Bad Baby Magic - Orbeez Inflatable Water Slide Pool Party In House - Daddy Freaks Out!

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Hi friends:)
Bad Babies are back:) Me Summer and Isla having fun with Orbeez and an awesome water slide pool in my living room and we went crazy lol,more bad baby videos coming soon love TT:)

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Johnnisia Ceasar
do your parents ever get mad
Gold-breaker !
Reshane Lewis
Can I get one
Orlando Campbell
this is very nice👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯
RHianna Mitchell
plz can you do another 24h challenge!?!?!?!
RHianna Mitchell
I love you tiana please reply
Ricardo Marquez
Molly Topping
Please can you do more bad baby videos with both parents in trying to control tiana
Riley Pro Games
I LOVE ORBEEZ 🚜🎾⚾️🏀⚽️🏐🎱
Asaf Malka
gracia y b nainggolan
Summer Richard
Robert Kibonge Marandura
where is the 🎇🎆 wand
genesis gomez
I wish I can join
Diane Hull
so cool xx
Bahar Arat
Iningo Musenga
Deloise Owens
are you a real bady👶
Gregory Hale
Coral Adames
Matilde Yepez
and love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
a living lollipop
# indoor pool
a living lollipop
I wish I were these kids
Lion Xox
That box thing could make her claughstraphobic when she's older I know it's a skit but it's dangerous but I still like your vids
Jamal Jamal
Kathrina jane Alcantara
chandan ghoshal
when they were playing in they were playing in the pit,they furgot they were acting like they were babys!:D
deepak lotlikar
toys and me is very nice chalen
Earline Herbert
tiana. I. am. 9. years. old
Earline Herbert
tiana. is. cuter. than. summer
Nick Oliveira
I. Love. Your. Viteeos😍
Syazlin Omar
Erica Castaneda
wher did you get it
Liz Ortiz
Buy helas Tiana
tello bryan1
are you rich
ALHASSAN 1472008
Karan Singh
Carlos Manzano
Mm; eeerrrrrdd
Michele Buckley
I love u guys so much and so good at videos 🐩🐩🐩🐖🐖🐖
ladashia bradford
I love bad baby 1,000000000000 like
ahmad cassano
Donna Lock
this is the best one yet
Ion Ruvila
Gail Marshall
Alia Mamnabi
that is so fun tina
Sabrina Bergman
peppa pig
Lea Rowan
mail me some orbies
Wear do ya live in
Jane Basyigit
Anuska Lopes
ARE YOU $$$$$!
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