Spiderman Order Food at McDonald's DRIVE-THRU! w/ Mickey Mouse, Chase & Joker in Real Life

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Spiderman Order Food at McDonald's DRIVE-THRU! w/ Mickey Mouse, Chase & Joker in Real Life

Chase from the Paw Patrol Team is ordering food from McDonald's through Mickey Mouse. Meanwhile, Spiderman is being impatient and honking from the back because he is super hungry. After Chase has pay and left with his order, Joker comes from behind Mickey Mouse and hits him on the head and drags him into the pantry. Spiderman arrives at the drive-thru and starts ordering. However, Joker has already switches the french fries and Big Mac with insects and gives Spiderman the nasty order.

Spiderman is super happy because he finally gets to eat. However, he eats really fast without realizing that the bag is full of plastic insects. Spiderman is really mad so he goes back to the drive-thru window to get some answers. Because no one is there to greet him at the window, he looks inside and realizes that Joker is torturing Mickey Mouse. Spiderman immediately jumps in and shoots his web at Joker's feet before he is able to escape. He calls the Paw Patrol Team and Chase arrives to arrest Joker.

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