Black Belt Kid Vs. White Belt Adults

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We competed against kids to prepare us for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Watch the women's gymnastics individual all-around final featuring Simone Biles tonight in primetime at 8pm ET on NBC!

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Hot Sauce
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Blame It On Rio (Instrumental)
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Made by BFMP
Prince Loeffler
Carolina Perez
Juan Ortiz
IG: @_one_random_kid
Paris Bravo
Morgann Franson


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gianny mejia
That girl makes me cringe so hard
Ryzo Animationz
4:01 kinda reminds me of Attack on Titan idk why XD

(Btw its season 2)
4:00 boy that fall was so fake
Daniel Amora
I wish my girl could fight like that.
Mitchell Gaming show
Evandro Carlo Ciaccia
Sensei's mouth is not a black belt, it's just black
April ZZ
She's pretty
J60x Gt
gibson guitar
the little girl heads my ninja bodyguard
The Spark
I couldn´t do it, she would probably kick my arse but I would be afraid to hit and harm her. So all in all, it can never be a fair contest.
Tino Trivino
how can you be black 2Dan belt if you are 11...ah ok..USA..thats why their Karate is so bad :-p just watch her kicks... ok fake 100%
That guy was gayer than a rainbow.
Matt R.
The instructor reminds me of Milton from Office Space..
Ailsa MacCorquodale
That guy just didn't try because he wasn't about to hurt a 11 year old girl like wtf😂
KingOPM 0926
Jui jitsu is better
Rogue Sniper
Pause at 3:32: Dab
WishingLess Vampire hunters
Erm I'm past black belt so I'm way stronger
Super festive glitch girl the Dragon
u know the black belt
So they give Black Belts to kids these days? I remember when not so long ago a black belt meant something.
p cha
Pakistani girls are basically useless.
I want the sensei to say " Sufferin Succotash "
Sanjeet Singh
The teacher reminds me of Mr. Pregnant 😂
Joep van Zutven
this was tantoe funny
Aragnam Krims
I'd legit box KO everyone's ears in this video.
Big Slatts
that was faker than kim kardashian and nicki minaj
Hahaha what are those letters on the trainer's uniform? "修行館"? That word is for Karate, not Taekwondo. That trainer is totally ignorant or maybe it's cheesy marketing. I wonder how many years it'll take until American people can tell Asian cultures.
Emilia Birdie
3:32 dab
XxxPrincess gamingXxx Cute
delgodo40 Aj
i am SUPER strong i can beat that girl up. My legs are strong and musclar so i am really friken strong.
Alexander Bailey
I would be a the shot outta her
I love the board breaking thing, I used to compete in Martial arts and they had a big test two times a year for each region for everyone to compete and get their belts, do forms, tests, etc... So all these 10 and 11 year old were breaking boards exactly like this. Were were 11-12 and had no issue breaking the board, but 5 and 6 year old were breaking them. After it all we left and walked out the wrong door and walked into a room of 5 guys in martial arts uniforms scoring boards to be broken. Even if you look at this video you can see the light score mark right where it breaks. But in reality no matter how trained an 11 year old girl is gonna get demolished by an adult reguardless of any training.
Daniel RobboSon
Paris at school Bully: Lol u loser u have no strength. Paris *Kills him*
Jayden Saeed
It's called a joniour black
dFuZe ViiPeR
So fake 😂
fidel catsro
im a cat belter in catwondo
adimdan sanane
Boards don't hit back .
Username 1337
NO KARATE EXPERIENCE - One time I punched a brick and it broke.

Because I wanted it to.
aww that's cute. they made her feel strong
Bobble Bella
I'm a white belt😭😭
i'll defeat the girl!!!!, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Chelsea Alvarez
The little girl looks innocent but mess with her and you messed with the wrong person
mrcurly mrcurly
LOL, everyone with a little experience can see that the fight agains the boy is fake!
Bleu Rows
Fake and gay.
Platinum Eagle
That little girl looks like my cousin
Jimin's Hoe
that little girl's screaming face is hella ugly
Marlow Giesecke
Omg she's like 1 foot tall I'm 12 I'm already 6 foot I have rapid growth and muscle so she would be easy
Gaming with Minecraft Girl
I feel like my cousin is gonna be like the little girl or my friend! Lol
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