Funny Kids Shopping Cart Joke !

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Funny Kids Shopping Cart Joke 

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marely Carrillo
that lady is crazy
marely Carrillo
hi im marely carrillo
Justyce Amos
You. Are. The. Best. Love. You😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Ltahya Davis
l like the house in l noow you had dan a pat
Ltahya Davis
l like the house in l noow you had dan a pat
samantha Carter
so cute
Marelyn Paredes
Love you BEST CHANNEL EVER 🙃🙃🙃😌😌😌😇😇😇🤠🤠🤠😉😉😊😊🙂🙂😮😮😮☺☺😆😆😆😅😅😄😄😚😙😏🙄😗😃🤣😘😶😑😍😂😁😎😐😀😋🤔🤤😖😬😩🙁😝😜☹😨😧😲😛🤓🤑😦😭🙃😌😴😕😢😤😔😫😪😓😟😯😒😞🤥👺😹😸👹🤡🤠👿😺💩😈😇😠☻🤖👾🤧😡😵🤢👽👻🤕😳😱🤒☠💀😷😰👦👨‍🎓👨‍🔧👩‍🍳👩‍⚕️🙊🙉👨‍⚕️👨‍🍳👩‍🌾👼🙈😾👶👨‍🌾👩‍⚖👵😿🙀👴👨‍⚖👩‍🏫👩😽😼👨👨‍🏫👧😻👨‍🎤👮‍♂️👱‍♂️👳‍♀️👩‍🚒👩‍💻👨‍💻👨‍🚒👳‍♂️
Marelyn Paredes
That Lady is from crazy water ballon
Ariel Sripasert
Yes make a video building the ginger bread house
Janiya Carter
Is that lady crazy taking kids stuff
Shermane Boagni
She is a very bad lady
Palabras Cristiana
Palabras Cristiana
She’s too blah stuff that she never let people get your stuff she’s too young for you and I going to make a video that OK
Paty Ayala
Paty Ayala
Faiza Bhatti
ILove Love it
Jay Duncan
Who is that girl
Trevor Greenman
show the YouTube video to the police then you will have proof
Vaughn Jeffries
That lady is crazy
Ruby Phippen
I love your videos❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kayla Johnston
how is she
Susan Smith
Wy is the lady following you
Macey Guillory
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
awwwwwwwwww elli is like a baby because she is cute
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
why did you prank my sister
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
which is your contree
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
pick a fight whith Godzilla
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
that woman that was fooling
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
do somthink you never did befor
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
whach annoying oringe
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
awwwwwwwwwwwwww elli so cute and funny and sily
Sophia Lina Hammoudan
why do you allwase tell niah and elli to not by toys and sweets evy time
margarita Cisneros
What shoud be That crasy lady name?????????!!
margarita Cisneros
WhatsApp shuold be Thay crasy
Angelina Khadka
That is a crazy girl
Veronica Williams
Good babygirl
Veronica Williams
Veronica Williams
Veronica Williams
MCKENZYE 💩😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Jenna Mcleod
Who is that guy who has been steeling all the. Ginger bread man.i fell sorry for you
Tylermastergamer LIVE STREAM
That lady is crazy
Monique K
What's the purpose of the videos in the store?
Merlinda Burgess
Naiah and elli,
Today is almost December so come at my house and you will see the best time of the year. I love you. Niemah 💖💗💓❤️💛💚💙💜
Clara García
Clara García
Clara García
Clara García
Alandra Garza
I know
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