10 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test

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Kitchen Gadgets Links:

10.orbi golden egg: http://kck.st/2ltn9tL

09.Steak Champ : http://bit.ly/2lttYeY

08.Camera Lens Mug : http://bit.ly/2ltnAEF

07.Simplehuman Semi-round Sensor Trash : http://bit.ly/2ltczD5

06.GreenSaver Produce Keeper: http://bit.ly/2ltoOjd

05.Beep Egg Timer: http://amzn.to/2lsZgCE

04.Green Traveler: http://bit.ly/2ltoNeU

03.Smart Automatic Faucet : http://moen.co/2ltmTuX

02.Anywhere Fridge: http://bit.ly/2lteJT8

01.Automatic Dosa Maker : http://bit.ly/2ltn3m3

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Nisha Rajput
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skypearl happy
youtube's new way of showing ads
Dosa maker made me HUNGRY!!!!!
Faeza Razlan
FYI,Dosa is an Indian food
leonard rogers
Fuck the us national anthem those racist Fuckers
Life Hack Pro
We have motion sense in indian restrooms
Syahme Hariz
pembuat dosa
Moe Craftz
The camera lens mug is fake I bought it it's just a regular mug that looks like a camera
Sebastiano Di Ravello
its cool
Shehnaz Zaidi
The automatic faucet is useless and pointless . With the swipe of your hand to turn it on is the same as moving your hand to the handle
I laughed so much during that travel fridge ad! HAHAHA that mustache tho
Dark FireHawk
another one? this isnt testing this is showing commercial shit
TheRedNeck 231
You're not CrazyRussianHacker.
lol a german playing amazing grace. what a beta.
6:38 imagine a world where i dont give two shits about a fridge.
Kesi claudia G
number 2 in indonesia public bathroom is using like that not just in our house
Rishikesh Murnal
I am an Indian, I don't need a dosa maker. I can make dosa easily without it.
how the hell can you save gas with a mini fridge
K . Z . M vlogai
neeee jy domu
This video is titled like some of these devices "False Advertisement"......

R u putting the commercials to the test? I don't see the actual device's being put to the test....
"Deep voice." "Perrrrfect steaks."
Fox Jerky
because we didnt already know about.automatic faucets
tina tina
i like
Jamie Oliver
A good chef don't need tools
Gordon Ramsey
Charlye Gray
I want my steak rare. not medium rare.
Becca McPhee
Automatic faucet...paranormal fuckery has never been so easy!
Rimbang Mulyana
mesin pembuat dosa :v
2:00 u can up one without a lid and it's way easier
Emir Aksu
1:25 i thought it was a camera
Musarat Bibi
Paulina Simova
Steak champ is great
What about a meat thermometer that tells you when the meat is ACTUALLY FUCKING COOKED PROPERLY
Chuck Banks
so how were these put to the test? what is your rating on them? do they perform as advertised? are they worth the price?
Trư Bát Giới
viet nam nek
Bharat Shah
Stone brake machine
Cherry Metha
I'm going to buy the steak champ because I'm a vegetarian .
Pokasane Productions
07:08. do u even lift
Spencer Treanor
im 10 and crazy i went outside in nothing but underwear and try to not be seen and its 8:00 pm almost pitch black i came in screaming becuse a motorcycle scared me and i cant go back out i screamed and i have the loudest scream out of my hole school so its not undercover any more becuse i made a nois
Tarana Tanjum
oooo yeah
Евгений Увин
This is not "gadgets put to test".
TheMasked Blaze
These arent put to the test, this is the commercial for them dumb ass
MarkGerald Dadison
whats a dosa?
Juri Karamazov
Dosa = Sin, it is Indonesian league do not eat it you sin :D (Just kidding) XD
kim veal
Brian Montgomery
Not one of these clips are a review.
Shashank Parthiban
assholes it is a traditional Indian food
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