone had.
Jaiden Larese
or a Zelda that would be so awesome
Cornellius Rebekka
john cena
I wonder how much school Lincoln misses
Tracey Thornton
a lamp
Sarah Bentley
Does Lincoln miss a lot of school
Kid Pack
You guys should drop a gaming computer
I remember that guy from those wine tasting or whatever it was videos.
So how long does the battery last and how much does it cost to replace it? Sound familiar? No one seems to want to answer this question. Casey?
Enrique Alvarez
dans tesla should be dropped and dan should cut his car open
Glad to hear Nitro Fun's new song in the intro.
Andy Goodman
Who else came here after watching Casey's video?
I have a I phone 7 plus
The rouge remixer Styles
Casey at 8:36
CoolBudGaming123 Gaming on Mobile
Anyone else have a Galexy S8 ad?
Justin Foster
I am allowed to tell anyone I like apple and it is a fact
Tay CraZy Cat
There's four headphone jacks then a charger for clear middle finger to apple
Jase Talley
Love you'r vlogs
eddie latham
U should do a what's inside the dji mavic pro
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