MLB | Worst Bat Flips

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Enjoy the video

Doug Burger
I love your vids they are awesome!
___ aic
why was the flip at :57 in this? it was great
Christian Koch
Lol, I'm a fan of your videos... But you used the same audio clip for two different visuals... 1st one was the original, second was not the right video with audio
Lilvinylman's YouTube
Some where not mlb
1:51 ur retarded if the ball is not gone it doesn't make it a bad bat flip this one is amazing
Tater Chip23
2:14 Floor is lava🔥🔥
King Nugget
Who is that at 1:37?
Mike Garner
Doubles are still good...
eduardo murrieta rodriguez
Excelentes vídeos amigos!👌
I remember a bat flip that injured 2 coaches and 3 bench players from his own team. One of the players was on the disabled list for 15 days.
D Right 5
I love your videos
Eli K.
Best videos made are by top all sports
The way to figure out the dodgers are playing. Their pitchers are hitting
Foxy Tony21
Y is zach grienke on here he always bat flips when he hits it so y is it the worst?
Didn't see Zimmerman
Dominic A Munoz
I don't see these Japanese pitchers throwing temper tantrums about the bat flips
linda mendez
Nick Steiner
Zack grienke bat flips on everything
Young Savage 713
2:25 was the best bat flip of all time
LandonNichols Vlogs
0:34 notice what he said "bull $#!+"
2:35 OMG I love that clip
joseph vidana
whoa this is way better than bronxbommer keep it up
Evan B
Grienkes bat flips were good
Clearly The best
Most of these aren't even bad just because they aren't home runs
Redsox Fan34
How is greinkes a "worst bat flips?"
TJ Robinson
Great vid but some of those were awesome not bad like Jose Ramirez and that last one
Mike Tidbits
That Cards one was pimp what are you saying
Mike Tidbits
Fuckin Greinki man
Brendan O'Donnell TV
Greinke bat flips every time he makes contact, not because he thinks it's a home run
Ozzie Daboss
What does a bat flip mean? I'm from New Zealand and baseball isn't in it
2:21 Truly like a boss! Who is that player?
Luke Lauw
puig=worst bat flipper of all time
David Achacon
bat flips into triple play...
NickC Productions
2:32 MLB? Are you sure?
Joanna Geremesz
Hunter Nobles
Subscribe please
Whats wrong with Greinke's bat flip?
Nice vid still!
TD Challenge
Like if u like da dodgers and vin scully
On the Beltran add he already returned
Beltran came from the best team ever go rangers
Jonathan Bosworth
Any legit bat flip is the worst bat flip.
Astro Replayys
I don't see how they are bad
Stone Henderson
1:50 that laugh sound like santa
Lamont Read
do no hustle
Carlos Gomez did a Russian dance
Kian Reza'e
greinkes aren't really bat flips, it's just the way he drops the bat
Tyler and Zach Moore
I love how the last one has the same audio as another clip. Great video though.
Bungee Snake
Are the fields in China really small or something? These chinks batflip on every single fly ball.
Trio Bros
Some of these aren't bad batbflips
Why is Greinkie here? For a pitcher a double is like a home run for a position player
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