Clifford Haney
give us a break your trump jokes are getting old now i want ever watch your show ever
Kamile Sharkey
Donald Quixote knocked me out. Whoever came up with it deserves a medal :'D
Matheo potter
La France est un super pays
Richard warren
This is all fake like CNN and all the liberal news outlets, who disrespect women!
Patricia L
As a frenchwoman, can I ask the American to give us the Statue of Liberty back ?
President Trump is the best! He is outstanding and thinks America first. Great!
Rose Watson
gutter mouth and no brain
Thatemonerd Dillahunt
"Our military will be decimated" Oh, but banning trans people from the military is perfectly fine, and is actually going to benefit the military. I'm calling bullshit.
Aron Sandstrom
river humanity online hide percentage pass order function president.
Sukanya Barman
Truly a Stupid Watergate
I always thought it was 'Don Anti-Kyoto (Accords)'.
Spencer Marc
Trump? What a schmuck!
Sparkle Evenmore
"Christian Smeagol" XD
Ethan H. Wilson
Two Nos mean a Yes
Sarah Miller
Lynn K
Trump is shitβœŒπŸ»πŸ€“
Bettie Giles
"over like that" because colbert is inadequate.
Word of advice for people who are attracted to women (especially guys). If you just met her, don't go into detail about why you think she's hot. If you have to compliment her, keep it general, "you look beautiful today" "That dress is gorgeous" "you are a beautiful family". That's enough!
Now this changes depending on situation and person. If you're at the gym, its sometime okay to tell a random women "your legs are amazing". But never at a meet & greet for world leaders. You'll just look like a perv.
That's fucking retarded. I don't see how complimenting a woman is bad.
Kassandra Rahman
"I had sex with your wife brother, but it was over quickly so it wasn't wrong" Things your ex husband say to their brother
James Galvin
Excellent Trump Excellent You Are The Man and I've been a fan since reading the art of the deal way back I think shows like this are blind to the fact that this man is a living legend you just got to love Trump
does Colbert just talk shit about trump everyday? is that as far as his talent can go? its getting old.
Colbert is a FUCKING IDIOT
Complementing a woman by saying she looks great is a NORMAL thing in Europe.
Offcourse only fat american femminist would find that offensive.
Jupiter Eye
No, you don't know. Hahhaah, Trump is actually right. Most Americans don't know who won the civil war in the USA, can't name all or most states in the USA, have no clue which party was defending slavery and most don't know Lincoln was a Republican. Most Americans don't know anything about anything beyond Kardashians, Tweeter, and Facebook.
I'll be honest, I can't stand Trump, nor did I vote for him, but I wonder how you liberals can stand watching the same anti-Trump propaganda 'comedy' skits over and over without getting sick of it. At least John Stewart was entertaining while he was on, compared to this recycled garbage.
Miles Khan
Oh, uh hey Stephen, the last quotation mark I think is unnecessary. For example, Trump is bad.'
Ox Bone
colbert is a JERK. Trump compliments someone and all they saw is that. horrible loser little girl stephen colbert
he racist to london know ok,
Linda Orlandi
Last dinner in the Eiffel Tower I bet, what a pig.
france is just a cheap imitation of disnyland
coberts wife is more masculine than he is ,, a real fancy - boy
actually healthcare would be easy ,, were it not for teh giangantic papershufflers union , and teh fact that our country is full of blubbery boozy pencilnecked democrats
he was being kind ... have you seen this scrawny thing ...? she needs a 14000 calorie meal - among other things
Rajendra Biswas
its okay to compliment a women
Caleb M
Ladies and gentlemen, our president; zaphod beeblebrox!
Jo Freddie
Alasdair Thomson
Jon Baptiste, I'm back from holiday, and am here once again to tell you to stay away from that microphone that someone accidentally left on top of your piano. It's not for you. Shut the hell up.
Maisen Sen
did you knew that trump ist 6feet 2
Julie Brule
Johannes DeMoravia
Tosser. That's French for arsehole.
Dakar 528i
You don't even speak English you shit head. call yourself funny - get off TRUMP and see where your ratings go. What a tosser
Surprise! Surprise! Another Colbert show that it is entirely focused on you guessed it! DONALD TRUMP!
Michael Kingsbury
Since this came out Donald had another 1 hour talk with Putin at the dinner table, just him , Putin and the Russian translator, not one American, so sad how many secrets did Donny give away this time? But trust the orange chief he knows how to fuck up your country.
Rick (Ricky G) Govreau
get rid of colbert now!!!
John Jon
Whew... thank God I'm not a lazy lousy lying losing lunatic liberal...cause I'd be miserable lol
Jeannie Alviz
And when Trump said "believe me" means he is lying.
Josephine Serenity
When you're laughing, but crying at the same time.
Panzer Blitz
WTH? Windmills? Does this retard president have any functioning brain cells?
johnson ibe
Trump: The Essential Ugly American Abroad. What a fucking moron.
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