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1 VS 1 Basketball Against female hooper subscriber!
Loser has to ride the tallest sling shot ride in the world!!

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Would you have done the punishment ?? lol 80K likes for the next challenge!!! 3M on the way!!!
Young Polo
How to get the jacket fredo
Anesu Chimkupete
posting up a girl tho...nah its cool
Charles Corry
he put a young ma pic 😅
Keith Miller
Oh my god the punishment😂Fredo took it too far
Rashika Hemingway
Young ma
Fredo your a faggit
Ytry Alpha
Lil Ty
shes 10X better than flight lmao
trippy ass sparkz
Shes a better 3 point shooter then most of the males on this channel , and she took the dare 💯😤 respect ,
Omarion Barnes
fredo play me so I can woop ur ass in a 1v1
JaTyiah Simpson
she sirry
Christopher Bermudez
that's young m.a
Toastin Boy23
Prettyboyfredo my name is Anthony Norris II and I would like to have a 1v1 match with u,but idk because I live in Philly and u live in Orlando so if u can just try to get in touch with me please
fahad hemli

fredo face ahahahahah
Avery Cannato
Fredo all respect to you, you have the nicest jumper but you would be even better in the 2k community if you drove a little you would be a better cashnasty
SeaM0nster_ YT
she wouldve won if she layed up more tbh
Jariel Baez
Ibrahim Fofana
whyyyyy fredo
yeah Zach
I'm 10 and I want to go on that ride.
Dubb Vuitton
Lmfao how u going to out her as young ma😂😭
Rasheed Graham
this is so funny bro
thereal kamar
SeanGaven Ricalde
What is the name of the background music to 6:39
wtf theres no way u broke your wrist u made a three u dribbled wtf how u do that with a beoke wrist
Jordan Vaughn
he'll no
Keyona Capshaw
you weak anyway
Keyona Capshaw
I'll do it
Branyah _ Flawless
Am I the only one that knows that's not Young M.A
mr cool vloger
Can we someone please sub to my channel
Drequan Thomas
Fredo you are my favorite youtuber n I wanna play u 1v1 one day but my career people got deleted
burn her shoes
Cheryl Olver
same she is good
Quincy jenkins
Y'all good
Rafael Torres
How did he beast her with a broken wrist bro Fredo is a legend my boy
Skull Master
I've been watching you senc I was 4 and now I'm 10
MJ Austin II
I rode this in spring break
Lera Squad
is that fr yonug ma
DeMarcus Harmon
thats yung ma
Nicholas Cantuna
He don't haven no broken rust dripping w that hand
LSNC JoJo Joel
My teacher said he is better then you
Minion Wolf
wet lih wada...wrong dude
Thug Life#1
is that young maaaa
Media Mario
subscribe to my basketball Channel at Mario media Hearts dropping moment at 3 minutes and 40 seconds mad handles
lmao why there a pic of young m.a
Omarion King
Was that really young m.a.
Gaming with Tyson
What city do u live in
Erik C
i bet his dick's as short as his jumper
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