10 Creepiest Shark Species

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Here are 10 of the creepiest shark species.
While a lot of sharks are dangerous, most of them are actually pretty sleek looking creatures - emphasis on most.

Here are 10 of the creepiest shark species known to mankind.

Number 10. Frill shark. The name may not sound all that daunting, but one look at the beast and its 25 rows of sharp teeth tells a different tale. They live about 2 thousand feet deep in the ocean and thankfully don’t often come around people. 

Number 9. Port Jackson shark. The regular gray ones aren’t too freaky looking, but the species does sometimes present with a specific type of albinism that renders them fluorescent yellow. At least it’s easy to see one coming. 

Number 8. Basking shark. They’re huge and although a human could easily fit inside of one’s gigantic mouth the shark thankfully is not all that interested in people. Petting one is still ill-advised, though, as their scales are sharp enough to inflict wounds. 

Number 7.  Saw shark. This one looks menacing, albeit in a cartoon-villain sort of way, but isn’t considered to be a danger to humans. It lives on the ocean floor and spends a lot of time lurking in the sand and mud hunting for crustaceans and fish. 

Number 6. Whale shark. Being both a shark and the biggest fish in the sea, this species no doubt instills a lot of fear into casual observers. The pros know, however, this 20-ton ocean dweller is really just a gentle, plankton-eating giant. 

Number 5. Spotted wobbegong shark. They look like sea monsters and like to hang out in caves, tide pools and other crevices. Nothing makes them madder than being stepped on, and they react by clamping down hard and not letting go.  

Number 4. Big Eye Thresher shark. They like warm waters and have been known to wander into shallow regions, like those popular among swimmers. If you’re ever at the beach and feel like something’s staring at you, it could well be one of these enormous-eyed creatures. 

Number 3. Goblin shark. As its name implies, it’s hideous. These fish don’t wander up to the surface much, but once in a while end up in a fisherman’s net. They're often thrown back in as there’s little interest in their display or consumption.

Number 2. Carcharocles megalodon. This truly behemoth sea dweller possessed nearly 200 big, sharp teeth and could grow to be the size of a school bus. Thankfully, it’s been extinct for around 2 million years. 

Number 1. Great Hammerhead shark. This one is particularly scary because not only can it quite easily kill a wide variety of animals big and small, it’s particularly adept at finding its desired prey. Wide-set eyes give the shark an enhanced range of vision and its entire head is covered with ultra-sensitive sensors.

kangroo 6666
Only two were creepy
The Amazing Tatsuo
Whale sharks and Basking sharks are like the fish version of human vegans
Andi Muhlestein
sensitive sensors
Peachy_Squishies Avoli
Omg it's lagged I can't hide in the comments :(
Jennifer Rachels
Megalodon sharks still exist and it's teeth are 7 inches big
That so called "saw shark" is actually a ray. Probably should never have made this list.
Fat Guy Dominick
what is the megalodon... still lives?
ELITE GAMER Gaming & more
Really whale shark the biggest shark and the biggest fish a whale is a mammal
Solo Rider
You're a fucking idiot. You don't shit bout sharks, imbecile.
Gonzo Gaming
megalodon? fuck off this is childish bullshit
Adriene Cadorna
damn number 8 is really creepy! ;-;
Port jacksons are amazing!
Mirza Waqas
for the record there is no proof to support the statement that megalodons have been extinct....!
Lord Cracker 007
Basking sharks aren't Creepy. There's so Dumb-faced and Cute!
nicole clemente
These sharks are not creepy
Did you serously did that?
pigs is smarter than a dog
The frill shark is like whats good cuh?
Clint Hummel
half of those aren't even scary
The funny Text that ever seen!!
the big eye shark is so creeping me out and that shark is scary omg💀💀💀💀
Sophie McKee
hammerheads are my favourite animal, there so different and strange it fascinates me😊
Bruce wyane
fun fact. All these extinct sea creatures are chilling at the bottom of the ocean, so we only see one every decade or so.
Wtf why is a hammer head shark scarier than a fucking megaladon?!?!!!!
How the fuck is a hammerhead scarier than a megalodon
Lucas Rod
sawsharks are not sharks there rays
Hewy Toonmore
2:01 Charcharacles? It's Charcharadon!
alpha fox
did you know that there is 2 megalodons alive sumuer in the deep
Destiny Child95
Oh my goodness
Quinn Cavaco
these look creepy .
Karen Tan-Enriquez
Ben Pierce
What about the Cookie-Cutter shark?
Gustas Gurevicius
blue whale is the biggest fish
Isaac De Oliveira Your Island Craft
Cookie cutter shark is 1 cause it makes a cookie shape in the animal and swallows its whole row of teeth and regrows it in seconds.What a shark
december lover
the megalodon shark is alive
Pan Golin
What about the cookie cutter shark
I love hammerhead sharks (and all animals)
Owen Mcintosh
Where is the regga shark😞
Also number 1 is hammerhead and there quite nice
10 5 and 4 aren't sharks there fish and also number 6 is the whale shark the biggest one in the world
The only shark remotely close to being called "creepy" is the goblin shark.
im geting a pet magalodon
Biggie Shaikh
" i'm gon keep my ass out da damd water! "
As soon as I saw the title, I knew the goblin shark would be in this.
Johnny Apple Pooop
Hmmm hows about.10 things about about boobs..hahahha i know.
.dont judge me hahahha
Guinea pig Couture
Can you do 10 things you didn't know about guinea pigs! They are actually really smart!
How are these sharks creepy?
1:36 Anime Shark.
That goblin shark looks pretty weird.
Talking Gorilla
Do 10 things you didnt know about parrots!!! Great subject because they are smart and they were a mystery to scientists.
bryan oyola
sharknado also first
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