Loud Sex Derails Tennis Match at the Sarasota Open

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During a Sarasota Open match between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger, strange sex noises started echoing throughout the court. It caught the players’ attention, and both tried their best to make the imposing couple stop. 

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That's my city 😂😂😂
Daniel D
y'all ain't slick, this is Zach from college humor smh
mirko djuric
she must be pounded by 10 incher,that for sure
It had to be a prank.
who is this bum stick to hot chicks reading the news wtf
whatever happend to those other two complex guys that everyone hated when they showed up cringe af
V for Victorious
Fake and acted. Assholes just wanted to troll the game.
new balls.
Johnathon Didicher
why did he have a green jersey in the thumbnail?
who dafuq is this pirates of the carribean justin block lookin ass nigga
Lockard S
D Liburd
I guess she got a love serve.
DUI_ Lover
Well it was obvious she was getting fucked in the ass
Adam Roberts
who da fuck is this nigga man
Scoobert Scooby Doo
"It can't be that good!"😂 Dude's facial expressions were hilarious.
Mit Chandola
I nearly thought that Monica seles playing.:)
Lemme take this L

Me n Beija get a lil wild at times
Justin Jones
eggplant colored shirts
Either she was faking it... or her ass was spread "Ten-inches Open..."
Bruh wtf. Wtf complex
"eggplant colored shirts" you mean purple my nigga? are we so stupid now we only know colors by the emoji with that color lmao
Bris Breezy
I don't think anyone knows what ironic means anymore
King Kai Yin Rei
your puns assault my ears.
King Kwe
I'm confused, it sounds like a normal tennis game?
! ガハハ
Penis Match at the Sarasota.
J walking
She was playing pennis not tennis
Balls in her court.
sex in the air
Matthew Williams
Someone has a huge cock.
Savoury Lobster
So do you just make money by non stories and stealing videos? This is shit lol
"Both players were wearing eggplant coloured shirts"BOY! have you forgotten your color? take a look at what your wearing.
Haha Tiafoe you awesome 👏
Paul PhiZz
aaayyyyyy complex this guy is weird ..........cmon wat yall.doing this guy is a weirdo diff person plz
Shan Tv
is it u jesus in that gunny bag
Shan Tv
The girl was faking it to get the tennis players attention..
yo, get this fool outa here.
trey tomas
1:47 - you really wanted to put a phallic symbol on that thumbnail didn't you complex 😂
Tyler Johnson
This guy blows
Alocos Dude
Guatemalan Jesus
Al A
Hey everyone. From Complex News, I'm a fucking sexual predator.
Peter S
eggplant coloured shirts? how about purple shirts? loll..
Jalen Thomas
This nigga looks like a mixture of Luis scola and indigo Montoya mixed together
That Black guy is sexy. 😍
Morgan Craig
get rid of these new reporters
I have Ass-ma!
dude mustve been layin the holy pipe on that pussy
Marshall Mathers
This nigga just pops out of nowhere and begins to host all these vids.
Chris chris
sounds like someone else was doing a better job at smashing balls against chick
Jeremiah Fisher
wheres jinx
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