Nikola Vekic
She had green eyes
I can already tell, this is going to be one of those films that I will see dozens of times in my life.
Mariusz Nowak
1:36 quantum computer ?
Ken Hinkley
Song in this trailer? Doesn't seem to be on the soundtrack.
What a pile of shit this movie is. Another one in the dust bins of history and will be forgotten quickly.
I can't think of a movie that needed a sequel LESS than Blade Runner. =(
Ken Thomas
Fear Factory: Genexus
C1 cinema
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Vicky Cheng
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mad max
Best fucking movie of 2017
Sorry, not gonna watch it. Jack the Ridley killed off Spacey. He can eat my shorts.
David Zeto
Best Movie 2017
Bravo Gaming
I imagined the synthezier track from Journey -Seperate Ways to be in this movie. I copied the link to just the synth track might need some chopping up an rearranging but its kinda what i imagined.
Axel Morales
To be honest, I thought the plot of this movie was going to be different. I thought that it was going to be about K discovering that the psychopathic Wallace was trying to make Replicants replace real humans in throughout the entire civilization, and that he needed help from Deckard who was involved in the situation 30 years ago. That Deckard and the other Blade Runners planned to expose Wallace, but was left into hiding when the other Blade Runners were being killed by Replicants similar to Luv, forcing Deckard to completely hide. Which is why I thought all of that when he said "We were being hunted" Of course, the story was different, but it was great anyways.
You know a movie is great if it made you question your own existence. Powerful stuff.
Trailer for dumbasses. Way to linear.
John Kiely
I don't think i've been wanting a dvd/blu ray release so much as this film!!
Resist (((technocratic dictotarship))).
Gabriel Lassiter
Too long and boring.
Craz Point
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Timm Bruce
that cut when K and Luv confronts in the hallway... nice
Roger Penn
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Solvei Pen
Jacob Beatty
Bladerunner 2049 was a masterpiece of true art within a movie. The cinematography in the movie was stunning and the music was beautifully composed and the various colors portrayed the different emotions which were used to gain curiosity of life and existence.
Cayley Thompson
Bad ass short - Cyborg rebels against government control “7TRUTHS”
Pedro Moris
Watched it last sunday. Expressionless Gosling fits the role of a replicant. Ana De Armas once more being cast to play roles that focuses on her hot body and lolita face but it's okay. Good sequel although first one is better!
C1 cinema
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Dmitri Krasyukov
I heard it didn't do well in box office for some reason, just shows that majority has very bad taste. I'll definitely buy it when its available on google movies!
Weird Stanley
yamaha cs-80 sounds nice
They Don't Reply Back
where the fuck is the thumbnail
They Don't Reply Back
lmfao fucking spoiling the first scene in the movie
This movie kicked ASS. Excellent sequel and the sound track was outstanding. Man the movie industry is in short supply of these types of master classics. They have my vote for the best move in probably the last ten years. Movie writers this is how you make a movie. You dont need to go overboard with all your special effects. This movie nailed it and had the old feeling of the 80's but with an actual story line. Imagine a story line what a fucking revelation. 5 Stars
This movie is brilliant.
iman Bay
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s.m. pravin
OMG the music and visuals are just too good.😭but I couldn't watch it. In a shitty country like India this movie ran only for 10 days.
Carta B
Literally all the words in the whole movie were in this trailer.
Pradhyumna Gupta
Never heard about Blade Runner before but excited after reading all the comments raving about it.
Should I watch the original before I watch this?
The Grand Solar Minimum "Breaks the World."
TrashWang Shabbaz
The only good trailer made this year....
Luke Daluzsousa
Just like Sicario - This Movie Is Not Recognized Oh, But it's right there, At The Top.
Ha Ha
watched this with my dad after missing school for my first therapy session for depression. really beautiful film man, looks so good in theater the whole room lights up ahhhh made me feel like I was gonna be ok, has a special place in my heart <3
Brandon Michels
Being a huge fan of the original film, this trailer gave me chills when I first watched it in the best possible way. I'm still fond of watching it from time to time. I'm happy to report the new film did not disappoint. I went to see it twice in fact. An absolutely awesome movie and I'm extremely glad it exists. I've already pre-ordered the blu-ray. Shame the majority of moviegoers didn't seem to care it was there. Thankfully there are a lot of people out there that enjoyed BR2049 as much as I did.
Bruce lee1947
Fuck i need to watch this
Adam Bernard
The trailer sucks. Especially considering how good the movie was.
quality conflict
The sequel we never knew we really needed.
Saila akter
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Immy Walsh
omg its looks so good
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