Mario Angeles
Hmm its weird how everyone in the comment section is a ninja.
Seatorn Ld
The guy was sooo cringe
Samuel Bran
The teachers lisp wtf lol
is itf different? as far as i know you're not allowed to grab the opponent's leg...
Fake sparring
hg5 gordie
Maybe if u didnt get a weak girl and a gay guy then
Dylano Schumans
Google Official
Just hit the jaw
Bensies Gaming
To be a black belt you need a expirience of at least 15 years a d trust me im a brown belt in kyokushin
Bensies Gaming
Battledroid D
Hi my name is Juan. Juan cena!!!
master medi
I like the way the teacher talks...cuuntry
Slinderz Unnamed
What are thoseeeee
SuckyBakedBean :D
Anybody notice that the white belt girl had 0 points?
Anatoliy Shyryayev
I just realised i'm watching BuzzFeed "Hand in face"
Zai Lets Play
The guy let her win
Okay.... years of training for a black belt, just a minute for a gun. Well, with trump, it's easy to get your hands on a gun....
Doris Dickerson
127 she looks like a horse
Joan Noh
Was she like 'JUST DO IT!' at 1:24 ?
Kakarot Playz
3:50 niggurs
daniel pshenko
I bet my grandmother can beat that "black belt"
i was watching this w/ my friend and shes like no fun wheres the guns and i-
Crazy Cat Productions
Karate is so damn pointless listen t that thot yell
Carmelo pearman
I don't fight and I could have beaten that girl
Fire Blade775
Aku Aturan
This title is a fake
Drink Dino
At 3:33 the girl dabbed while doing a kick
Drink Dino
The sensei's teeth has problems
Chabboi Games
Sparring is so faaaake
Pac Kid
When Carolina said at The Sparring match "Thats Girl power" Master/Sensai Was Like "WUT?"
Oni Bhardwaj
I do MMA and I see them do this is such a cringe, the fight was so fake
WHY YOU SAY "はい(HAI)'' the signification is: Yes

Majed Kalaoun
3:38 That is definitely not a stance I've seen in any Martial Arts; I don't even know I can call it a stance, as it is barely structured and very loose. 3:40 She missed three kicks right there, kicks which utterly lacked power and speed. Missing kicks will definitely leave a person open so the opponent can go in for a potential attack, which is why black belts almost never waste kicks like the girl in this video did. She proceeds to grab her foot and throw her to the ground, which is strictly prohibited in a sparring match.

3:54 She carelessly rushed towards the opponent, possibly leaving her off-guard. Although that isn't much of a problem, she wastes two kicks, potentially leaving her open, then performs the slowest, fakest take down I've ever witnessed.

Conclusion: I don't even know how she managed to get a black belt.
Kian Keichinger
That's not fair because the guy wasn't even trying to fight a little girl
HyperBeans JJ
Fakers fight ever
HyperBeans JJ
The sensei is the perfect example of a weeboo lol
Ronniel Tianga
Its easy when you join taekwondo.

Cause im just blue belter
I've been doing wtf style taekwondo over half my life and this isn't even semi accurate to real sparring. She seemed to be doing judo
The Awkward Dog
At 3:32 she dabbed!!!!!
I love shrek
I'm 250 lbs so I'm not gunna get flipped by her
Joseph Neiconi
Yo I could not put up with his voice for a while
Susan Stewart
Pause at 0:41
Zahra Abdassit
Kids rule
Joshua Landi
3:48 OMG KILLEDD MEEE !!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nawal GamerGirl
0:54 damn bruh, brush your teht my mama did ever and now Shes like WTF :0
Chrone Lyonaut
I can destroy the hell out of that girl! Their so weak!
kids are so cringy naturally wow
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