Why Roman Atwood Left Flash Alone After Zeus Passed Away! Roman Atwood Selling His House?!

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This Is Why Roman Atwood Left Flash Alone After Zeus Passed Away! Roman Atwood Selling His House?!

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Viral Matters
I don't know why people are commenting telling me he sold his old house. This video was made weeks ago and not in reference to that in the slightest. Plus I knew he wouldn't sell the current house he lived in.
flash is more of a outside dog. almost the complete oppoiste of zeus. and he likes to play with empire.
ITz TeMp Playz MC
I'm so sorry for you guys it must be hard
Jackson Buchanan
I feel so it's bad for Zeus
Savage 17
His friend Todd
Alexis Kennedy
mayde his cosen is baby sitting flash
Nastynate Vergauwen
fuck you
Robert Daly
Maddie does gaming
he keeps on repeating himself...
this is sad
i subcribed!
Gaming Cappuccino Guy
maybe the one in charge is Empire,maybe they just run around together
Stay Ballin
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Mitchell's Life
He also has a donkeyπŸ˜‚ don't forget about that
Jimmy Scarchilli
I subed, respond plzs
KB 99
u do make up some bullshit
Carter Mirer
Sophia Ceckitti
He had to of been planning the vacation for months before he can't just not do itπŸ™„plus flash had empire who makes him happy
Ruby Robinson
I'm your my master
Tiffany Perez
He stated while on vacation that Fish Tank, Pinball, quad Todd was taking care of his fish tanks, Flash, and Empire that's why when he came home and the curtains were laying on the floor
Tyran Carl
Flash was probably with the smile more girls
Deji's dad
Tyler Vlogs
no more no more its making me cry
Brent Weeks
dis likeeeee
Aflal Refai
Faze censor is life
Roman had already booked his vacation, before he knew zues was going to die
LaMelo Ball
H20 Clan
I liked
Triatan Albrecht
God man you just blow smoke up every body's asses aren't you
Aiden Horton
Flash did not growth with Zeus
Scott Bacon
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Supercoolguy11 11
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Melissa Harding
flash stayed out side with the donkey.
Keiran Gerrard
he never left flash on his own someone was with him
Caden Saxon
roman had Todd/pindalltodd watch his animals
emmanuel Monroy
flash has donkey flash is happy with that there best friends
Baileys Vlogs And Videos
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Nevan Kulp
Good Call of Duty playing you got there
What? Roman planned the vacation before Zeus passed. He's not the kind of person that would just forget about his pupper because he's sad
steven ray villarojo
you should shut up
Josh's Vlog's & Gaming
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Flash did grow up with Zeus they only known each other for about 1 year
Madailen Grace
his mom was there watching flash
Caitlin Kelsey
lilman 1925
Daniel Ellison
I love your videos and keep doing them
Alex B
This is stupid
Rafael Lara
what about donkey
Optic VlogZz
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